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Story board reading

story board raeding

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Story board reading

  1. 1. Story Board Reading Hestiko wati
  2. 2. Deskripsi : Reading : Materi pelajaran ini membahas aspek keterampilan membaca dalam Bahasa Inggris bebrepa teks sederhana yang berbentuk deskriptif. Kompetensi Dasar: 1. Memahami isi teks deskriptif lisan dan tulis, sederhana, tentang orang, tempat wisata, dan bangunan bersejarah terkenal, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks. STORY BOARD Unit 1 : She is so nice / Descriptive Text No KD Aktivitas Teks/ Presentas i Gambar Video Tes/Quiz/ Tugas Silabus/ Kalender Link: URL Glossary Instructional Method 1&2 Membaca teks deskriptif mengenai tempat wisata - Tempat wisata Video mengenai descriptive text https://www.you tube.com/watch? v=irI7FghaJa4 Tugas 1 minggu Hestikowati.blog spot.co.id - Cooperative Learning
  3. 3. Kuta Beach Kuta Beach is a beautiful beach in a southern Bali. Its location is in Badung Regency, 9 km from Denpasar, the capital of Bali exactly near Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport. Kuta is one of the first towns with substantial tourist development and also remains one of Indonesia's major tourist destinations. Its long sandy beach is known internationally, with its varied accommodation, many restaurants and bars, and many renowned surfers. It is also well-known as the right place for people to see scenic sunset in the afternoon. People who come to Bali will be very unlucky if they do not see the panoramic sunset in this town. It is real that tourists feel happy to be there. They can sunbathe, swim, surf, play soccer beach, kite flying, play volleyball or just take a walk. Yes, they can do many activities in this beach for its complete beach activities. For persons who like playing soccer, do not forget to try the game with some locals. The locals usually set up the goal posts between Hard Rock Cafe and Discovery Shopping Mall at 16.00. When the day becomes dark, the nightlife of Kuta often begins too late, at around 23.00. The scene is full of different atmospheres and entertainment in bars and pubs which some of them give live bands, fashion shows, DJ's and sexy dancers. Being hungry and hoping to have a dinner, many restaurants are ready to serve their best recipes with a lot of international cuisines. Some of the famous restaurants in Kuta are B' Couple Bar N' Grill, Blue Fin, ESC, Flapjacks, Gabah Restaurant & Bar, Kopi Pot, Kori Restaurant & Bar, Maccaroni Restaurant & Bar, Made's Warung, Papa's Cafe, Queen's Tandoor, Sailfin, Stadium Cafe, Sushi Tei, Take Restaurant and so on. Needing a hotel around Kuta beach, do not worry because Kuta also offers its best varied hotels and resorts which most of the them give beachfront locations with their various styles and budget ranges. In these hotels and resorts you can choose your best. It is really the worth town to visit. Kuta with its beauty of the beach will make the tourists feel satisfied and hope to visit it back. Believe it or not, though for 50 years ago Kuta is the village of fishermen nowadays it is called as the International City because this town is the place where tourists all over the world meet each other. Sumber ENGLISHINDO.COM Referensi Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online: http://www.englishindo.com/2012/02/descriptive-text-about-kuta-beach.html#ixzz4Q5oBInDA