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"Join the Experience": BP Client Proposal

  1. Client Proposal Pitch As presented by: Alissa Hooper
  2. Company Overview • Statistics • 1995- John Browne becomes CEO • 2003- JV signed with Russian partners • 2007- Tony Hayward becomes new CEO • 2012- Sponsor of Olympic Games
  3. Company Overview, continued DATE EVENT REPROCUSSION(S) 09/2004 Texas City accident 2 killed, 1 injured, $109,500 fines 03/2005 Texas City blast 15 killed, 170 injured, $21.3M fines 03/2006 Alaskan Oil Spill Worst in North Shore History 04/2006 Toledo violations $2.4M fines 10/2007 Propane price manipulation $303M government settlement scandal 03/2009 Toledo violations $3M in fines 10/2009 Texas City violations Record $87.4M in fines 04/20/2010 Deep Water Horizon Spill 11 killed, extreme scars to brand reputation
  4. Campaign: “The Experience”
  5. Campaign Goals Make BP top of mind for “green thinkers” Increase Sales Create brand-loyal customers
  6. Target Audiences “Green- Drivers, a General Facebook Thinkers” ge 35-44 Public Users
  7. The Grand Plan, part 1 Drivers, age 35-44 General Public Facebook Users
  8. The Grand Plan, part 2 “Green- Thinkers”
  9. Evaluation
  10. Budget $100,000/mo $85,000/mo $13,000/mo Total = $198,000/mo