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Inspiring Learning for All: an alternative Evaluation Model from the Heritage Sector

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Eleanor Payne, Education Officer, LSE Library presentation to ALISS Conference August 2016

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Inspiring Learning for All: an alternative Evaluation Model from the Heritage Sector

  1. 1. An Alternative Evaluation Model from the Heritage Sector Inspiring Learning for All Eleanor Payne, Education Officer, LSE Library
  2. 2. • My background • Education and Outreach at LSE Library • ILFA – context and application • Quantitative vs Qualitative Data • What questions should you ask? • Activity • ILFA in the Heritage Sector • Useful links • Contact information Presentation Overview
  3. 3. • Heritage learning professional with a museum background • Ten years’ experience programming and delivering learning experiences for a variety of audiences • Experience includes museum developments and redisplays, implementing accompanying learning programmes and integrated services • Project manager and deliverer A bit about me…
  4. 4. • To engage external users (i.e. non-LSE) with the archives and special collections at LSE Library • To build connections and partnerships with schools, HE/FE institutions and the wider community • To seek opportunities to enhance learning experiences using our collections aligned with external agendas such as curricula and syllabuses Education and Outreach at LSE Library
  5. 5. • Launched by Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in 2008 • ILFA gave museums libraries and archives a way to plan their learning offer to ensure quality AND gain a real insight into the outputs the high quality learning programmes provided • ILFA gave a way of measuring impact as well as firming the credibility and value of programmes for advocacy. Developed a set of Generic Learning Outcomes (GLOs) for formal learning and Generic Social Outcomes (GSOs) for community learning • Arts Council England refreshed and re-launched ILFA in 2014 Background & Context
  6. 6. • A continuous process and implementation of best practice • Helps to structure session and enables programme planning • Defining learning through defining experiences • Consider the things you want your learners to have experienced/gained • Gives focus, a referral point to plan from • Refer back throughout your planning process Aims & Applications
  7. 7. The GLO framework Information, facts, making sense of something, adding to prior knowledge, making connections Finding out how to do something, communication, specialist, physical, academic, new skills, development or enhancement of existing skills Actions of people (past, present and future intentions), changes in thoughts Enjoyment, surprise, fun, creativity, exploratory behaviour, experimentation Feelings, changes in attitude and perception, empathy, increased motivation to do something or try something new, pride
  8. 8. How do you get value from words? 1. Ask the RIGHT questions – open not closed 2. Pre-evaluate to get a benchmark 3. Be realistic 4. Sampling is ok 5. Record responses on spreadsheets 6. Monitor feedback – USE and respond to it! 7. Make notes of the type of feedback questions as you plan, to refine later Quantitative vs Qualitative Data
  9. 9. • Ask yourself! What do you want your learners to do/experience/discover and why? How will they achieve it? • Using ILFA at the planning stage means assessment of the actual impact you were trying to make easier to identify What should I ask? OBJECTIVE: Discover information from the Women’s Liberation and Suffrage collections to develop historical knowledge of feminists movements in the UK POSSIBLE ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS: • Thinking about today’ session; what information did you discover that was new to you? • Has your knowledge of feminists movements been added to as a result of your visit? How? • What are the next stages in your research processes following today’s visit?
  10. 10. The good, bad and the ugly Good Bad Ugly ILFA GLO Which facts or information from today’s visit really stand out for you? What did you learn today? Did you learn something today? Knowledge and Understanding Did you develop any new skills today? If so what were they? Examples could be object handling or how to read old handwriting. How did today help you with your skills development? What skill(s) did you use today? Skills How do you feel about your experience overall today? Was it what you expected? Has your experience today been positive? Are you motivated following your visit? Attitudes and Values
  11. 11. The good, bad and the ugly Good Bad Ugly ILFA GLO Please provide a few personal highlights from your visit today; for example what did you enjoy the most? What surprised or inspired you? What did you like about today’s visit? Did anything surprise you today? Enjoyment, inspiration, creativity Is there anything you might consider doing now as a result of today’s visit? This could be at work and/or personally. How has today changed or challenged your attitudes and values? Will you come back? Activity, behaviour, progression
  12. 12. Your turn! Use the GLO checklist and measure it against the comments on the table against them Discuss your ideas in groups for 5 mins Feedback Activity
  13. 13. Inspiring Learning for All www.artscouncil.org.uk/advice-and-guidance/inspiring-learning-all-home-page Defining Learning www.artscouncil.org.uk/defining-learning GLOs (Generic Learning Outcomes) http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/measuring-outcomes/generic-learning- outcomes GSOs (Generic Social Outcomes) http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/measuring-outcomes/generic-social-outcomes (There are many more on this website!) Useful links
  14. 14. Thank you Any questions? Contact me e.payne@lse.ac.uk 020 7107 5472 (Until October 7th…)