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Optometry in india where do we stand small

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Optometry in india where do we stand small

  1. 1. Optometry in India- where do we stand? Optom. Rajesh Wadhwa M.Optom B.Ophth.Tech.(Hons.) AIIMS B.Sc.(Hons.) DUFellow of International Association of Contact Lens Educators (Australia) PGDHRM (IGNOU)
  2. 2. What do we see in a process.... We see what the mind wards to appreciate wishes re hasPublic health try omeAn Intellectual Corporate sees Opt sees professional opportunity for all… sees iety ties Soc ersi - niv ry --U unt -- - Co orate orp tals ---C ospi - H --- Rajesh Wadhwa- New DelhiPh:09868010187 -- r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  3. 3. When the knowledge of profession and willfull effort of all will flow in the country In addition to improving quality of life for many…..…. Country will also save US$ 23 billion per year through eye-care Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  4. 4. World has…. Poverty & blindness encourage each other 37 Million blind India owns 15million Visually impaired in world=133million India owns 52 millionPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  5. 5. What is the cost to country? We can save here India: the loss of productivity & economic burden of maintenance is over $23 billion per yearPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  6. 6. Monetary loss is not the realkno ith oth e pain w? .... er  .... aboutD 85% e all g w impairment and o wof rinvision g a in at e artn globally couldibe avoided, do lim n ar 75% ofB p blindnesss is P C or cured b to e by ye prevented en cie jo N ag ab l e ss ” ne nd lind (need personnel, facilities) me less b 0  This m where optometry is eager to share co is eed “n 202 the he t responsibilityPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  7. 7. India Main cause of visual impairment is Who is an “unoperated cataract” (72L) & “uncorrected refractive error” (24L) optometrist ? We have only about 6000 surgically active ophthalmologists (general perception) We need another professional to do non-surgical work in eye-care Answer is “Optometrist” (we are 40,000+)Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  8. 8. WHO through World Council of Optometry  Classifies Optometry as an independent primary health-care profession  And defines optometrists as the primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, the detection/diagnosis and management of diseases in the eye, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system”Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  9. 9. Questions regarding optometry today What can optometry offer in eye care ? What can an optometrist do to relieve the time of ophthalmologist ? Is optometrist different from optician ? Who represents optometry in India for any policy? How will society, universities, country,health care Next slide is a busy-slide system & corporate world benefit from growth of optometry? Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  10. 10. What can an optometrist do as an independent practitioner  Other fields include:Refraction Contact Lenses  Spectacle dispensing  Spread public awareness about common eye Low Vision Aids, conditions, theirTonometry, assistive vision devices treatment and the need fields, & rehabilitation for regular eye check-upA-scan etc.  Timely referral of patients where Childhood blindness medical/surgical Orthoptics , & pre/post op intervention is required co-management Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  11. 11. An optometrist.. ….is able to deliver appropriate level of high quality eye care from the small clinic or practice in remote region as a stand- alone vision care and eye health expertPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  12. 12. e.g. in my small practice of 10 new cases a day : We detect-by looking at eyes  1/wk we detect a new hypertensive  1/wk we detect a new diabetic  1/mth we detect glaucoma (3 suspect)  1 in 2yrs we detect lesions at higher centersPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  13. 13. Why is optometrist a health care professional s in a c le stto systemic diseases ob  Diagnose conditions due ing other health t point and refer patients to ach com needed. s firs ine practitioners as utre ver O O ti tl ris e firs s et  This integrates optometrist or rest of s op tom eref with ndne health-care system th lly t & bli cia tMalaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, US, o Kong, ac nst S  Hong gai con Canada are some countries where the ea UK,Australia, ens of fd ef drugs is now permitted to o use of diagnostic qualified optometristsPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  14. 14. Organization of eye-care  Ophthalmologist represents the highest level of eye-care- provider in India  We have optometrist & opticians alsoPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  15. 15. India-in a process at this time  Optician dispenses Every one does almost spects….ALSO prescribes everything spects & fits contact lenses  Optometrist does orthoptics, investigations,Ophthalmologists prescribing spects, contact Optici lenses etc, also manages anist rs minor eye-ailments & runs et optical outlets p tom  Ophthalmologist practices medicine & surgery O ….AND does orthoptics, refractions & runs opticalPh:09868010187 outlets r_wadhwa@yahoo.com Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi
  16. 16. In countries with mature eye-care system A & pp ro x US a, a In i ar e us t r al ey ec A of all 70 % i de d by pr o v i s ts is e tr op to mPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  17. 17. InIn countries with mature India when quality eye-care system somestudents qualify, tend to move to Ind led countries where ca pto ia oph is “O t t h l n h o thalm optometry is a “ In op dia In me eve tha t” is tr l of p tan recognized profession l lm is s ess ic om ional ic ass e(in USA this is 4 most as th ist tim . rof t” is sis ant es preferred profession) inPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  18. 18. As optometry professionals  Our primary public health responsibility is to eliminate uncorrected refractive error (URE).  In national interest: It costs so much less time, money & resource to train an optometrist than to train an ophthalmologist for non-medicinal work (e.g. Refraction, contact lens, orthoptics etc)Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com 2
