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How to export data from Help Scout to Zendesk

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Want to learn a quick and seamless way to migrate from Help Scout to Zendesk? Here's a short presentation which describes an effortless data migration with the help of automated migration tool!

More about Help Desk Migration: https://help-desk-migration.com/?utm_source=slideshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zendesk-import-materials&utm_term=help-scout-to-zendesk

Free Demo Migration: https://app.help-desk-migration.com/authorization/sign-up?utm_source=slideshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zendesk-import-materials&utm_term=help-scout-to-zendesk

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How to export data from Help Scout to Zendesk

  2. 2. Help Desk Migration Service Place your screenshot here SUMMARY › What data can be exported › Preparing for the migration › How to migrate data to Zendesk 2
  3. 3. Help Desk Migration Service DATA YOU CAN EXPORT FROM HELP SCOUT
  4. 4. Help Desk Migration Service With our Migration Wizard you can automatically export: › Tickets along with Attachments, Public/Private Notes and Tags › Customers and Agents › Organizations › Knowledge base articles › Custom Fields But you cannot export: › Groups › Inline Images › Help Scout settings › Macros, reports, automation rules 4
  5. 5. Help Desk Migration Service MIGRATION CHECKLIST Essential steps you should take before the migration 5
  6. 6. Help Desk Migration Service 6 Make sure you have admin privileges on both accounts. Make sure that in Zendesk all agents have full permissions. We can’t assign tickets to Light Agents because of limited rights. Create necessary custom fields in Zendesk of the same type as in Help Scout to be able to match them. If you’re migrating the knowledge base, make sure to activate Guide in your Zendesk
  7. 7. Help Desk Migration Service HOW TO USE MIGRATION WIZARD TO EXPORT DATA
  8. 8. Help Desk Migration Service Link your Help Scout account To export data from Help Scout you need to provide the ID of the Mailbox you want to migrate; Docs API key and the ID of the Docs site you want to migrate. Input those values in Migration Wizard. Then click Continue. 8
  9. 9. Help Desk Migration Service Log into your Zendesk account Next you need to specify where to import the tickets. Provide the URL of your Zendesk instance and log into your account. Then click Continue. 9
  10. 10. Help Desk Migration Service Choose the records you need to migrate Check the boxes to select the data you want to export. Click Map Fields to match up ticket fields and statuses of knowledge base articles. Once you’re done matching the fields, click Save mapping to save your settings. Click Continue to start the trial migration. 10
  11. 11. Help Desk Migration Service Test the migration Once you’ve mapped ticket fields, start your Free Demo Migration. This will import 20 tickets to Zendesk for you to check the quality of the export and see if there are any issues with the data. You can restart the Demo Migration as many times as you need. 11
  12. 12. Help Desk Migration Service Decide what your NEXT STEP IS
  13. 13. Help Desk Migration Service WHEN YOU’RE READY If you’re ready to export all data from Help Scout, then proceed to the payment. Once the payment is complete, you can start the Full Migration*. *You need to manually initiate the migration in your Help Desk Migration account. HAVE SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS? Is there something that our tool doesn’t offer out-of-the-box? We’d be happy to develop a custom migration to meet your needs. Drop us a line specifying your requirements**. **The cost of the custom work is charged on top of the price of the automatic data migration. 13 Happy with the result?
  14. 14. Help Desk Migration Service Should you have any questions? Contact sales