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Rock Climbing Gear List | Climbing The Gunks : High - Xposure

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For all those who are interested in adventure sports just try shawangunks and complete your lifetime dream.


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Rock Climbing Gear List | Climbing The Gunks : High - Xposure

  1. 1. Well take an intensive look at some of climbingscrucial safety procedures like knots, anchors and themethod for safeguarding the climber with the rope (called the "belay).Then well set up a short, moderate climb which willgive you a chance to see how you feel operating in thevertical environment.
  2. 2. If youve already had some climbing experience wellevaluate your current level and work with you toimprove your technique and develop your skills.Once again, we take a highly personalized approachoffering you more demanding and challenging problemsas you continue to demonstrate mastery of the newmaterial.
  3. 3. Top-rope anchors: set-ups using only "natural" featureslike trees and bouldersLearning to place gear for top-rope anchor systemsRappelling (with safety back-up)Coiling (and uncoiling a rope)Care on ledges: ropes / rocks / people below you /yourself, etc.Movement on real rock, unusual techniques: jamming, off-width cracks, chimneys, mantelshelves, etc.
  4. 4. HighXposure Adventures 8 Nichols Road Armonk, NY 10504 1-800-777-CLIMB (1-800-777-2546)