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Introduction series to Scholarly Communication (for Doctorate Support Group)

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Presented at the DSG 1st Meet Up in University of Malaya, these are some of my workshop that I am proposing to the community in DSG. If you are interested, please do contact me.

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Introduction series to Scholarly Communication (for Doctorate Support Group)

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION SERIES: SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION Hazman Aziz Founder, Hazman Labs, Inc. | Developer, DSG Portal IEEE Client Services Manager (APAC), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers PhD Candidate, PhD in Library & Information Science, University of Malaya, Malaysia Bachelor in Info-Comm Technology, University of Wollongong, Australia Master of Science (Information Studies), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2. 2. About Me “… over the 5 past years, the roles of a librarian to my perspective is more than just at the reference desk or building digital library. It involves passion, professionalism and practices to make you an experience one. The work of a librarian is beyond the call of duty, where oneself has not only have to look how to understand the flow of information but to create a value in it and experience the immersive in the community And if that librarian is able to deliver, he/she has achieved more than just building a library services. But, oneself who brings in life knowledge to the community….” Hazman Aziz Rebranding your profession Brunei Library Association Conference December, 2012 Contacting me: For workshops on Scholarly Communication & DSG Matters Hazman Aziz Email: hazman.aziz@hazmanlabs.com For IEEE Related Matters, please email officially to the email below: Hazman Aziz Email: h.abdulaziz@ieee.org
  3. 3. what is Scholarly Communication In an academic research environment, scholarly communications become central part of the process of deliberations. Scholarly communications are carried out using certain channels of communications by scholars and academicians. Most important ones are scholarly journals, conference proceedings, research monographs, dissertations, research reports and personal memoirs. Internet now provides much easier and instant means of connection. Social media is a boon for any type of communication.
  4. 4. The landscape of Scholarly Communication
  5. 5. Discovery & Writing : Mendeley & IEEE World’s largest technical membership association with nearly 435,000 members in over 162 countries Not for profit organization with tagline “Advancing Technology For Humanity” Four Core areas of activity – Membership organization – Conference organizer – Standards developer – Publishing company
  6. 6. Measuring & Understanding: Impact of ResearchArticles: Impact Story & Altmetrics
  7. 7. Firming up your social profile: ORCID & Mendeley
  8. 8. How Can Libraries and Librarians help you
  9. 9. Wrapping up (What is next)
  10. 10. Further Information • Scholarly Tools Centric Workshop • Altmetrics • Orcid • Figshare • Mendeley • Impact Story • Common Creatives • Shoptify • Bplans • Knowledge Centric Workshop • Social Media & Scholarly Communication • Scholarly Impact via Digital Conversation • Measuring Digital Conversation in Scholarly Communication • Understanding Scholarly Communication • Marketing your libraries • Industry Update • Keynote Speaker • Understanding learning commons • Digital Legal Matters • Introduction to Administrate Data Science Management • Keeping Customer Relationship Management from a Researcher’ point • Here are some of the workshops and talks, that I am conducting. Please email me for more details