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Panel: Making responsible gambling work within the industry

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  2. Panelists: Ms. Yasmine Roulleau de La Roussiere Ms. Tammi Barlow Mr. Mark Vander Linden Moderated by: Mr. Paul Smith Marking Responsible Gambling Work Within the Industry
  3. RESPONSIBLE GAMING MISSION STATEMENT We collectively aim to synergistically promote Responsible Gaming (RG) for our associates, management, patrons and our community, based on evidence. We intend to be recognized as operational leaders in our approach to RG
  4. RG DRIVERS • RG Check- international best practice (Q3 year audit) • Public Health Officer - Dr. Perry Kendall’s report (2013) outlining17 recommendations- setting the tone for Operators and jurisdictions • Monetization of Impact –determining ROI from investment in RG/PG for Operators
  5. OPERATIONALIZING RG • Using the framework of Game Sense • Integration of best practice *Creating a culture whereby RG is an extension of excellence in customer service*
  6. CORPORATE COMMITMENT and PARTNERSHIPS • Monthly RG committee meetings with Department Heads • Quarterly Paragon Corporate Social Responsibility meetings • Partnerships with BCLC • Partnerships with the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program via GPEB
  7. TRAINING • New Employee Training includes RG/PG session • All Associates, Managers and Supervisors have a pocket book based on level with RG/PG response guidelines • RG Refresher mandatory for all supervisors and mangers, 250 staff (completed in September).Exam yielded results of 80% • HR Training includes third party vendors i.e. Valet, Service Masters ENHANCED RG PROCEDURES
  8. PRACTICE • Shift Change • RG quiz (twice a year- target 100% of all staff) • Dedicated RG month • RG posters in break room • Speaker Series • Nightly newsflash to all staff with RG messaging • Monthly newsletter with RG updates ENHANCED RG PROCEDURES
  9. RG MESSAGING • All electronic machines have game sense messaging • Audible time alerts are now in place • Reserve signs with gambling help line number and game sense tag • Increased RG messaging on cool signs regulation requires 4 cool signs, we have and additional 6 displaying RG message every few moments • Game Sense Advisors are resourced during peak times/Game Sense Booth is at the entrance and offers myth busting information, interactive games, information on support including debt counseling and problem gambling counseling for patrons, staff and family • All Associates and Management are well-versed in RG and PG resources
  10. PILOTS/INITIATIVES • Community RG events (i.e. Food Trucks) • Resources collaboration GPEB via Michael Koo (RG Counselors) and Security • VSE process map (to focus on the in-between space) • Interactive panels for associates, patrons and community using Twitter and social media • Working with Vancouver Police Department for RG/PG training and engagement • Pilot-VSE cool down periods and resource access for family • Exploring the development of a PG tool (pre- VSE enrollment) • GSA integration Plans. • Standardized evaluation tools and practices for RG and PG.
  11. RG Transition Plans
  12. SPHF ADDICTIONS HEALTH PARTNERSHIP Working with Dr. Evan Wood National Leader in Addictions Health Intent: incorporate evidence based best practice for both RG and PG behaviors. • Intent for knowledge sharing and integration • Standardized evaluation and self-assessment tools and practices for RG and PG. • Generate new insights into different types of metrics and data that are unique based
  13. RG METRICS AND GOALS • To be industry leaders in RG Audit Score • To share best practices • To constantly integrated international best practice recommendations into operations • To learn from validation studies • To contribute to the evolving indicators for best practice
  15. All In For Responsible Gaming: A Shared Responsibility Tammi Barlow, Manager of Responsible Gaming and Community Relations
  16. Session Objectives: Understand how Stakeholder Engagement positively effected IGT’s Responsible Gaming programs. Understand how and why IGT created its Employee Training on Responsible Gaming. Tools to help effectively communicate successes with your stakeholders.
  17. According to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, stakeholders are: "Individuals or groups that may be affected by — or could affect — a company’s products, services, and/or operations and business performance.” Governments & Regulators Retailers Customers Players Suppliers Local Communities Shareholders Personnel Media Special Interest Groups IGT Key Stakeholders
  18. IGT Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Employee Training
  19. IGT Stakeholder Engagement Goal for Employee Training: Engage with key industry experts on problem and responsible gaming to ensure that IGT’s employee training represents current best practices to properly educate its employees. IGT Employee Training Goal: Ensure all IGT employees, regardless of their position, are informed of the Company’s responsible gaming programs and our responsible products, services, and solutions. By Achieving This: We have a common understanding of the Company’s commitment to responsible gaming. Employees feel more involved and engaged in the Company’s business operations. Provide better assistance to our global customers and their players.
