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Lactacyd woman final

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Lactacyd woman final

  1. 1. A Presentation by Venus Communications January 22, 2008
  2. 2. AGENCY COPYRIGHTStrategy, proposals and creative ideas contained in agency proposals remain the property of Venus Communications. All rights of the agency reserved. Unauthorised copying, adaptation and dissemination of agency proposals prohibited. Agency’s terms and conditions available on request.
  3. 3. Toplines• Challenge and Response • Concept and Rationale • Reaching the Targets
  4. 4. Challenge Response • Build brand image for • Create an avenue for women to express their inner thoughts Lactacyd FH & Lactacyd and desires and use ―that‖ as Confidence as a brand catalyst for confidence caring for women. building and other areas of self growth. • Deliver key messages "Daily use for Lactacyd • Install relevant merchandising and brand recall activities that Confidence" and will engage targets."adjunctive treatment" for LFH. • Strengthen good • Organize a gathering that will relationship with target incentivize, foster loyalty, customers understanding and product endorsement on trade level.
  5. 5. How many times have you looked at yourgirlfriend, sister, mother or any other womanand wondered, ―What is going on inside her head? What are her heart’s desires?‖For years now, every woman has been holding back and keeping her inner self in silence. This campaign aims to provide a venue forwomen to exercise her freewill, to be different, rise from the norm and celebrate her femininity with confidence, style and grace.
  6. 6. What Women Want or WWW is acampaign that aims to inspire women to assess herself, make feminine options/choices and express her full confidence through various engaging activities that will define her as a W.O.M.A.N. who knows What She Wants.
  7. 7. WWW icon The campaign will be introduced through merchandising and digital initiatives featuring the WWW icon: a stylized image of 3 women jumping/resembling the 3 letter W. —full of confidence and enjoying utmost expression of femininity. The image would be utilized and included in all campaign and communication efforts/materials and would vary accordingly --- additional tips, call to action and flexible slogans.
  8. 8. Reaching the Targets How to Reach the Targets?Pre-Event Event Engagement and SustainingTo generate buzz and hype  For education & trial  Amplify the activationTo generate interest among  To strengthen technical & campaign through print and emotional convictiontargets  To create an interaction online PRTo influence the influencers point with consumers & communicate key messageKey Components Key Components Key Components Launch of • Gathering/Party (HCM/HN)  PR ReleasesWebsite/Microsite Merchandising andEducation In-Store Visits of WWW Agents toPharmaciesPR Releases
  9. 9. Pre-Event • Microsite Launch • Merchandising• Agents Visits the Pharmacies
  10. 10. Website / Microsite ConceptThe website will feature areas for interaction, communitybuilding, product talks, database gathering and promotionalareas where visitors can engage and talk.It will use the creative backdrop of a premium spa. SPA isassociated with water treatment which offers rejuvenation,medication or replenishment of the body and soul. Each spacomponent will represent the various areas for explorationby visitors.This website aims to communicate to both trade partnersand end-users the WWW Campaign as well disseminateproduct information and corporate/brand activities.
  11. 11. WWW Website Components What Women Want Stories and Testimonials Body, Spirit and Women in History Mind All about Polls and Survey (Survey and Results) LactacydBlogs (Women Wants and Wishes) Dr. Confidence (Therapy and Chat and Message Boards Advice) Product Features Reaching out (Community Health and Wellness Campaign Interaction and Help Center) Featurette Other Efforts Wallpaper and Screensaver Relationships Corporate Downloads Beauty, Fashion and Beyond Contests Taste BudsGuests will be asked to provide and accomplish registration basics including answering a mini-survey whichwill make them eligible to win in the weekly raffle – 4 weeks/5winners. Winners will be announced in thewebsite.
  12. 12. MerchandisingLeaflets and PostersTake one’s leaflets and decals will be available for distribution in 300 pharmacies in Hanoi and 500 pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh. 2000 Leaflets will be 2 Store Decals will distributed to each be installed in each pharmacy for the entire pharmacy for the duration of the entire duration of the campaign. Frontliners campaign. Decals will be asked to will include the distribute the leaflets to following end consumers who information: Product inquire about Lactacyd Image, Campaign, or competing brands. Call to Action and Leaflets will include the Website URL. following: product image, campaign heading and rationale, call to action, website URL and product information.
  13. 13. Agents Visits • Five (5) Male Models dressed as Lactacyd Agents will be roving around select pharmacies. These agents will dressed in tuxedo/suit carrying the invitation and small souvenir gifts to 20-30 pharmacies in HCM and Hanoi. • The Agents will be walking down the main streets of HCM and Hanoi (Dong Khoi and Hai Ba Trung respectively) and will be seen by the public. • The Agents will work 2-3 days to complete the task.
