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Digitisation and access

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A slideshow on the future of online heritage

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Digitisation and access

  1. 1. iHeritage From ‘view’ to ‘embed’ to ‘remix’ and ‘republish’: The future of heritage
  2. 2. What is heritage? “I explain that heritage is what ever each one of us individually or collectively wish to preserve and pass on to the next generation. If we want to preserve something, then it is our heritage.” ‘Is everything heritage?’ by François LeBlanc, 1993
  3. 3. who decides?
  4. 4. Values | | Natural Built Persons Traditions |___|_________|_______|_________|________ /-You /-Family /-Community /-Region /-Province/State /-Country /-World
  5. 5. how? How do we preserve our heritage for future generations?
  6. 6. By passing it on.
  7. 7. The history of ‘passing it on’
  8. 8. quot;Musei Wormiani Historiaquot;, the frontispiece from the Museum Wormianum depicting Ole Worm's cabinet of curiosities, public domain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Musei_Wormiani_Historia.jpg
  9. 9. The British Museum from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:British_Museum_from_NE_2.JPG GNU FDL
  10. 10. www 2 stages: 1. ‘I show you’ 2. I show you and you show others’
  11. 11. C 1710
  12. 12. exclusive rights to republish
  13. 13. ‘look but don’t touch’
  14. 14. C
  15. 15. C
  16. 16. C
  17. 17. C C C
  18. 18. ‘take what you need and pass it on’
  19. 19. renewing the commons • Creative Commons copyright • renewal of the public domain • testing the boundaries of fair use
  20. 20. From the age of access to the age of the amateur
  21. 21. user-created content is soaring - 5,000 bloggers in SA - PDFbooks.co.za - open education - zoopy.com for video
  22. 22. ‘pass it on’ copyright is ‘some rights reserved’ or in the public domain