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Harnessing the Power of Healthcare Data: Are We There Yet

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What can healthcare learn from Formula One racing? According to Dr. Sadiqa Mahmood, SVP of medical affairs and life sciences for Health Catalyst, race support teams leverage about 30TB of baseline data to create a digital twin of the car, track, and racer for simulation models that drive decisions at each race. Applied in the healthcare setting, a digital twin can help clinicians better understand each patient and their health conditions and circumstances in real time and make comprehensive, informed care decisions. But for the healthcare digital twin to happen, the industry must move away from data silos and towards a digital learning healthcare ecosystem.

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Harnessing the Power of Healthcare Data: Are We There Yet

  1. 1. Harnessing the Power of Data: Are We There Yet? Delivering Outcomes Using Real-World Data Dr. Sadiqa Mahmood SVP, Medical Affairs Life Sciences Health Catalyst © Health Catalyst Nov 2019
  2. 2. Formula 1 Race Support Room 2 • 300 sensors that measure all aspects of the car contributing 10TB data for each race weekend for a racing team. • 30TB of baseline data from race to race around the world. • Each gear change adds up to 100 data points; there are 100 or so gear changes per lap, so you can get into millions of data points right away. Ref: Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Race Weekend
  3. 3. Think about your healthcare digital twin... 3 https://insights.thirdrepublic.com/digital-twins/
  4. 4. This is our CTO. This is healthcare’s digital view of his life. 4 Our Digital Understanding of Patients Is Poor Citation: Dale Sanders, CIO, Northwestern Medicine. Calculating annual storage requirements for the Northwestern electronic health record, 2011
  5. 5. This is the data we need…now let’s go after it. Standards, sensors, networks, analytics, AI… massive employment and economic opportunity 5
  6. 6. Why we exist as a company Health Catalyst Mission Be the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement Data Integrate data in a flexible, open, and scalable platform to power healthcare’s digital transformation. Analytics Deliver analytics applications that generate insight on how to measurably improve. Expertise Provide analytical, clinical, financial, and operational experts who enable and accelerate improvement. Engagement Attract, develop, and retain world- class team members by being a best place to work. 66© Health Catalyst Nov 2019
  7. 7. A Decade to an IPO2008 2011 2013 2014 Health Catalyst founded by Steve Barlow and Tom Burton 5+ customers 1st Best Place to Work award 10+ customers 2015 100+ documented measurable improvements 2018 40 Best Place to Work awards 100+ customers 650+ documented measurable improvements Hosted 1st annual industry conference 2016 2017 $40M+ revenue 1st recurring Professional Services contract Started transition to subscription contracting model Introduced next-generation Data Operating System (DOS) Acquired Medicity Started software analytics applications development 40+ customers Data platform development2008 $110M+ LTM revenue 2019 Started analytics accelerators development2012 2016 Continued industry recognition from KLAS, Chilmark and others 90%+ recurring revenue Continued to launch software analytics applications, including Patient Safety Monitor & Touchstone 77© Health Catalyst Nov 2019
  8. 8. Health Catalyst at a Glance HQ Salt Lake City, UT 150M+ Patients Data from >1T Facts Encompassing 120+ Client Healthcare Organizations Including: >200 Success Stories Founded 2008 800 team members Offices in 7 States Growing globally Data Platform $100M Investment 300+ Data Sources Analytics Applications 8 App Suites + Libraries Services Expertise >250 Domain, Data Science, & Analytics SMEs 45+ Analytics Accelerators 50+ Machine Learning Models History Technology Results Documented Improvements >650 Hospitals Clinics >500 >5,000 Awards #1 SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESS “Best Places to Work” >50 Awards 2015 – 2018 Gallup Overall Satisfaction Score 95th-99th PERCENTILE More Than a Decade of Documented Improvements – Millions of Dollars and Patients Lives Saved or Improved 88© Health Catalyst Nov 2019
  9. 9. Ecosystem Life Sciences Focus on Real-World Data, Evidence & Ecosystem Data 99© Health Catalyst Nov 2019 Only 8% of data required for driving outcomes, population health, and precision medicine strategy resides in today’s EHRs. • More than 70 multi-payer and geographically diverse provider clients. • 5000+ Clinics. • 500+ Hospitals. • 300+ Data Sources. • 6900+ Active Trials. • 150+ Million Patients. • 44+ Trillion Facts. Data relating to patient health status and/or the delivery of healthcare routinely collected from different sources. Evidence • Enable understanding of RWD and its strengths and gaps; identify opportunities and partnerships to address gaps. • Our formal business andtechnology models with partner companies enable their accelerated integration into a broader client solution. Clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a medical product derived from analysis of RWD. Achieve healthcare transformation by developing a global healthcare ecosystem. • Partner and collaborate with all critical stakeholders: providers, biopharma, digital medicine companies, payers, and regulators.
  10. 10. A Global Healthcare Ecosystem 14 1010© Health Catalyst Nov 2019
  11. 11. 11 I- Use RWD and analytic applications to inform: • Selection of appropriate patient . • Integration with clinical workflow. • Tracking clinical endpoints comparable to standard-of-care outcomes and costs. II- Enable digital twin and overcome gaps in clinical data. Digital Medicine
  12. 12. Case Study: Precision Medicine Genomics Cohort Selection • Sampled 9 IDNs. • 4k+ patients have molecular labs indicating JAK2 testing occurred. • 800 patients were tested for a specific mutation (V617F). • Molecular pipeline found 189 patients with a positive result in structured lab data, and 185 patients with a result detailed in unstructured text. • Final cohort could reach ~350 patients across 5 sites. 1212© Health Catalyst Nov 2019 Precision Medicine for Patients with JAK2 Mutations
  13. 13. Future of Digital HealthCare
  14. 14. Thank you 14© Health Catalyst Nov 2019