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03.03 growth in pr pr planning - oksana hoshva

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03.03 growth in pr pr planning - oksana hoshva

  1. 1. PR   Planning  Оксана  Гошва,  HOSHVA  PR   Growth  in  PR-­‐5   03.03.12  
  2. 2. successful  public  relaKons  campaigns  do  not  just  happen  
  3. 3. • sound  research  they  are   • meKculous   planning   the   • and  careful  result  of     implementaKon   Anne Gregory, 2009
  4. 4. list  of  excuses  that  are  offered  for   not  planning  
  5. 5. list  of   •  We  don’t  have  Kme  excuses   •  Why  plan  when  things  are   changing  so  fast?  that  are   •  We  get  paid  for  results,  not  for   offered   planning   for  not   •  We’re  doing  OK  without  a  plan  planning   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  6. 6. як  можна  відповісти  на  ці   аргументи?  
  7. 7. We  don’t  have  Kme   ?  
  8. 8. We  don’t  have   Kme   Those  with  a  plan   make  beher  use  of   their  Kme   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  9. 9. Why  plan  when   things  are  changing  so  fast?   ?  
  10. 10. Why  plan  when  things  are  changing   Plans  are  flexible,   so  fast?   providing  a  starKng   point  from  which   changes  are  made   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  11. 11. We  get  paid  for  results,  not  for   planning   ?  
  12. 12. We  get  paid  for  results,  not  for   This  actually  leads  to  a   planning   focus  on  acKviKes  rather   than  results  that  count   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  13. 13. We’re  doing  OK  without  a  plan   ?  
  14. 14. We’re  doing  OK  without   a  plan   This  short-­‐term  perspecKve   ignores  that  conKngency   planning  is  an  important   aspect  of  planning  as  a  whole   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  15. 15.  while  accepKng   that  preparing  a   plan  is  no   guarantee  of  its   success    planning  greatly   enhances  its   chances   Scott Munson Cutlip, 2006
  16. 16. reasons  for  planning  PR  acKvity  
  17. 17. •  focuses  effort  reasons   •  improves  effecKveness   for   •  encourages  the  long-­‐term  view  planning   •  assists  proacKvity   •  reconciles  conflict   PR   •  minimises  mishaps   acKvity   •  demonstrates  value  for  money   Anne Gregory, 2009
  18. 18. Cutlip   PR   planning   models  Smith   Gregory  
  19. 19. Cutlip  the  circular  nature   of  public  relaKons   planning  four-­‐step  problem-­‐ solving  process  
  20. 20. Gregory  
  21. 21. Smith   Phase  One:   • Step  1:  Analyzing  the  SituaKon   • Step2:  Analyzing  the  OrganizaKon  Forma2ve  Research   • Step3:  Analyzing  the  Publics   • Step  4:  Establishing  Goals  and  ObjecKves  Phase  Two:  Strategy   • Step  5:  FormulaKng  AcKon  and  Response  Strategies   • Step  6:  Using  EffecKve  CommunicaKon   • Step  7:  Choosing  CommunicaKon  TacKcs  Phase  Three:  Tac2cs   • Step8:  ImplemenKng  the  Strategic  Plan   Phase  Four:   • Step  9:EvaluaKng  the  Strategic  Plan  Evalua2ve  Research  
  22. 22. яку  модель  для  планування   обрали  б  ви  
  23. 23. Gregory  
  24. 24. а  якщо  ще  простіше?  
  25. 25. всього  6  запитань   What  is  the  problem?     What  does  the  plan  seeks  to  achieve?     Who  should  be  talked  to?     What  should  be  said?  How  the  message  should  be  communicated?   How  is  success  to  be  judged?    
  26. 26. one  of  the  main  weaknesses  in  public  relaKons  planning  is  se{ng   What  does  the  plan  seeks  to  achieve?    
  27. 27. як  ви  гадаєте,  чому?  
