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GROUP 3_Procedure Text_3B.pptx

  1. How to Cataloging Collections in the Library of Istiqlal Mosque
  2. Syahrul Muhammad Yasir Aufa (11210251000120) Risthy Aulia P.U (11210251000133) Dina Wulandari (11210251000061)
  3. DEFINITION AND PURPOSE Cataloging is a process of creating and maintaining bibliographic and authority records in the library catalog. Library of Istiqlal Mosque has a collection of various books of commentary, hadith, dates or history, and various contemporary Islamic literature. Purpose : The purpose of this procedure text is to give an information to the new librarian about how to do cataloging at the Library of Istiqlal Mosque .
  4. MATERIALS Book Pen Computer Stamp Scan Machine
  5. 1. Collect books or collections that need to be cataloged. 2. Check the number of copies of a collection that wants to be cataloged. Step!
  6. 3. Determine the subject of the collection to be cataloged according to the DDC rules. 4. Write the bibliographic data of the collection manually into the book Inventory of the Istiqlal Mosque Library. Step!
  7. 5. Enter the bibliographic data of the book into SLiMS. 6. Scan the book cover then upload the cover into SliMS. Step!
  8. 7. Add the printed call number label and barcode label to the sides and back of the book. 8. Arrange the books on the shelves according to the classification number and call number. Step!
  9. The cataloging process at the library of Istiqlal Mosque is divided into several steps that must be carried out completely and coherently so the right catalog can be made and can help users find collections in the Istiqlal mosque library easily. Conclusion
  10. Follow the steps that written in the procedure text to do the cataloging process at the Library of Istiqlal Mosque easily. TIPS!
  11. THANK YOU!