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Muic class 2 thailand expo 2020

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Muic class 2 thailand expo 2020

  1. 1. Al oha! MUIC 2nd classSaturday, Feb 25 2012
  2. 2. http://www.thailandexpo2020.com/
  3. 3. Objective
  4. 4. Theme
  6. 6. This particular Carp is a fresh water fish living in clean and non- polluted waterways. The symbol reflects the co-existence between man and nature. In Thai the fish is called "Pien" - a word which translates literally as "united endeavour" and a fitting description of Thailands facilitation of the world expo.
  7. 7. Mascot
  8. 8. Facebook Page
  9. 9. Video
  10. 10. http://www.thailandexpo2020.com/en/news.php
  11. 11. Support of Thai people (discuss)
  12. 12. http://www.tceb.or.th/about- us/index.htm
  13. 13. MICE Reports 2011         Issue 4 - Thailand Destination of Choices     Issue 3 - The Value of Meetings Industry     Issue 2 - Sustainability Meetings and Events     Issue 1 - Interactive Technologies are driving Meetings and Events industry   2010         Issue 4 - Growth of MICE in Thailand     Issue 3 - The Next Decade of MICE     Issue 2 - Green Meetings Are Achievable     Issue 1 - The Pluses of Face-to-Face Business Meetings   2009         Issue 4 - Thailand Domestic MICE     Issue 3 - Impact of Influenza A (H1N1)/ Swine Flu on Business travel     Issue 2 - Thailand Brand as a MICE Destination     Issue 1 - Global Meltdownhttp://www.tceb.or.th/about-us/tceb-intelligence-center/mice-reports.html
  14. 14. TCEB Reports Student Summary Paper and Presentation 10% of Final GradeDue ________2.Register on TCEB website to Download FULL VERSION3.Write (Type) a one page (Maximum) Summary of Report and your opinions. Do not Copy and Paste, Please.4.Verbal Presentation (5 minute max)5.Copy of Original TCEB Report
  15. 15. Thailand Convention and Exhibition Burueau (Public Organization) Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB is a public organization established by Royal Decree published in the Royal Gazette on 28th September 2002.TCEB has been in operation since 2004. TCEBs main objectives are to promote meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions, known by the acronym "MICE", and to strongly develop this collective industry in order to make Thailand a regional hub for MICE events. The Bureaus successes since its establishment reflect Thailands growing stature as a destination of choice for international meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions.
  16. 16. http://www.tceb.or.th/about-us/tceb-intelligence-center/mYou need to take a minute to register for the full TCEB reports
  17. 17. It would be nice to go to an event http:// www.tceb.or.th/exhibitions/calendarhttp://www.tica.or.th/news_newsletters.php
  19. 19. Decision Maker(s)Decision Making Policies Most Associations ConsiderWHO INVITES?Local Members or Members From National OrganizationsWHO DECIDES?Board, Executive Board or Congress CommitteeWHAT DO THEY DECIDE?Country, City, Meeting venue, SuppliersWHEN?2-3 Events before congress in question Local Host Committee selects 1 year before that
  20. 20. Decision Maker(s) Developments in Decision making PoliciesC. More with permanent secretariat / H.Q.E. More with requirements / bid manualG. Smaller Associations: Association management companies handle permanent workH. Association contract PCO’S for consecutive events
  21. 21. Decision Maker(s)Conclusionso Congress marketing begins at homeo Long range: first results 3-4 years after starto New venues to start marketing activities when signing contracto Centralization in decision making policieso Growing influence Association management + PCO’S
  22. 22. Decision Maker(s) How to reach Decision MakersMarket research o Join international organizations, e.g. ICCA, ASAE etc o Make use of data bank / congress bulletins supplied by these organizations and develop them into potential leadsDefine the destination’s strength and weaknesses o E.g. facilities, human resources, location accessibility, transportation, telecommunications, etc
  23. 23. Sales Promotions o Both to local associations as well as international associationsHave proper sales tools o Facility guide, convention calendars, shell etc
  24. 24. Decision Maker(s) How to convince Decision Makerso Know your own strength / capacity / weaknesseso Make more and full use of your National Tourist Organizations / Convention Bureaus Convention calendars, association list of convention service suppliers etco Learn the Conference language understand client’s needs and their glossaries, definitions etco Have specialist staff to handle conference with proper title, authority and experienceo Have proper brochures / collateral material
  25. 25. Four Essential Social Media Accounts for Tourism 3. Facebook 4. Twitter 5. YouTube 6. Foursquare
  26. 26. Tourism and Hospitality businesses worldwide are embracing Social Media as an effective marketing tool.
  27. 27. Key Elements of a Social Media Strategy Customers: Where are they and what are they saying Content: What will you say, offers, news, videos, photos Campaigns: competitions and contests to engage your fanbase People: Who will update and maintain the social media accounts Platforms: Which ones - Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Travelshake.
  28. 28. Creating an “Owner’s Ecosystem” © Travelshake Twitter FacebookGoogle Maps Direct bookingFlickr Youtube Owner’s Website Travelshake Forums Blog Skype/IM Review Sites Email Database
  29. 29. The Owner’s Ecosystem and its “Google Share”• Website• Facebook• Travelshake• Review Sites• Youtube
  30. 30. FACEBOOK
  31. 31. Number 1 Hotel on facebook in Ireland Facebook is a key part of the hotels online marketing strategy.......... .........gets their fans opinions on recent stays, keeping them informed of “I really dont think that any future offers & business should be without it in this day and events in the age and all it
  32. 32. Play Food & Wine – Restaurant in Ontario, Canada“the restaurant spends nomoney on anyadvertising, beyondremaining very activeon Twitter and Facebookand running emailcampaigns”“We have sold out everyevent we’ve had since weopened by using onlyFacebook, Twitter andour mailing list.”