  14. 14. Event Proper• Gathering Party
  15. 15. Components of GatheringThe event will consist of everything and anything that will answer the question WhatWomen Want! There will be exhibits and avenues for targets to have fun and expresswhat they truly want and envision for themselves, health and family.The Gala Dinner will be held at a Equatorial Hotel/Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi (March 8)and Majestic Hotel/White Palace/Sheraton Hotel in Ho Chi Minh ( March 6).Foyer and Reception Area Ballroom Area Stage Stage design will Shades of Pink, rose petals andReception Area will be transformed to resemble the backdrop of mirrors will decorate the whole An arch representing the SPA. a spa. 2 Screen Projectors Exhibits of Print Ads that exudes ballroom. to be situated at stage left Lactacyd brand essence will and right . Pink accents in chairs and tables welcome guests. will set the mood for the evening.Mirror Confidence Games and Photo Op will likewise be present.
  16. 16. Event FlowFoyer Legacy Exhibit, Online Guests Reception Work Stations and WWW Banners and Product Display Streamers will welcome Print ads and endorsers guests to the event. Guests global endorsers will grace will be asked to present their the entire foyer. Mini posters invites. in easel boards will be arranged in the foyer. This Guests will be ushered to the will strengthen conviction foyer to enjoy the games and and legacy of Lactacyd as exhibit and online the brand most women want workstations. around the world.F&B and cocktail drinks to be Website Stations will also be served. available for patrons. Male Receptionists will serve Product Display consisting and assist guests.. of the two Lactacyd variants will be available.
  17. 17. Event FlowBallroom AVP and MC Welcome To establish the theme of the event, 2 minute AVP depicting Guests Ballroom the spa images and Lactacyd Entrance benefits will be played. This After the guests have fully AVP will welcome the mingled and enjoyed the audience and set the mood forfoyer experience, doors will the night.be opened. Ushers to assist guests to their seats. After the AVP, MC enters and welcomes the guests. Male MC Lights will be dimmed. Only will discuss the following as the stage will be lighted. well: Music: Classical Ballet WWW Campaign Piece / Celtic Spa Ambiant Working Hand-in-Hand with Trade Partners Product and Variants
  18. 18. Event FlowBallroom MC and WEBSITE MC introduces the website and discusses in detail theLactacyd Brand Manager following: Speech MC to introduce the brand Confidence Testimonials manager. Brand Manager Chat transcripts talks about the following: Product Feedback from PartnersGratitude to Trade Partners for Support While the MC is discussing, Product Innovation and projector screens show the Brand Leadership screen captures of WWW Campaign websites and actual photos Future Efforts of visitors. Brand Manager exits after the speech.
  19. 19. Event FlowBallroom MD / Sales Head Speech Ballet PerformanceMC introduces the Sales Head or In line with the present ATL Trade Partner Representative. Campaign, ballet performance by Ho Chi Sales Head and Trade Partner Minh Ballet and Symphony go up on stage to render speech Opera (HBSO) will and appreciation of alliance in entertain the audience. providing quality product that helped women. MC to introduce MD for speech.MD to address audience, conveygratitude and forge alliance for a brighter future. MD ends with a toast and confetti shower.
  20. 20. Event FlowBallroom Mini-Concert and Dinner Guests Exit MC introduces singers and MC thank the audience and dinner to be served. bid good luck for the coming year. Singers to sing women-empowering songs, as well as MC to remind audience topopular radio hits in Vietnam. take their souvenir gifts while they exit the foyer. MC and Singers to call audience for Videoke and Souvenir gifts will be in the Dancing Games and 3 Raffle form of USB or leather Draw. This will be wallet containing the interspersed in between Lactacyd branding. songs.
  21. 21. Program Timings 6:00 – 6:30 pm Guests Reception 6:30 – 7:00 pm Legacy Exhibit, Online Work Stations and Product Display 7:00 pm Guests Ballroom Entrance 7:05 pm AVP and MC Welcome 7:10 pm Lactacyd Brand Manager Speech 7:15 pm MC and WEBSITE 7:20 pm MD / Sales Head Speech 7:30 pm Ballet Performance 8:00 pm Mini-Concert and Dinner 8:40 pm Guests Exit
  22. 22. TimelinesPre-Event• Launch of Website/Microsite February 14 Onwards Merchandising and Education In-Store Visits of WWW Agents to PharmaciesPR ReleasesEvent March 6 – HCM• Gathering/Party (HCM/HN) March 8 - HanoiEngagement and SustainingPR Releases March – April 2008
  23. 23. Thank you.