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  1. 1. E+ PM Jam
  2. 2. AIMS They can be divided in three kinds: 1. TO WHOM? 2. REALISE? 3. CHANGE? • ‘To help participants to develop a Networking project as a following step of their Youth Exchange’
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES Specific, concrete, realistic, measurable, planned ‘To bring together young people who have ideas and partners for Networking projects To exchange local/ international experiences and use them to start networking projects To support and assist participants in project development by providing tools, methods,material, consultation, etc To create space for planning and work on concrete projects step-by- step’
  4. 4. TARGET GROUP Who? How many? Actual situation? - 25 participants - between 18 and 30 years old,` - resident in any of the E+ programme countries, - having realized one or several youth exchange/s within the programme, - able to communicate and work in English,
  5. 5. WITH WHOM? - national team partners - international team partners - local partners • Team partners: • Local partners: • The local press • Local NGO’s
  6. 6. ACTIVITIES Preparation: needs analysis, finances, resources, working with target group,... Realisation: seminar, meeting, camp, activities,... Evaluation: analyse of results, report, spread of results, contacts,.. PREPARATION: FINANCIAL PLAN, LOOKING FOR TRAINERS, PREP MEETING, LOOKING FOR PARTICIPANTS, ONE DAY TRAINERS’ PREPARATION REALISATION: SEMINAR FROM:TO EVALUATION: BY PARTICIPANTS, BY TRAINERS, REPORTING, FINANCIAL SHUT- DOWN.