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Top IoT Technologies To Grow Your Business - IBM InterConnect 2017

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Simtelligent is excited to lead this talk at IBM InterConnect 2017 Conference in Las Vegas.

If you want to outperform your competitors, set up an appointment with us to discuss viable options to implement a successful cloud migration strategy.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Smart, connected devices are completely changing the game.
• Cisco predicts that there will be 50B connected devices worldwide by 2020
• Machina Research analysts predict that the global IoT market opportunity will reach USD 4 trillion by 2025

The emergence of smart, connected devices, which are increasingly embedded in broader systems, is radically reshaping companies and competition. This is forcing companies to redefine their industries and rethink nearly everything they do, beginning with their strategies.

Companies will need new types of relationships with customers. They will need new product capabilities, infrastructure, and processes; entirely new structures, functions, and new forms of cross-functional collaboration.

We discuss how smart, connected products are impacting business strategies and transforming the entire value chain.

About Simtelligent
Simtelligent helps midmarket organizations enhance their devices to deliver smart, connected products customers love to increase profit and achieve business growth.

About Hector Del Castillo
Hector Del Castillo has over 15 years of experience collaborating with executives and entrepreneurs to transform ideas into a great business. He’s passionate about building and marketing products customers love. He has launched over 30 global products resulting in over $350M of achieved sales revenue.

Hector is Chief Product Officer, at Simtelligent, where he's busy building a platform for smart connected devices that improve the customer experience, eliminate human error and create new revenue streams for clients.

Need help identifying viable options to grow your product-centric business?

Connect with Hector and inquire how he can help build smart connected devices to grow your business.

Connect: linkd.in/hdelcastillo Follow: @hmdelcastillo Browse: www.hmdelcastillo.com

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Top IoT Technologies To Grow Your Business - IBM InterConnect 2017

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