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Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.
This presentation contains meaning and definition of PPC, process, benefits and factors affecting on PPC. Also I have added PPC management, seven ways to increase pay per click ROI and PPC copy writing in this presentation.
Please go through the presentations and if you came across any doubts feel free to reach me out from the contact list, so that I will try my level best to provide some solutions to your doubts at the earliest.

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Pay per click

  1. 1. PAY PER CLICK An Overview
  2. 2. OUTLINE Meaning and definition PPC Service providers PPC Process Benefits of PPC Advertising Factors effecting PPC Advertising PPC campaign management Seven Ways to Increase Pay-Per-Click ROI PPC Copywriting
  3. 3. WHAT IS PAY PER CLICK Pay Per Click (PPC) is an internet advertising program used on search engines, blogs for which advertisers are paid on a click done by users. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comDefinition: Online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying click-through. In a PPC agreement, the advertiser only pays for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate. Popular PPC advertising options include per-click advertising networks, search engines, and affiliate programs.
  4. 4. ALSO CALLED AS….. Pay Per Click (PPC) is also named in many other terms but the method and program is the same. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com  Cost Per Click (CPC)  Cost Per Action (CPA)  Cost Per Impression (CPI)  Pay for Placement (P4P)  Cost Per Engagement (CPE)  Performance Based Advertising  Cost Per Thousand (CPT)  Pay for Search Engine Ranking
  5. 5. PPC MAJOR PLAYERSThere are many PPC service providers as  Google Adwords www.projectsformba.blogspot.com  MSN Adcenter  Yahoo Search Marketing  Find what  Ask Jeeves/Teoma Above are the largest network operators till date. Along with these major PPC campaign service providers Ask.com, Baidu, Looksmart, MIVA, NexTag, shopzilla, Pr iceGrabber, yandex also provide sponsored links or sponsored ads based on the keyword target with target country by advertiser.
  6. 6. PPC PROCESS Planning www.projectsformba.blogspot.com Tracking Results Research (ROI) Executing Implementing
  7. 7. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comPPC PROCESS IN DETAIL
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF PPC ADVERTISINGOut of all marketing strategies and advertising methods, PPC campaign is the quickest method to be listed on the top pages of search engines with end number of benefits. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com  Instant result within the next second of PPC advertising activation  Complete Control over budget  Provides facility to target your audience in any Country, Region or City  Changing of advertisement content anytime with instant reflect  Editing of Budget settings anytime  Bidding amount can be changed anytime  Anytime can pause, delete or add your advertisement  Daily budget can be fixed so that no more amount will be deducted from your account  Unlimited key phrases can be added in PPC advertising with instant result
  9. 9. FACTORS EFFECTING PPC ADVERTISING Creating a catchy Ad Copy (Title, Text, URL is very important) www.projectsformba.blogspot.com Keyword Specific Landing Pages Continuous Tracking of overall campaign
  10. 10. PPC ADVERTISING CAN BE BEST SUITED FORTHE FOLLOWING OPTIONS Product Purchase through online Form Completion (signup) www.projectsformba.blogspot.com White Paper/ eBook Download Event Registration Service Enquiry
  11. 11. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comPAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. PPC CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT To start a PPC campaign is easy but what can be quite hard is to get the results you want whenever www.projectsformba.blogspot.com you start a new campaign. Generally there are three processes that need to be successfully completed: Research Implementation Optimization Each of these three phases is divided into several categories and I will try to explain them in turn.
  13. 13. ObjectivesSet the objective to attract the unique visitorthrough PPC. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  14. 14. Targeted trafficSet right target at right time. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  15. 15. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comKeywordResearchUse appropriate key word toreach more visitors.
  16. 16. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comCampaign Structure Build the campaign with strong keywords.
  17. 17. Make your ads Design your Ads against your competitor. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  18. 18. Landing pageTake out the visitor to your target product. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  19. 19. Campaign SettingsApply your research technique to attract thevisitors. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  20. 20. RefinementTrack your campaign performance www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  21. 21. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comCost Management Plan your cost on valid conversion.
  22. 22. www.projectsformba.blogspot.comSEVEN WAYS TO INCREASEPAY PER CLICK ROI
  23. 23. Track on amacro-action basisTrack every keyword/key phrase toconversion on a macro-action basis. A poor www.projectsformba.blogspot.comresult for a particular keyword or key phrasedoesnt mean you should drop it. It meansyour Web site should better accommodate it.
  24. 24. Track on amicro-action basisTrack every keyword/key phrase to conversion on a micro-actionbasis. This clarifies how your visitors interact with your Web sitespersuasive dialogue. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  25. 25. Select keywords based onbuying processChoose your keywords/key phrases based on an understanding of thebuying process for your product or service. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  26. 26. Use visitor latencySome terms wont immediately convert wellin a campaign, so track macro-actions andmicro-action factoring in latency. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  27. 27. Define metrics clearlyCalculate return on investment (ROI) correctly.Divide the amount you spend per keyword/keyphrase by your gross margin (gross profit minus costof goods sold) on products or services bought fromthat keyword/key phrase. If you want to generate www.projectsformba.blogspot.comleads, establish a base amount every lead is worth.Divide the amount you spend per keyword/keyphrase by your value per lead.
  28. 28. Go broadFocus on those keywords/key phrases with the greatest ROI before those with the most traffic or gross sales. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com
  29. 29. Engage visitors inpersuasive dialogueUse commonly accepted architecture to anticipate visitors frame ofmind, plan the action you want them to take, and tell them what theyneed to know before they can take that action. Match ad copy closely www.projectsformba.blogspot.comwith keywords so the visitor perceives the relevance.
  30. 30. www.projectsformba.blogspot.com PPC COPYWRITING
  31. 31. PPC COPYWRITING PPC (Pay Per Click) Copywriting is advertising text that accompanies a web-based www.projectsformba.blogspot.com advertisement, costing the advertising company money only when a user clicks on the advertisements graphic. The advertisement is hyperlinked to a "landing page," which the company hopes will generate a sale.
  32. 32. STEPS TO IMPROVE COPY WRITING Become a product expert Figure out the essence of your product If you can’t get love, at least earn respect www.projectsformba.blogspot.com your product Know your customer Speak with the customer language Identify the strong need Set the prospect Only once you understand the product, the market, the customer, and the need should you start writing. All pages elements have one meaning Create synchronization Fall towards desired action Create curiosity towards your product Test and re test content Steal – Borrow some ideas.
  33. 33. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME….!Contact me on… Visit my blog www.projectsformba.blogspot.com