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Reisebericht Baumann,Rodenbusch, Panitz, Fischer - Mrz 2013 CZ/HU

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Reisebericht Baumann,Rodenbusch, Panitz, Fischer - Mrz 2013 CZ/HU

  1. 1. Project „AzubiEuropa“ 11.03.-16.03.13 Prag 17.03-22.03.13 Budapest coordinated by financed by
  2. 2. Julia Baumann Industrial business management assistant from Q-Cells, 23 years old Jessica Panitz Industrial business management assistan from RMIG, 19 years old
  3. 3. Jana Fischer Franziska Rodenbusch Industrial business management assistants from POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH, 22 years old and 26 years old
  4. 4. Facts about Czech Republic • Capital: Praque • 10 Mio Inhabitant • Form of Government: Republic • Area: 78.000 km² • Currency: Krone • in 1993 independence • Neighbouring Countries: Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia • official Language: czech • Religion: 59 % Atheist, 11 % Roman Catholic, 2,3 % Protestant, 3,2 % other Religions
  5. 5. Střední odborná škola a Střední odborné učiliště We have visited a vocational school, where we got information about the school system in Czech Republic. After that we presented our vocational and school system to the czech students. www.stredniskoladrtinova.cz
  6. 6. German Embassy in Prague The main task is the encouragement of bilateral politic relationsships as well as to strengthening and broadening the cultural, political and economic ties between Germany and cooperation with Czech Republic. 1989 thousands of GDR citizens fled tothe area of the embassy, from where they wanted to leave to the FRG. There are strict safety precautions during admission in the embassy. Visit at the German Embassy of FRG in Prague with students of an czech vocational school www.prag.diplo.de
  7. 7. CzechInvest – Investment and Business Development1993 - 2011 Other 0.4% CzechInvest is an Investment and Business Development Agency. Here we learned about the role and tasks of the agency and about the possibilities to invest in the Czech Republic. Austria, Switzerland 3.6% Canada, Mexico 0.5% Taiwan 1.3% USA 8.4% Poland, Slovakia, Russi a 0.4% BeNeLux 4% Germany 13.9% Korea 1.0% Japan 5.5% Italy, Cyprus, Spain 3.1% United Kingdom 4.8% France 2.0% Scandinavia 1.8% Czech Republic 48% China, India 0.6% Investments by Country of Origin (number of projects) Visit to the company CzechInvest, Presentation of the company www.czechinvest.org
  8. 8. Zátiší Group We got an overview about the activity, service and experience of the biggest czech company in the gastronomy sector. The market of catering services in the Czech Republic was another interesting topic. very delicious Of course were had the possibility to taste the czech cuisine Presentation of the Zátiši Group in the restaurant Mlýnec www.zatisigroup.cz
  9. 9. Pivovary Staropramen a.s. The target of the tour was to get to the marketing, the international logistic and the production of the famous Czech beerbrewery Staropramen in Prague. At the end of the tour we could finally taste the famous beer. Na zdraví ( Cheers). Visit of the Staropramen beerbrewery in Prague. A small insight into the manufacturing www.pivovary-staropramen.c
  10. 10. Citytour Prague We have got the task to organise a citytour. Eyerbody of us had to present some touristic attraction.
  11. 11. From Praque to Budapest travel to Budapest with Train First Impressions
  12. 12. Facts about Hungary  Area: 93.036 km²  Population: 10.1 mio.  official Language: Hungarian  Currency: HUF ( Hungarien Forint)  Member of EU since 2004  Neighbouring Countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia  Capital: Budapest  Religion: 54,5 % Roman Catholic,25 % Atheist 15,9 % Calvinist, 3% Lutherans Facts about Budapest • Population: 2 Mio. • Area: 525 km² • Unification from the cities Buda and Pest in 1873 • the river Danube between Buda and Pest
  13. 13. The Parliament of Hungary The parliament of Hungary is the biggest in Europe and the biggest building in Hungary. It is the seat of National Assembly of Hungary. The Assembly has met in this building since 1902. In the central hall there are the crown jewels of the Hungary. www.mkogy.hu
  14. 14. „Scavenger hunt“ in Budapest We were divided into 3 teams and had to find different attractions and to solve tasks. The Parliament The biggist Markethall in Europe The Heroes Square The group one looks off into the right. The little Princess 60 pairs of metalshoes on Budapest Danube: silent tribute to the Jewish victims of fascist Hungary from the late fall of 1944.
  15. 15. Hunfalvy János Bilingual Secondary Vocational School of Economics and Trade presentation the differences between the german dualsystem and the hungarian vocationalsystem Pre-Primary Education Primary Education Vocational School Programmes Secondary Vocational School Programmes Higher Education High School Offers the opportunity to learn a profession and provides general education. The vocational orientation starts in the 11th grade. From the 11th grade on, theoretical and practical basic knowledge is taught. Special vocational training begins after the final exams, from the 13th grade. www.hunfalvy-szki.hu
  16. 16. Project work Presentation of tax system Presentation of our scavenger hunt Role playing in english Learn about Hungary
  17. 17. Gundel Restaurant In 1901 Károly Gundel opened his restaurant in Budapest. We were guided through the whole complex and the restaurant with kitchen and the diningrooms. Then we have seen the old living rooms of the Gundel family. After that some of us had the chance to work for 2 days in the kitchen and in the service and to learn about the Hungarian traditional cuisine and the service. www.gundel.hu
  18. 18. Sziget Cultural Management Agency Sziget is one of the biggest openair festivals in Europe. It all started in 1993. Sziget is a multicultural festival, besides the main international music acts. The festival offers a bright variety of cultural programs like: theatre, dance, circus, puppets, e xhibitions, giant street theatre, etc.) We have learend about the strategy and marketing activities of the agency. www.sziget.hu
  19. 19. Scholz Alu Tatabánya Kft. Scholz Alu was established in Hungary in 1991. Since 2007 they have a German owner. This company produces primary- and secondary aluminum granulate, aluminum ingots and aluminum roles. We learned about sales and purchasing and got a tour in the production as well. They show us how they produce aluminum granulate. www.scholzalu.com
  20. 20. Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. Audi Hungary produced motors of every model in the whole world and for other companies of the Volkswagen concern as well. This is also one of the biggest company in Hungary with 9000 employees. In 2011 they expanded and now they can assemble some models of the AUDI. motor blocks Production of the AUDI A3 The new factory www.audi.hu
  21. 21. Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron Country We learned the aims and activities of the chamber of commerce in Győr and Enterprice Europe Network (EEN) for small and medium size Enterprices (SME). EEN helps SMEs make the most of the business opportunities in the European Union, further more to develop their business in new markets and to access EU finance and EU funding. www.gymskik.hu
  22. 22. Some Impressions from our Travel
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention!