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Increasing Direct Bookings with CRM and Marketing Automation Technology

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Faced with an increasingly diverse, tech-savvy audience, language schools around the world are dealing with more and more direct inquiries and applications online. This session will provide professionals in the sector with actionable strategies for following up with prospective students by utilizing CRM technology and marketing automation.

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Increasing Direct Bookings with CRM and Marketing Automation Technology

  1. 1. Increasing Direct Bookings with CRM and Marketing Automation Technology
  2. 2. • Delivering the Online Booking Experience Students Expect • Common inquiry channels • Nurture contacts using Marketing Automation • Using CRM to support your Admissions Process • Reporting Today’s Presentation
  3. 3. Delivering a Modern Booking Experience Language Schools need to provide the same standard of service as other online businesses.
  4. 4. Common Features of a Booking System
  5. 5. Booking/Quote System Options for Schools HEM Application Portal
  6. 6. Creating Online Quotes Offer multiple dates (factor in price adjustments for high season)
  7. 7. Include Optional Extras Factor in exams and extra course fees Add accommodation and travel transfer options to give students an all- inclusive price
  8. 8. Personalized Quote Breakdown Students can choose to proceed to booking or have their quote emailed
  9. 9. Use a Step-by-Step Application Process Include as many steps and form fields as necessary
  10. 10. Build Flexibility into Your Booking Forms User can abandon mid- application and save progress
  11. 11. Allow for Document Uploads Documents can be uploaded via an easy drag & drop system This Application Form supports all common file types (PDF, doc, jpg etc.)
  12. 12. Include Relevant Terms & Conditions E-signature option allows students to complete entire booking online
  13. 13. What Are The Main Recruitment Channels?
  14. 14. How Digital Marketing Attracts New Students
  15. 15. Driving inquiries on social media
  16. 16. ©Eaquals Creating Social Media Ad Campaigns
  17. 17. Use Responsive Landing Pages Desktop View Mobile View
  18. 18. Using Calls to action on your website This homepage has 4 calls to action: Contact, Register, Check Your English Level and Build Your Course
  19. 19. The Channel Report The Channels report under Acquisition, gives you macro level insights into the various channels you are using to attract traffic to your website.
  20. 20. Monitor your SEO Keyword Activity
  21. 21. Features of Marketing Automation Platforms
  22. 22. Marketing Automation Options for Schools
  23. 23. Use lead capture forms
  24. 24. Create Unique Forms for Local Campaigns You may want to ask specific questions to local prospects
  25. 25. Create Unique Forms for International Campaigns Collect different information for international prospects
  26. 26. Use Your Leads Preferred Method of Contact Ask leads how they would like to contacted (by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.) in your forms
  27. 27. What is Lead Scoring? Lead Scoring is a methodology that allows you to assign a numeric value to contacts based on actions they take
  28. 28. Lead Scoring Variables • Downloaded a price list or brochure • Country – assign more points for top source countries • When they plan to study? • Demographic info (age, gender etc.) • Engagement with website/email • Different CRMs have different capabilities in this area
  29. 29. Parameters Value Country of origin Assign higher scores to student in your main target markets Gender/Age Assign higher scores to students that fit your target profile Program of interest Assign a higher score once this is known Email interactions Add to a student’s score when emails are opened, read, clicked through etc. Sample Lead Scoring Matrix
  30. 30. Viewing Lead Scoring
  31. 31. Segmenting Your Leads Using Lead Scoring Workflow A Lives in your local market Scheduled a level test Assign High Score NEW LEAD Workflow B From tier A source countries Completed info request Assign Good Score Workflow C From tier B source countries Completed info request Assign OK Score Workflow D From tier C source countries Downloaded brochure Assign Low Score
  32. 32. Local lead Day 3 Attempt call/ send sms/email Day 1 Attempt call/ send sms/email Day 2 Attempt call/ send sms/email Workflow A Day 30+ Day 11-30 Day 5Day 4 Attempt call/ send sms/email Attempt call/ send email Weekly call Weekly email Monthly newsletter Sample Follow-Up Workflow
  33. 33. High Priority International Lead Day 5 Attempt call/ Send email Day 1 Attempt call Send WhatsApp msg/ email Day 3 Attempt call Send WhatsApp msg/ email Workflow B Day 30+ Day 11-30 Day 9Day 7 Attempt call/ Send email Attempt call/ Send Whatsapp message/ email Weekly emails/calls Monthly newsletter Sample Follow-Up Workflow
  34. 34. Medium Priority International Lead Day 5 Attempt call/ Send email Day 1 Attempt call/ Send email Day 3 Send WhatsApp message/ email Workflow C Day 30+ Day 11-30 Day 7 Send WhatsApp message/ email Weekly email nurtruing Monthly newsletter Sample Follow-Up Workflow
  35. 35. Low Priority Internaitonal Lead Day 1 Attempt Contact Workflow D Sample Follow-up Workflow Day 7 Attempt Contact Monthly Newsletter
  36. 36. Workflow A Setup: Local Leads Set triggers to enroll leads in a specific workflow
  37. 37. Workflow A Setup: Local Leads Use system to map out your workflow activities
  38. 38. Common Features of an Email Marketing System
  39. 39. Email Software Options for Schools
  40. 40. Create Autoresponders By Program The program field determines which auto responder the new lead will get
  41. 41. Create email templates for common queries Visa info Prices
  42. 42. How CRM Helps Schools Manage Inquiries
  43. 43. CRM Options for Schools
  44. 44. Stages in The Admissions Process These are the common stages which typical leads and applications go through
  45. 45. Have The Right Staff Doing The Follow Up Vs. Mainly processing applications Taking care of a lead’s every need!
  46. 46. Separate Applications from Inquiries Completed application forms can be automatically sent for processing
  47. 47. Separate Applications from Inquiries Inquiries may need to be handled by different staff than applications
  48. 48. Viewing Contacts on CRM
  49. 49. Follow-Up Approach Making contact with new leads take time! Be persistent with your attempts and contact leads through multiple channels
  50. 50. Use CRM to Rotate Leads Round Robin You can use the campus, the program, the country, etc. to define the lead assignment rules.
  51. 51. Record and View Each Lead’s Contact History
  52. 52. Call Outcome Report Some CRM Systems give you the ability to monitor phone call volumes and their outcomes.
  53. 53. Admissions Activity Report
  54. 54. Leads by Request Type
  55. 55. Leads by Owner
  56. 56. Leads by Request Language
  57. 57. Leads by Channel
  58. 58. Leads Segmented by Admissions Stage
  59. 59. Enrollments by Contact Owner
  60. 60. Converting an inquiry to a booking takes effort! • Use your CRM to monitor the follow up activity • We see a range of 12-20 activities per lead for them to book!
  61. 61. • Is your online booking experience what students expect? • Leverage all channels to support your recruitment efforts • Use Marketing Automation to help your lead nurturing process • Use CRM to manage the inquiry conversion process • Measure your results and continuously improve Conclusion
  62. 62. I’m easy to reach at: Philippe Taza Tel: 514-312-3968 ext:104 ptaza@higher-education-marketing.com www.higher-education-marketing.com https://twitter.com/PhilippeTaza Have questions about this presentation?