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Product Ideation and Customer Development

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Product Ideation and Customer Development

  1. 1. You’ve got an idea. Now what? Product Ideation & Customer Development Hiten Shah Startup Roots - Pier 38, San Francisco, CA • June 30, 2010
  2. 2. The Startup Pyramid The Race to the Top Growth Transition to Growth Product / Market Fit Sean Ellis: Startup-Marketing.com
  3. 3. Product / Market Fit • Low burn, focused on product, no VPs / sales people • Customer Development (Steve Blank, Four Steps) • Minimum Viable Product (Eric Ries, The Lean Startup) • Pivots (Eric Ries, The Lean Startup) “…the life of any startup can be divided into two parts – before product/market fit and after product/market fit.” Marc Andreesen, Founder of Netscape
  4. 4. Customer Development • It’s all about learning and discovery • Outlined by Steve Blank in Four Steps to the Epiphany Customer STOP Customer STOP Customer STOP Scale STOP Discovery Validation Creation Company Pivot
  5. 5. Minimum Viable Product • Coined by Eric Ries as part of The Lean Startup • Lean Startups are a series of MVP’s • Each designed to answer a specific question (hypothesis) “ The minimum viable product (MVP) is often an ad on Google. Or a PowerPoint slide. Or a dialog box. Or a landing page. You can often build it in a day or a week.” Nivi, Venture Hacks
  6. 6. “ If Apple can launch a smartphone without Find or Cut-and- Paste, what can you cut out of your product requirements?” Lance Glasser, former CTO KLA-Tencor
  7. 7. “ The first version of Gmail was literally written in a day” Paul Buchheit, Google / Friendfeed / Facebook
  8. 8. My hypothesis is that twitter power users have a problem tweeting interesting things.
  9. 9. 4,900+ tweets & 24,000+ followers
  10. 10. 1 day 1 developer 7,500 Twitter followers
  11. 11. Minimum Viable Product - Landing Pages Landing Page Call to Action Survey
  12. 12. Landing Page
  13. 13. Call to Action
  14. 14. Survey
  15. 15. CrazyEgg Heatmap =)
  16. 16. I L ve Surveys
  17. 17. Market Intelligence What are you up against?
  18. 18. Market Intelligence Straight from the horse’s mouth!
  19. 19. Idea Validation People will tell you what they want, you just have to ask!
  20. 20. Idea Validation
  21. 21. Qualifying Leads Use key questions to filter your respondents
  22. 22. Lead Generation People want to help you. They really do.
  23. 23. 1 week 1 developer Saved 2+ hours per week
  24. 24. What’s next?
  25. 25. Tools • Landing Pages • CSS/HTML, Performable, Google Sites, Webs.com, etc... • Survey Creation and Data Collection • Wufoo, SurveyMonkey, FormStack, SurveyGizmo, etc... • Traffic Sources • AdWords, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Craigslist, Forums, etc... • Analytics • Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, ChartBeat, CrazyEgg etc...
  26. 26. Thank You! Go to CustDev.com 25% Discount Code : LEAN hshah@kissmetrics.com