  20. The Stakeholder Engagement – External: IGT reached out to key external stakeholders including problem gambling advocates, associations, and its own customers to help develop and substantiate the training content. Keith Whyte National Council on Problem Gambling Dr. Mark Griffiths Professor of Gaming Studies at Nottingham Trent University, London Alice Garland Executive Director of the North Carolina Education Lottery Pieter Remmers European Association for the Study of Gambling
  21. • Conferences such as New Horizons • National Council on Problem Gambling • National Center for Responsible Gaming • The World Lottery Association • Local Councils on Problem Gambling • European Lotteries • European Association for the Study of Gaming (EASG) • Competitors IGT researched the following stakeholders for Best Practices:
  22. The Stakeholder Engagement - Internal: IGT’s Responsible Gaming Working Group is comprised of its own internal stakeholders and subject matter experts. IGT’s Learning Services team developed e-learning content with a focus on employees: RECOGNIZING how the Company focuses on social responsibility. UNDERSTANDING the Company’s commitment to responsible gaming safeguards. BEING AWARE of the Company’s technologies that support responsible gaming.
  23. Ensure Relevance to Stakeholders Key Considerations for IGT’s Employee Training Program: How will we evaluate the success of our training program? Does executive management fully support responsible gaming employee training? Do we have a policy that outlines our Company-wide commitment? What is the best way to deliver our training? Classroom? E-learning? Both? How will the training be relevant to all employees and their different functions? How are our industry peers approaching responsible gaming training? How will we communicate our training to stakeholders?
  24. Additional Key Thoughts IGT Considered: Evaluation: At the conclusion of the responsible gaming e-learning course, IGT employees are asked to rate the effectiveness of the course through an online survey. Assessment: IGT engaged the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) to conduct an independent third- party assessment of its responsible gaming employee training program. Documentation of Evaluation Results: Human Resources monitors and records the mandatory training for all employees and new hires.
  25. The Outcome
  26. It’s Important to Measure and Record Your Success 82% 18% Responsible Gaming and Problem Gambling Complete Incomplete 71% 29% Juego Responsable y Problemas con el Juego Complete Incomplete 82% 18% Corso sul Gioco Responsabile e Gioco Problematico Complete Incomplete IGT Employee Training: In an effort to reach all of its employees around the world, training is available in three languages.
  27. • IGT was commended for its Responsible Gaming Employee Training program by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). • “GLI recommends that GTECH provide a case study of its employee training program for other associate supplier organizations who have not yet looked at employee training opportunities.”
  28. How to Get the Word Out
  29. External Communications Recommendations:  Global conference participation  Annual Report and/or Sustainability Report  Share with local problem gambling councils  News releases tied to global Responsible Gaming events and achievements 2/26/2016 Confidential 32 Internal Communications Recommendations:  Responsible gaming video with CEO focusing on the importance of the program  CEO employee messages  Communicate through internal newsletter  Use internal social media tools such as Yammer
  30. Next Steps for IGT Level 2: Detailed training for Call Center Agents B2B: • WHY: Call Center employees need more detailed responsible gaming information, and how to handle specific problem gambling questions, etc. • HOW: Interactive training • WHEN: Spring 2016 IGT Level 1: Integrated training • WHY: Integrate legacy IGT responsible gaming programs and create new program and overall training for the new IGT. • HOW: Interactive training • WHEN: By the end of 2016
  31. password: gtech2014
  32. For questions or for copies of this presentation, please contact: Tammi Barlow IGT Manager of Responsible Gaming and Community Relations
  33. Massachusetts Gaming Commission Creating a sustainable, measureable socially responsible and accountable approach to the development of expanded gaming to the Commonwealth
  34. Principles of the Gaming Act • Maximum long-term value to the Commonwealth • Expansion of economic development benefits across regions of the state • Mitigating the negative and unintended consequences of expanded gaming
  35. Finding Common Ground in unfamiliar territory • Unique requirements of the Expanded Gaming Act + High expectations of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission = Opportunities to the expand horizons of RG Examples: • Responsible Gaming Framework • GameSense Information Center • Play Management • Player Card Data • Opportunities to define common interests but not always a common language
  36. Measuring the Impact • Research is foundational to understanding the impact • Establish baselines • Social measures • Economic measures • Crime measures • Build evaluation into responsible gaming initiatives • GameSense Info Center • VSE • Play Management • Keys to a sustainable, socially responsible, measureable and accountable business.

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  1. What is Stakeholder Engagement? Why is Stakeholder Engagement Important for Businesses? Developing and executing a stakeholder engagement strategy, structure, and process helps to ensure ongoing, productive relationships. A stakeholder engagement process can also serve to reduce risk and identify opportunities.
  2. E-learning training in English, Spanish, and Italian.
  3. IGT was commended by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) for its training. GLI recommended that IGT share it’s employee training program with the industry as a case study. GLI was the assessor for IGT’s application for the WLA Responsible Gaming certification for vendors.
  4. Protecting host and surrounding communities by addressing all social impacts and costs Ensuring rigorous public safety, regulatory and enforcement mechanisms will be the best in the country