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A mLearning application for iOS and Android

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Company leverages mobile channel to expand its user base and provide on-the-go learning experience across mobile devices

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A mLearning application for iOS and Android

  1. 1. Company leverages mobile channel to expand its user base and provide on- the-go learning experience across mobile devices  A privately held company providing tech solutions to guide and empower learners to develop necessary skill-set to facilitate successful transition from education to a career  The company serves more than a million plus learners across the globe  The company wants to cater to the growing business requirements coming from the mobile customers A mLearning application for iOS and Android  Developed the mobile application using PhoneGap Framework and utilized JQuery cross domain calls to invoke API's data into mobile application. This ensured that there was no need for any modification in the existing WEB API.  Analyzed the client’s existing security mechanism and implemented DACS authentication using JQuery MD5 algorithm. This ensured high security levels for accessing the content on mobile as well.  Leveraged PhoneGap to capture user's current geolocation and transmit to APIs in every server call  Implemented fluid screens using HTML5 and CSS3 to provide same user experience on Android and iOS platforms  Use of Phone Gap reduced the development time for the application as the same codebase could be published for iOS and Android. www.harbinger-systems.com © Harbinger Systems rfi@harbingergroup.com Calibri, 20, Bold  Build a mobile app using the Web APIs used for website without making any change to existing Web API  Provide strong security for content as present on the web app when accessing via mobile  Client wants to track user's current geolocation while accessing the app  Bring uniform user experience across iOS and android devices  Client wants to publish the application on iOS and Google app store within short timeline Mobile Application Development Situation Harbinger Solution Challenges Tools & Technologies HSTC 2910  The app provided an engaged learning experience to the client and their customers on-the-go  Secured content delivery between WEB API's and mobile application  Using the target audience location data the client could gain critical marketing and advertisement insights for the application  Client was able to capture wide user base by supporting same user experience across iOS and Android devices  Rapid application development with Phonegap resulted in cost savings for the client Benefits  PhoneGap Framework  jQuery  JavaScript  HTML5  CSS