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  1. 1. About companyApril 1st , 1976 – foundedJanuary 3rd ,1977 –incorporatedHeadquaters –Cupertino , CaliforniaCo –founders – Steve jobs , Steve wojniakCEO-Steve jobsIndustry – Computer software , computerhardware , electronics
  2. 2. Marketing strategyCommitted to bringing the best portable music device and mobile communicationExperience for people of all agesInnovative products designs and stylesAdhere to costumer preferences in sizes , capacity and weight
  3. 3. CEO- Steve JobsHe worked for first HP company where he met Steve Wozniak .After a Jobs saw a computer Wozniak had designed , he decided to turn it into busiinessOn 1st April 1976.After internal power struggle , he as eventually kicked off by board of directors .During the time , Jobs bought what became “Pixar” from Lucas film for $5 million .Steve is the Guinness book of world records as “ Lowest Paid Chief Executive Officer” for Pixa
  4. 4. Vision / Mission Vision To become the world wide leader in computer and mp3 player sales .Mission“Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computer , and mobiloe usage experience to students , educators , creative professionals and consumers around the world through itsinnovative hardware , software and internet offerings “ .
  5. 5. Swot analysisStrengths WeaknessesOne of the oldest hardware manufacturer Focusing on intenal engg. More than marketingControl over the product High priceHigh quality product Consumer faced problems with faulty batteriesEasy to carry products Had difficulties on some of its products’ quality controlProduct diversification Not issued dividends
  6. 6. History of appleApple 1 1976
  7. 7. Apple 2 1977
  8. 8. Apple 2 1980
  9. 9. 1983 Lisa
  10. 10. macintosh1984
  11. 11. Macintosh E/30 1989
  12. 12. Power book 1001991
  13. 13. Message pad and new ton O S1993
  14. 14. Quick take 1994
  15. 15. Power mancintosh 95001995