  28. 28. objecKves  se{ng  weaknesses   either  because  they   or  because  they  are  so   describe  processes   vague  that  they  are   (‘organize  a  press   useless  as  success  (or   event’)  rather  than  end   otherwise)  cannot  be   points   established   Anne Gregory, 2009
  29. 29. objecKves  se{ng   objecKves  are   objecKves  set  at  one  of   objecKves  should  be   organizaKonally   three  levels   SMART     relevant  and  deliverable  •  AhenKon   •  specific   •  All  the  PR  objecKves  •  A{tude   •  measurable   are  organizaKonal  •  AcKon   •  achievable   objecKves   •  resourced   •  Ensure  the  objecKves   are  PR  objecKves   •  Kme  bound   •  Promise  what  is   achievable   •  Work  to  prioriKes  
  30. 30. не  бійтеся  to  quesKon  objecKves!  
  31. 31. Analysis  and  Research   What  is  the  problem?    
  32. 32. Analysis  and  Research   Що   Що  дає?   Як?   аналізуємо?  • Розуміння   • Environment   • Informal   issues  and   (організацію   research   opportuniKes   та  контекст)   • Formal  • Виявляє  які   • Publics   research   дії  треба   зробити  
  33. 33. Who  should  be  talked  to?    
  34. 34. stakeholders  &  publics   сегментування   меппінг  by geographic - wherethey live, work bydemographics - age,gender, incomeby psychographics -attitudes, opinionsby group memberships- e.g. clubs, societies
  35. 35. messages  and  content   What  should  be  said?  
  36. 36. кроки  у  формуванні  повідомлень  take  exisKng  arKculated  percepKons  that  encapsulate  the  issue  of  problem   define  what  realisKc  shits  can  be  made  in  those   percepKons   IdenKfy  realisKc  elements  of  persuasion   (раціональні  і  емоційні;  цифри  і  факти/історії  і   приклади)   ensure  that  the  message  or  content  is  deliverable   and  credible  through  PR  acKvity  
  37. 37. How  the  message  should  be  communicated?  
  38. 38. -­‐  overall   concept,   approach  or   general  plan   -­‐  the   -­‐  the   raKonale   coordinaKng  behind  the   theme  or   program   factor   strategy   -­‐  the  guiding   -­‐  the  big   principle  or   idea   purpose  
  39. 39. Timescale  and   TacKcs   resources   Is  the  tacKc   Kme  appropriate?  Is  the  tacKc   resource  deliverable?  
  40. 40. How  is  success  to  be  judged?    
  41. 41. •  EffecKve  evaluaKon  starts  with  effecKve  objecKve  se{ng.   At  its  simplest,  PR  evaluaKon  is  simply  checking  that  the   objecKves  set  have  been  met.   •  EvaluaKon  is  a  research-­‐based  discipline.  All  public   relaKons  pracKKoners  need  to  have  some  understanding   EffecKve   of  research  methods.  approach   •  EvaluaKon  focuses  on  the  process  of  public  relaKons   acKvity.  The  more  effecKve  the  process,  the  more  likely   to   the  impacts  sought  will  be  achieved.   •  EvaluaKon  also  focuses  on  the  impact  of  public  relaKons  evaluaKon   acKvity.  The  ulKmate  purpose  of  public  relaKons  acKvity   is  the  impact  on  the  publics  being  addressed.   •  EvaluaKon  is  user-­‐dependent.  The  success  of  public   relaKons  acKvity  is  judged  on  the  criteria  important  to   the  client  or  employer  concerned.  
  42. 42. •  Se{ng  SMART  objecKves   •  Building  in  evaluaKon  from  the  start  principles     •  Agreeing  measurement  criteria  with   that  can   whomever  will  be  judging  success   help  to   •  EvaluaKng  and  monitoring  as  the  campaign   progresses   make   •  Taking  an  objecKve  and  scienKfic  approach  evaluaKon   •  EvaluaKng  processes   easier   •  Establishing  open  and  transparent   monitoring  processes,  through  for   example,  monthly  review  reports.  
  43. 43. Оксана  Гошва  +38044  364  14  33  (office)  +38050  384  71  78  (mob)  hoshva@hoshvapr.com.ua