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Automate Your Social Marketing

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How do the commercial brands do it? Nike, Starbucks, Under Armour, etc. How do they have such awesome Facebook campaigns and cross-channel social campaigns? Is it just because they are big with lots of staff? NO! They use enterprise-level social marketing platforms that allow them to curate content, post content and track content across a variety of channels! Learn now the big boys do it and how your organization could radically up its social impact AND show ROI with ease. Watch this entire webinar and others by Highroad U on our YouTube channel: http://shout.lt/rMNF

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Automate Your Social Marketing

  1. 1. Intro to Social Marketing Automation When It’s Time to Graduate.
  2. 2. When It’s Time to Graduate • More than 3 social media channels – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Slideshare – Pinterest – YouTube Integrated eMessaging
  3. 3. When It’s Time to Graduate • You have more than one brand: – Association – Campaign – Foundation – Product – Certification Integrated eMessaging
  4. 4. When It’s Time to Graduate • More than 1 person doing social part of the time • Need to appear bigger than you are • Need to track what’s going on in social & the web without a lot of effort • Need to cross-reference Integrated eMessaging
  5. 5. Social Marketing: Common Areas • • • • • Posting Following terms/people/lists Reporting Cross-posting Need for easy landing pages & data collection • Need for personality & interaction Integrated eMessaging