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The 4 Key Issues of 2013: Predictions for Marketers and Communicators

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*** To download the full white paper, go to http://bit.ly/13cMhHV ***

This is part one of Incite's new briefing on the core issues for marketers and communicators in 2013.

In this section of the briefing, 300 corporate executives lend insight on the core issues in marketing and communications functions in 2013.

We look at:

1) Customer-Centricity
2) Multi-channel marketing and comms
3) Building unique customer experiences through better personalisation and insight
4) Internal convergence between the marketing and communications department.

To download the entire briefing, go to http://bit.ly/13cMhHV

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The 4 Key Issues of 2013: Predictions for Marketers and Communicators

  1. 1. IncIteJoin the conversation atfacebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.comThe Marketing ANDCommunications CommunityTough questions, insightful answersThe 4 Key Issues of 2013:Predictions forMarketers andCommunicators
  2. 2. Convergence between Marketing and Communications Functions3Join the conversation at facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.comThe 4 biggest issues in 2013 – according to 300of your peersAs part of the run up to the 2013 Incite Summits, we asked 300+ marketing and communications executives aboutthe key issues they see impacting on their roles in 2013.A complicated futureThe first observation is quite how complex both roles will become in 2013 - and, significantly - the surprising levelof harmony in the predicted key issues over two normally quite distinct job functions.BiggestImpact onMarketing andCommunicationsRoles in 2013CUSTOMERCENTRICITY04261537MULTI-CHANNELMARKETINGUNIQUECUSTOMEREXPERIENCESMEASUREMENTSPEEDCOLLABORATIONBIGDATAALLB2BB2CThe four most important topics, as you’ll see in the chart above, are:1. Customer-centricity: Specifically, in this case, getting closer to the customer and understanding them better.What’s more, evolving the business so one’s customers are able to have a meaningful impact on business practices,strategy and future goals/products. This is quite clearly the most significant impact on roles in 2013 - across bothfunctions. An enormous 46% of all respondents picked this as their top priority in 2013.2. Multi-channel marketing/communications: Linked closely to the previous issue, multi-channel marketingfocuses on how to integrate multiple marketing/comms channels to ensure they work in concert for an impactful,effective, and pervasive marketing campaign. A significant 22% picked this as top priority3. Building unique customer experiences through more personalisation/segmentation/better consumerinsight: Striving towards providing your customers with a personalised, engaging and unique relationship withyour brand. Companies are beginning to do this through the increased segmentation made possible by socialmedia/big data profiling, and by the proliferation of marketing/communications channels and platforms. Evidently,from the popularity of this option, it is a challenge that executives have not overcome completely. 10% picked thisas top priority
  3. 3. Convergence between Marketing and Communications Functions4Join the conversation at facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.com4. Internal Collaboration: Focusing on more efficient internal collaboration between marketing andcommunications, to ensure that the company speaks with a unified voice, shares insight and responds better toconsumers.7% picked this as top priority - which is significant in itself, but more so when one considers that 24%of Communications execs said this was priority #1, and only 5% of marketers. More on that below.Customer centricity has never been more aliveWhat issuewill havethe biggestimpact onyour rolein 2013?CUSTOMERCENTRICITY0%20%40%30%10%50%MULTI-CHANNELMARKETINGUNIQUECUSTOMEREXPERIENCESenhancedCOLLABORATIONBIGDATAmeasurementspeedofresponse‘Customer Centricity’ is not a new term. It has been around for several years. For the more overzealous of marketing‘gurus’, it’s already dead, actually.Not according to our corporate respondents. For them, customer centricity is going to be the biggest impact ontheir role in 2013. Not 2008. Not 2010. 2013.Why the discrepancy?Marketing and Communications service providers/agencies have something to sell. It’s understandable that theywant to move on from any new development as soon as they can - the next big idea may well be even morelucrative.But corporations themselves move at a slower pace. They focus on what actually impacts on their business - andtheir bottom line. Things that work, not things that are new.There have been many, many buzzwords bandied around for the last few years - glocal, solomo, gamified to namebut three. It is significant that, in the company of many other more ‘traditional’ and ‘recognisable’ issues, ‘customercentricity’ is still picked by more than twice as many of our corporate respondents as anything else.This is the year, it seems, for customer-centricity to truly come to life.
