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Collaborating with technology handout

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Participant handout related to leveraging technology for student collaboration in the classroom.

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Collaborating with technology handout

  1. 1.   Collaborating  with   Technology  in  the   Classroom   Photo  c ou rtesy  of  F reeDigital Image  Cre Photos.n ator  -­‐  Sto et   ckimages   Kurtis  and  Lorna  Hewson     http://bit.ly/khewson     Access  Kurtis’  Professional  Blog  for  links  to   all  resources,  the  presentation  powerpoint   and  further  information,  including  video   explanations  for  wikis  and  blog   Access  a  Google  form  to  submit  a   technology  tool  you  use  to  collaborate  with   students  and  colleagues   http://bit.ly/hewsonform     Access  the  Google  doc,  sharing  the   collection  of  technology  tools   collaboratively  developed  by  participants   http://bit.ly/hewsondoc   Access  a  Padlet  wall  with  next  steps  and   ideas  to  try     http://bit.ly/hewsonidea     What  is  a  QR  Code?   QR  code  is  short  for  Quick  Response  code.    It  is  a  two  dimensional   code  readable  by  dedicate  QR  barcode  readers  and  camera   phones.    Smartphones  and  tablets  have  a  number  of  free  QR  code   reader  apps  that  can  be  downloaded.    Search  “QR  code   Photo   courtesy   generator”  to  find  free  online  sites  that  create  QR  codes.     of   P ixabay.com   They  are  very  easy  to  create  and  use!     Meet  Kurtis  and   Lorna  Hewson   Kurtis  is  a  former  administrator,   currently  with  the  Faculty  of  Education   at  the  University  of  Lethbridge.    Lorna   is  currently  the  Director,  Learning   Support  Services  with  Livingstone   Range  School  Division.    As  part  of   Jigsaw  Learning,  Kurtis  and  Lorna  work   with  schools  and  districts  across   Alberta,  committed  to  establishing   systemic  structures  and  processes  to   ensure  success  for  all  students,  as  well   as  presenting  provincially,  nationally   and  internationally.    View  their  full  bio   and  other  information  at   http://jigsawlearning.ca     hewskp@uleth.ca   adrianl@lrsd.ab.ca     @hewsonk27   @lornaadrian  
  2. 2.   Tools  for   Collaboration     Notes and Next Steps   View  a  Storify  collection  of  the  tools  at   http://bit.ly/hewsontech   Polleverywhere   Ask  a  question  and  participants   respond  with  a  text  message,   Twitter  or  online.    There  are  a   variety  of  question  options  for   teachers,  with  responses  posted.     Kidblog   Secure  blogging  platform  for   classes,  allowing  teachers  to   approve  all  posts  and  comments.     Edmodo   A  powerful  social  media  platform   that  allows  teachers  to  create   class  spaces  for  discussion,   sharing,  posting  and  many  other   uses.     Padlet   Allows  teachers  to  create  boards   for  students  to  place  digital   “post-­‐it  notes”  without  students   needing  a  username  or   password.     Wikispaces     Allows  teachers  to  create  pages   that  students  can  edit  and  revise.     Pages  can  be  public  or  secure  for   the  class.   Google  Forms  and  Docs     Create  forms  and  documents  to   collect  student  ideas  and   collaborate  in  synchronously  or   asynchronously.     View  responses  from  the  culminating     dice  table  discussions   Dropbox       Create  online  folders  to  store   files  and  access  from  anywhere.     http://bit.ly/techdice