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HCLT Brochure: New Jersey Data Center

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http://hclte.ch/If33g9 - More on IT Infrastructure Management

http://www.hcltech.com/ - More on HCL Technologies

HCL New Jersey Datacenter is designed to provide our customers with world class solutions aligned to their business needs. The Datacenter offerings--Datacenter Hosting, Managed Services or Datacenter Operations--help ensure higher serviceability, better end user application response times and significant cost savings.

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HCLT Brochure: New Jersey Data Center

  1. 1. New Jersey DatacenterHCL New Jersey Datacenter is designed to provide our customers with world class solutions aligned to their business needs..Our LEED compliant, Tier III equivalent (as per Uptime Institute) Green Datacenter offers state-of-the-art technology forsecure hosting of IT infrastructure & ensures economic and environmental sustainability for our customers.Vital Stats Total Raised Total Built Floor up area Location 20000 sq ft in phases 35000 sq ft 61 Walsh Drive, Parsipanny, NJ, USAHCL’s Datacenter Offerings { DC Hosting | Managed Services | DC Operations {Co-Location: Our flexible solution approachCo-Location is a solution where clients have all the requisite hardware and infrastructure and require a secure environment todeploy their IT assets. HCL would take on responsibility for the management and monitoring of client’s IT assets. HCL alsoprovides value added services such as: { Intelligent hands and feet | Facilities Reporting | Asset Management {Datacenter Hosting FeaturesRacks/Secure Cabinets: 42U ; 600mm x 1000mm/800mmx1000mm (1U = 44.45mm)??floor: 36 inches; Floor Loading: 1250 lbs per tileRaisedPower:? Up to 150W per Sq. Feet load capability; Dual feed to racks 3750 KVA local utility feed; Diesel Generator: 2X2 MW Diesel generator with N+1 configuration; 24hr fuel storage; UPS: 2N configurationCooling:? Temperature maintained at 71.6DegF +/- 35.6DegF; regulated humidity N+1 Air cooled chillers with free coolingFire Detection: VESDA & FM200 based fire detection and suppression system?Communications: Multiple WAN and internet service providers ensuring diversity and redundancy?BMS: 24x7 computerized Building Management System and NOC?? Security: External and Internal security; Access control through proximity card readersPhysicalIT Security: Firewall management; intrusion detection; Security management procedures?Customer Facilities: Meeting rooms? www.hclisd.com
  2. 2. Managed ServicesWe at HCL understand that enterprises need a flexible, reliable, scalable utility service platform for their Datacenteroperations. Hence HCL offers its managed hosting services via a highly available infrastructure platform at a reduced cost.Managed Storage ServicesTo maximize cost savings and operational efficiency, HCL provides Managed storage services to its clients through a utilitybased pricing model.Key FeaturesAligning client’s business processes Tiered storage architecture - Multi-tenant high end storage SAN provides high with service levels requirements Performance, Redundancy, Business arrays - Reliable, Secure and performance, fault-from data creation to data deletion. continuity, Security and cost. Robust data segregation. tolerant, scalable storage.Managed Backup ServicesThe HCL Backup, Restore, Vault services comprises of Managed Backup, Managed Vaulting wherein HCL automates backupprocesses and provides data availability to customers at the time of disaster.Key FeaturesOn-demand backup of data to disk and tape, Scheduled backups Event notification On-line backup file retrieval, and data restore services avoiding impact to critical (such as backup management reports and enabled through VTL based solution business activity failure) 24x7 customer supportManaged Networks & Security ServicesHCL Managed Network & Security Services provide a systematic approach & a sure shot way to reduce costs, manageorganization’s security needs and keep IT resources focused on the core business. Networks Services - Key Features Security Services - Key Features Reduced complexity through Reduced risk based on HCLs Capability in addressing Integrated Service delivery a single interface for extensive experience in managing end to end security methodology designed to reduce costaccountability of the network. networks & associated lifecycle requirement of of security implementations & technologies. any enterprise. maintainence.Datacenter Operations ITSM Support Systems Monitoring Value Add Services Windows, UNIX & Production Support Incident Management VMS Vendor Management Problem Management Batch Job Scheduling Project Support Database Monitoring Configuration Management Batch Job Execution Reporting Network & Security Performance Management Batch Job Monitoring Maintain Documentation Monitoring Fault Management Escalations to relevant team Compliance ManagementWhy HCL Datacenter Leveraged Service Industrialized Best-in-Class Certified Delivery Platform Multi-service Delivery Shrink-Wrapped ITIL Processes & Tools – Flexible Device for Remote Capability for Infra Service Catalog based HCL’s ITSATM Operations. based pricing. Infrastructure Service Offerings. Framework. Management. www.hclisd.com