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Digital Marketing Essentials: Inbound Marketing for Student Recruitment

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From social media to SEO, this exclusive webinar shows schools how to adopt an inbound approach to tried and true digital marketing tactics.

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Digital Marketing Essentials: Inbound Marketing for Student Recruitment

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Essentials: Inbound Marketing for Student Recruitment
  2. 2. Today’s Presentation • What is Inbound Marketing? • Persona Development • Content Strategy • Social Media • Optimizing your Website for SEO • Email Marketing
  3. 3. What is Inbound Marketing?
  4. 4. What are the Main Channels? Organic SEO traffic from search engines Email Promote and link to website content Direct Enter URL directly into browser Referral Other websites link to yours Social Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Paid Google Ads, social ads, etc
  5. 5. Why Inbound Marketing? • Today’s prospective students are digitally literate • They expect meaningful dialogue and relationship-building • Inbound marketing is 10x more effective for lead conversion than outbound • 76% of marketers use inbound marketing approach as their primary strategy
  6. 6. The Inbound Marketing Process Develop personas, Key messaging & a comprehensive inbound strategy Create & deploy custom content Build meaningful relationships on social media Nurture & convert leads Track & measure for continuous improvement
  7. 7. Persona Development: Identify your Target Audience Segment prospects by: program, level, source country, etc. & research their distinct characteristics:
  8. 8. Persona Development: Research Tools 1. Survey your admissions & recruitment team for their insights 2. Survey/poll your students & alumni directly 3. Use journey-mapping to track key touchpoints 4. Conduct market research to better understand what is impacting decision-making
  9. 9. Persona Development: Background Information
  10. 10. Persona Development: Motivations Your prospective students motivations should drive the messaging of your inbound marketing initiatives
  11. 11. Persona Development: Concerns Your messaging can be focused to overcome key barriers to enrolment
  12. 12. Persona Development: Key Messages
  13. 13. Create Targeted Content
  14. 14. Poll #1 Does your school regularly create website content that addresses your prospects’ needs, interests, or concerns? YES NO
  15. 15. Blog Building Strategy 1. Provide career/study tips, industry news, and other custom content your personas can use 2. Generate respect, trust and loyalty. Become a thought-leader, never a salesperson. 3. Build your presence on social (as readers “share” and “like” your posts) 4. Drive traffic to your site when students find your posts during their online search process
  16. 16. Student-generated Content • Invite current students to share their personal experiences • Ask students to contribute content in multiple languages to recruit overseas • Publish on website and share/promote - social media - “Boost/Sponsor” posts with high engagement - Enewsletter
  17. 17. “Student Experience” Bloggers • Current students chronicle their journey through various programs • Offers inside access to prospective applicants • Provides motivation to prospects who may be “on the fence”
  18. 18. Repurpose Blog Posts ● Transform blog posts into visual content and resend to maximize their impact ✓ Infographics ✓ Email ✓ Newsletters ✓ Slideshare
  19. 19. Promote your Content
  20. 20. Poll #2 Does your school have a multi-channel social media strategy that includes a variety of content types? YES NO
  21. 21. Social media amplifies your college brand, provides communities for engaging personas, helps promote your content, & supports SEO The Power of Social Media
  22. 22. Use Personas to Focus Your Social Initiatives
  23. 23. Social Content Sharing Workflow Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Publish content on your website
  24. 24. Prioritize Visuals ● Videos & photographs are more engaging to students & more “shareable” than text alone ● Use across ALL social channels
  25. 25. Create Infographics ● Infographics make complex info digestible through images, charts, diagrams, quotes, and stats ● Interactive is the latest trend
  26. 26. • Brand-building contests ✓ Campus photography/video ✓ Showing off college pride ✓ What you like most about your school i.e. “What’s your favourite study spot on campus?” Create Social Media Contests
  27. 27. Monitor Social Activity
  28. 28. Poll #3 Do you strategically integrate keywords into your website content and follow SEO best practices? YES NO
  29. 29. SEO & Inbound • The process of optimizing website content, design, & performance to generate visitor traffic from “organic” (versus paid) search engine results • SEO is vital for ensuring your content and website get found online by prospective students
  30. 30. Brainstorm Keywords Potential keyword: English language program Potential keyword: summer English course
  31. 31. Keyword Research
  32. 32. On-page SEO Example
  33. 33. Google Search Engine Result Page - SERP Keyword Google My Business Title Meta description
  34. 34. Measuring your SEO Efforts
  35. 35. Year over year comparison is very useful to measure the health of your SEO Traffic and conversions from that channel Measuring your SEO Efforts Year over Year
  36. 36. Evaluate Your Organic Search Queries
  37. 37. Poll #4 Does your school create automated email workflows based on certain lead segments? YES NO
  38. 38. • One-off emails to individual leads/students/alumni • E-newsletters sent to your database • Automated email marketing Workflows Email Marketing Options
  39. 39. Address Persona Concerns in your Email Content Address common concerns Focus on different aspects of your messaging as you move through the lead nurturing process Offer useful, practical advice and solutions
  40. 40. 44 Personalize your Correspondence Begin with a personalized greeting Close with a personalized & professional sign-off Call To Action
  41. 41. Automated Email Marketing • Automated Drip Marketing : Sends a scheduled series of carefully customized messages over time • Each message is crafted with your personas’ unique needs & goals in mind • Start simple with an auto-response • Build your relationship over time • Include Calls To Action in every email
  42. 42. Create Automated Workflows
  43. 43. Measure your Automated Email Campaigns
  44. 44. Measure your e-newsletters Measure the activity from your email efforts by effectively tagging your links with the URL Builder
  45. 45. • Understand your audience • Integrate content, SEO, email, social media & analytics • Create high quality, visual-rich, personalized content • Leverage and amplify your content across social media • Measure your results and continuously improve Conclusion – Essentials of Inbound Marketing
  46. 46. Our Inbound Marketing Services
  47. 47. Free Inbound Marketing Consultation Katharina Benecke Archie Pollock European Client Representative UK Client Representative katharina@higher-education-marketing.com archie@higher-education-marketing.com Tel: +34 681 129 792 Tel: +44 7957974939
  48. 48. Free Inbound Marketing Consultation Scott Cross North America Representative 514-312-3968 x 117 scross@higher-education-marketing.com www.higher-education-marketing.com