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HCLT Brochure: AeroPASS

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With the aim of providing sterile area security for airline crew members, HCL has created a next generation security solution that delineates the enhanced security process through Biometrics based solution for ease of implementation and use. Our unique solution is based on real-time Personal Identity Verification (PIV) approach by leveraging significant existing capabilities and infrastructure for PIV authentication and secure credentialing using fingerprint biometrics.

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HCLT Brochure: AeroPASS

  1. 1. AeroPASS - Solution Highlights:Securitizing and expediting • Subscription based Enrolment services for airline crew members including pilots and flight attendantsair travel • Credential Check software for card validation using PKIAir travel as the mode of transportation has gained currency for certificatesbusiness and personal travelers across the globe. The increased • Crew member authentication using fingerprint biometricsdemand for traveling via air has induced the aspirational need • Billing and Payment options as per requirementsof passengers for a prompt, secure and safe experience. Thishas put incremental pressure of airport administration, mandatedby the security establishments of the country to deliver a moresecure and expeditious screening mechanism to enhance airtraveler experience.Thus the requirement for enabling security has mandated U.S.Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to establish stringentsecurity measures. This has thus led to investing more time in the Airport Validation Billingscreening process and proportional increase in security-check Security (Employment, (Subscriptionqueue. AeroPASS was introduced by the TSA and ALPA to give Accessworking airline crew expedited clearance through TSA security TSA List) Based) (Bio Metric)checkpoints at airports in the U.S.With the aim of providing sterile area security for airline Credit Card Processingcrewmembers, HCL and its partners Daon and AvFinity havecreated a Next Generation Security Solution that delineates theenhanced security process through the ease of implementationand use. Our unique solution is based on Real-time Crew IdentityVerification (CIV) approach by leveraging significant existingcapabilities and infrastructure for CIV authentication and securecredentialing using fingerprint biometrics.
  2. 2. Benefits Key Differentiators• Significant reduction in cost of AeroPASS operations through • Next Generation Security Solution a simple and easy-to-use solution • Flexible Business Models• Improved service for Airline crew through fast and secure • Simple to Implement & Use authentication • Leverage Existing Process & Infrastructure• Shorter checkpoint lines and reduced workload for TSA security checkpoints • Interoperable CIV Credentials• Flexible and configurable billing and payment options based • Best of Breed Solution Partnership on industry needAbout the Partners HCL is a $6 billion global IT Enterprise spanning Product Engineering, Custom & Package Applications, BPO, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware and Systems Integration across a wide range of focused industry verticals. Daon Trusted Identity Services operates the nation’s largest civilian clearinghouse for fingerprint, biometric and biographic data collection and processing, having facilitated the credentialing of more than 6.0M users. AvFinity is a communications provider focusing on the multiple data transfer needs of the aviation industry. Hello, I’m from HCL! We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 85,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries across the world. How can I help you? www.hcltech.com email : ttl@hcl.in