  4. 4. Convergence between Marketing and Communications Functions5Join the conversation at facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.comCommunicators want Marketers. Marketers don’t careThe increased need tocollaborate with themarketing / commsdepartment is going tohave the most impacton my role in 201322% communicators 5% marketersOver the last 8 months, we have been researching the key issues for both the marketing and communicationscommunities.Both sets of respondents are united in the need for a more customer-centric approach, for presenting a morehuman face to consumers, for communicating in an integrated - and consistent - manner, and for sharing insightsabout consumers better internally.And yet. When asked how important enhanced internal collaboration would be in 2013, 22% of communicationsexecutives said it was their top priority. Only 5% of marketers said the same.Why?1. Marketers are already doing as much collaboration as they need2. Communicators are seen as performing a smaller/less critical role, and thus marketing is less incentivised tocollaborate with their department specifically3. What else? Your feedback would be appreciated in the comments belowBig data, small impactWhile our survey results have come as a boon to those predicting a big year for customer-centricity, they give shortshrift to those talking of big data’s huge impact on corporate marketing and communications/Put simply, the practitioners don’t agree.Only 7% of respondents say it’s going to have the biggest impact on their role in 2013. It falls behind not justcustomer-centricity, but multi-channel marketing and the ability to deliver more unique customer experiencesthrough better personalisation/segmentation/customer insight.While it’s obviously true that the impact of big data is liable to fall far more broadly than on simply the marketing andcommunications departments, and equally, that the topic is nevertheless one of the top 7 responses throughoutour research, it’s still a surprising showing. Big data is perhaps one of the most talked about developments of thelast decade, and the potential impacts on business are undeniably vast. But, as suggested above, multi-nationalcorporations are not known for moving fast. Evidently this new strategic opportunity hasn’t filtered down yet intothe marketing and communications departments.
  5. 5. Convergence between Marketing and Communications Functions6Join the conversation at facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.comBiggestImpact onCommunicationsRoles in 2013CUSTOMERCENTRICITY0426153MULTI-CHANNELMARKETINGUNIQUECUSTOMEREXPERIENCESMEASUREMENTSPEEDCOLLABORATIONBIGDATAALLB2BB2C
  6. 6. Secure your place with our ultra-early bird passesand SAVE $895 on your ticket at www.incitemc.comincitemc.com #IMCSummitSeptember 18-19, New YorkYour sneak peek into how the Incite 2013 Summit is shaping up!Map the Future of Multi-channel,Customer-centric Marketingand Communicationsat a glance: Insight on some of the big issues…AGENDAThe Customer-Centric FutureChange yourcorporate culture tofocus better on thecustomerMoving Customer-Centric WithoutCausing ChaosGet a customer-centricinternal organisationthat’s simple, notcomplexHow To Listen,So You Can TalkBack BetterGet more usefulinsight about yourcustomers, anduse it to do betterCommunicationsBuild UniqueCustomer ExperiencesManage a complexCommunicationslandscape and integratemany channels to buildone effective stake-holder experienceLess Silos =More SuccessBreak down internalbarriers and geteveryone singing fromthe same hymn sheetwe have already confirmed to contributeSPEAKERSSony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief Marketing OfficerAflacMichael ZunaChief Marketing OfficerSearsJennifer DominiquiniChief Marketing Officer(Seasonal and OutdoorLiving)Restaurant.comChristopher KrohnChief Marketing OfficerArby’sRussell KleinChief Marketing OfficerBASFRobin RotenbergChief CommunicationsOfficerMetLifeClaire BurnsChief Customer OfficerChobaniNicki BriggsChief CommunicationsOfficerEricsson/CoinstarNora DenzelNon-Executive DirectorCitigroupBen EylerVice-President, Marketingand CommunicationsBarnes NobleSasha NorkinVice-President, Digitaland Channel MarketingHome DepotFred NeilVice-President,Marketing, CRM andCustomer InsightsDiageoMichelle KleinVice-President, GlobalMarketing (Smirnoff)Hewlett PackardRob WaitVice-President, MarketingWhole FoodsBill TolanyHead of IntegratedMarketingYum BrandsAmy SherwoodVice-President, PublicRelations and ConsumerAffairsSprintDoug DuvallVice-President,CorporateCommunicationsCardinal HealthcareJill LaNouetteVice-President,Public AffairsMcDonald’sHeather OldaniHead of USCommunicationsNestleDoug HawkinsVice-President,Public Affairs Policy (Nutrition)The Incite 2013 Summit
  7. 7. Who are we?• A community of corporate marketing and communications professionals• A strident editor of debate• A tool for you to drive the future of marketing and communicationsWhat do we do?• We bring together senior marketing and communications executives -online and in person• We work with you to ask them the questions you need answering• We share those answers, and spark a debate• We help you do better marketing and communicationsWe incite challenging debate. We find the best corporateminds. You ask the questions.COLLABORATE NOWIncIteThe Marketing ANDCommunications CommunityTough questions, insightful answersGet more at incitemc.com