  19. 19. As optometrists- we are a major component of solution We stand united in strength of 40,000+ to fight the problem by getting involved in national policies NO CONFUSION: the earlier confusion of who represents “optometry” & who represents “education in optometry” is resolvedPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  20. 20. With help of several agencies “Delhi declaration” was signed in Jul.2010…… DELHI DECLARATION ON OPTOMETRY AND BLINDNESS PREVENTIONr_wadhwa@yahoo.comPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi IN INDIA
  21. 21. Example of commitments (out of 11)  Assisting in the development and provision of accessible, affordable and excellent vision care services to all people of India – regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status (public:priv=10:90)  Developing competent human resources in Optometry to meet the current and future eye care needs and reduce the burden of vision impairment and blindness in India (mango tree)Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  22. 22. We have created the base Any agency now needs to talk only to one organization regarding “optometry” in India Indian Optometry Federation (IOF) Education in optometry ASCO (Association Of Schools & Colleges Of Optometry)Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  23. 23.  Is a registered body Has membership of VISION 2020 Is voice of all (40000+ optometrist) Is working towards partnership with Govt., NGOs and international agencies to standardize & regulate optometry Is committed to Delhi DeclarationPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  24. 24. NPCBAt IOF we have adoptedIn India A Nationaloneofsingle nomenclatureProgramme forcontrol Blindness “Optometrist” for all 2was started in 1975with the motto that years or higher (4,6,11 yr)‘One of the basicHuman rights isthe right to see,……” qualificationsPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  25. 25. Public health contribution of optometry can not be overlooked  As Next 2 slides show an individual practitioners  example of success  institutional professionals with optometry  schools of optometry involvement in  Also done work in  schoolnational programs screening, vision screening, cataract special children screening, etc.Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  26. 26. OPTOMETRISTS to OPHTHALMOLOGISTS Countries Optometrists Ophthalmologists Australia 12.5 3.3 Canada 10.26 3.3 U.K 13.27 1.06 New Zealand 10 2 USA 10.99 5.7 India 0.65 2 Ratio for 100000 people (per 0.1mill) (source Dr.Hofstetter in WCO monthly bulletin) Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  27. 27. OPTOMETRISTS to OPHTHALMOLOGISTS Blindness  New Zealand= blind: popu= 0.003 per mill  India= blind: popu =0.012 per mill  India has 4 times more blind per mill. Countries Optometrists Ophthalmologists New Zealand (Pop 4.4mil) 10 2 India (Pop 1210mil) 0.65 2 Ratio for 100000 people (per 0.1mill) Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  28. 28. Universities: Time line (IOF)  Our internal timeline target=No university will offer less than 4 year course in optometry by 2020 (grandfather clause till then)  Draft Common-minimum optometry curriculum & bridge courses to upgrade 2 year diploma to 4 year degree is ready  Several universities are now accepting lateral entryPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  29. 29. The IVI project  India Vision Institute (IVI) inaugurated on oct.18,2011  Task force set up to look into optimizing existing human resources and developing new professionalsPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com 2
  30. 30. What will IVI do ? An enthusiastic plan for the development of optometry & vision industry over 5 years  Develop human resources  Ensure fundamental infrastructure is in place  Establishing professional and regulatory framework for optometryPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  31. 31. IVI PhD scholarship available within India On our agenda specialties like  Contact lenses  Low & assistive vision devices  Rehabilitation  Paediatric optometryPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com 2
  32. 32. Opportunity for the industry The global vision and eye care industry is worth approximately $89 billion in retail product sales $180 billion including professional fees India’s vision industry sits at a modest 1% of the world’s consumption and is valued at $5 billion at the retail level Yet India has 17% of the world’s populationPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  33. 33. Opportunity for all Partnership between Educational institutions + optometry + corporate world will lead to a win- win situation for all three & also for the country,hospitals & societyPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  34. 34. Availability of optometry education in India  119 recognized universities/ institutions offer optometry courses  65 Offer 3 or 4 year graduate level program  16 offer M.Optom  4 offer Ph.D. program  4 Optometrists in India are at “Professor” levelPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  35. 35. Indian optometrists are no less of on international standards w  44 out of 253 FIACLE s in n o areas k world t h here dy n(esp. out  Lot of international research t bo io ha ny ess donewitIndian.? s a rof h CCLRU/BHVI, LVPE) is oe p l by ovt ve y G D e optometrists r le b ot his ze a h hastreceived d Padmasree  Our optometrist n a wn to gni o reco  We hold a national/international conference gr g every year in be foreign universities……  As faculty inPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  36. 36. Regulation through a council  We require support from the Government to form a Council.  Meanwhile, in the interim period, we are in the process of creating a self-regulatory body that will act as a council.Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com 2
  37. 37. Our wish-list.. We wish to serve the people “Freely and fully” We need a council Actually, now India needs a council of optometry We request the government to make use of existing professionals & avoid re-inventing the wheelPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  38. 38. The day is not far.. When optometry in India will have similar place as in developed countries like Australia & USAPh:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com
  39. 39. The country needs Optometry & Optometrists standready & motivated tomeet the challenge of Right to Sight in India by 2020
  40. 40. My contact details: Rajesh Wadhwa r_wadhwa@yahoo.com 9868010187 www.indianoptometryfederation.org Thank You!Ph:09868010187 Rajesh Wadhwa- New Delhi r_wadhwa@yahoo.com