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Mash Up APIs and Integrations with Social Network Websites Using Ruby-on-Rails

A Ruby based cross-platform and single sign-on web application which provides social collaboration using Facebook and Twitter for enterprise customers of a mobile app start-up.

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Mash Up APIs and Integrations with Social Network Websites Using Ruby-on-Rails

  2. 2. HARBINGER SYSTEMS Overview Services Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software  Software Product Development engineering services to some of the worlds best product  Web 2.0 companies. Our services span solution consulting,  Mobile software design, development, testing and test automation.  eLearning By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Harbinger  Performance Engineering Systems works with its customers as a partner in  Systems Software technology innovation.  Digital Marketing A Harbinger Systems Case Study www.harbinger-systems.com Follow UsAlso Read Our White Papers…  blog.harbinger-systems.com Interactive User Experience (IUX): Going Beyond Interfaces  www.twitter.com/HarbingerSys Comparing Adobe Flex & JavaScript  www.facebook.com/harbingersys The Enterprise Software Makeover Guide  www.slideshare.net/hsplmkting Five Javascript Frameworks: A Point-by-point Comparison  www.linkedin.com/companies/382306 www.harbinger-systems.com
  3. 3. MASHUP APIS AND INTEGRATION WITH SOCIAL NEWORK WEBSITES USING RUBY-ON-RAILS Situation Challenge A California based start-up software company Develop a cross-platform web application that gets data specializing in cost effective mobile applications from multiple portals to be showcased as a custom page wanted to quickly extend its solutions to leverage the Provide Single-Sign-On across multiple portals benefits of social networking Provide social collaboration using FaceBook and Twitter Provide User data Security (Blocking cross site request forgery blocking and Malicious requests) Harbinger Solution Adapted Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach for system design using Agile practices and RoR DRY Technologies & Tools principles Rails 3 Leveraged Web Services to fetch external data REST API for web services Seamless integration with FaceBook and Twitter Facebook and Twitter Plug-ins: FaceBooker, Session based implementation with digested session TwitterAuth cookie and inbuilt RSS / ATOM feeds Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Testing and Audit by specialized security experts www.harbinger-systems.comBenefits BOTTOM LINE Improved productivity and reduced time-to-market by faster integration with Helped rapidly provide social social portals networking features to its present Platform independent and secure solution and prospective enterprise Better application maintainability due to Ruby-on-Rails DRY principles customers www.harbinger-systems.com