Game Design - Black and White

13. Jun 2015

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Game Design - Black and White

  1. Black & White Game Design, Hendrik Heuer
  2. Company based in Guildford, Surrey, UK
 was founded to make Black & White ! founded by Peter Molyneux ! Published by EA Games on Windows and Feral Interactive on Mac OS X
  3. Peter Molyneux English computer game designer and game programmer ! Order of the British Empire
  4. Black & White Genre: Real-time strategy, God game ! released on March 25, 2001, after missing several deadlines.
  5. Black & White You take the role of a god, ruling about people and commanding a Creature. ! The game features elements of strategy and fighting games.

  6. Black & White The main objective is to destroy Nemesis ! To do this, you have to obtain Creed, which is an energy source to destroy gods ! You also have to train your Creature and help your village
  7. Philosophy You can decide whether to be a good god or a bad god. ! You can either help the people and stroke your Creature, or you can punish people and reign through fear.
  8. Control & Input Most interaction is done via mouse ! Keyboard only plays a minor role
  9. Interface No interface ! Only spells who are indicated visually (cast by mouse gestures)
  10. Control & Input You can manipulate everything on the island. 
 If you pick a tree, it is your choice to collect for the people or to throw it at them.
  11. Your village
  12. Devil and angel 
 - they provide guidance, but they are biased in terms of moral
  13. Space of the game continuous 3D game. ! game consists of four islands, which themselves are not limited (but surrounded by the sea).
  14. Skill vs. chance Mostly skill ! Choosing the right spells, taking care of village inhabitants, training Creature
  15. Choosing a Creature
  16. Richard Evans (who also did the Sims 3) ! Game Developer Choice Award for Programming Excellence ! merged different AI techniques like perceptron training and decision tree learning Artificial Intelligence
  17. A quest
  18. Training your Creature
  19. Main interaction with your Creature: You punish or reward (by smacking or stroking). ! You give the feedback yourself ! Positive feedback reinforces the behavior, negative feedback keeps them from doing it again. Interaction
  20. Fighting The Creatures can fight Creatures of other gods.
  21. Creature fighting
  22. Multiplayer LAN and WLAN ! multilateral competition ! main goal is tower-defense and defeating all opponents ! a lot of village building and town- conquering in the beginning
  23. Gameplay
  24. Reception Really good reviews GameSpot 9.3/10 IGN 9.7/10 90% average on Metacritic ! But also: The most overrated game of all time (GameSpy)

  25. Critique I love the philosophical dimension of the setting ! Artificial intelligence?! ! Good gameplay balance due to the strategic and fighting elements
  26. The sequels
  27. Questions? Game Design, Hendrik Heuer