  33. 33. They are able to reach out to loyal customers, foodbloggers and the rest of the community, to make themfeel like insiders who are part of the restaurant’s day- to-day operations.
  34. 34. Welcome Page on Facebook
  35. 35. Customised Side Panel on Facebook
  36. 36. Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, Miami – Welcome page
  37. 37. Facebook OfferRedemptions:Began issuing FB codesfor discounts on bestavailable rates e.g.FOLLOWCodes generated 270more room nights thisyear
  38. 38. Goodmanagementresponse tocustomer postabout offers
  39. 39. Facebook Policy for Promotional Campaigns• Competitions must be run through an application if they are running on facebook• Don’t use the wall to run a competition, it’s against fb policy• Competitions can’t use a Facebook mechanic for entry i.e. to like a page, upload a photo/video, comment on a post, promote a post to friends• You are allowed to restrict competitions to fans © Travelshake Social Media 2010
  40. 40. Campaign Platforms for facebook © Travelshake Social Media 2010
  41. 41. Making a Facebook page more engaging• Use Facebook Apps• Place Facebook Ads• Run a Poll or contest• Use the @ Tag• Upload a large main image with other social media account listed on it• Upload Videos and Photos• Write consistent updates• Start Conversations with your fans• Link to Twitter or vice versa• Create a unique landing page to encourage likes• Get fans to upload fan photos and tag them © Travelshake Social Media 2010
  42. 42. TWITTER
  43. 43. Westend Bistro, Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C.  specials  restaurant news  holiday hours  ask fans what they would like to see on the seasonal menu  held a contest to
  44. 44.  Staffed by employees based in Omaha, Australia and Mumbai Respond to requests and questions within an hour  Field queries ranging from where to find good sushi to alerts that a guest will be checking in late
  45. 45. They tweet funny pictures, new wines, and localproducts that become available and it creates aspecial connection between them and their fans
  46. 46. YOUTUBE
  47. 47. Branded Hotel Channel on YouTube
  48. 48. YouTube videos indexing in Google
  49. 49. Low Cost Digital Video Ads
  50. 50. ACE HOTEL NY – Creative use of video for hotels
  51. 51. ACE HOTEL NY – Social Media Film “Charley”
  52. 52. FOURSQUARE
  53. 53. InterContinental and Topguest
  55. 55. Bidding / Proposal processSolicited Proposal Client is requesting a proposal and the venue can prepare the answer based on knowledge about the company needs using expertise, previous experience and cost calculationsUnsolicited Proposal The venue can introduce itself with a wide range of services that the customer might need and use similar general proposals sent before, without using too much resources
  56. 56. Bidding / Proposal process Schedule of proposal processStep 1 Confirm receipt of request Expected date of answerStep 2 Bid / No Bid analysis Analyze requests for proposal Check availability
  57. 57. Step 3 Compile data requested Collect proposal Final check of proposal Write final draftStep 4 Courier proposal
  58. 58. “Bare Bones” of a proposal Title page Table of Contents Introduction Why “this” destination Product(s) / USP’s Safety and Security Description Venues Description Accommodation Description Food & Beverage Investment needed Terms of Payment Cancellation & Liability policy Conclusion
  59. 59. What are Thailand’s USP’s?
  60. 60. Bidding / Proposal ProcessCity Wide Convention Bid3. Invitation4. Introduction5. Venue/Accommodation6. Program7. Attractions8. Other important services
  61. 61. Bidding / Proposal ProcessRecommended resources to assist in ‘larger’ biddingso Tourist office, Convention bureau etco Government (Country and/or city)o Local organization(s)o National airlineo Other sponsors
  62. 62. Bidding / Proposal ProcessPlan the Biddingo Destinationo Venue(s)o Letter of invitation from the hosto Support from various resourceso Bidding booko Site inspectiono Bidding presentationo Finance
  63. 63. Bidding / Proposal Process Crucial factors that can influence the bidding ◦ Political ◦ Hotel Variety ◦ Economic ◦ C & E venues ◦ Safety ◦ Supporting Services ◦ Accessibility ◦ Prices ◦ Infrastructure ◦ Association benefits ◦ Image ◦ Competitors ◦ Uniqueness
  64. 64. Site Inspection
  65. 65. Importance of Site Inspectiono Be thereo Notify all suppliers / staffo Take notes during the tripo Know the real decision makero Get personal informationo Know about sponsor companyo Make spouses happyo Know what may, what may not be discussed with cliento Plan free time for ‘Inspectors”
  66. 66. Site Inspectiono Information Assistance o National Tourist Office o Travel associations and / or companies o National governmentso Professional assistance o Professional event organizers o International travel services o Customs brokers o Auxiliary suppliers
  67. 67. o Hotel Inspection o Hotel facilities and services o F & B specifications o Conference room diagramso Miscellaneous o Proposal(s) for arrangements in writing o Currency and exchange rate
  68. 68. Additional Information Needed to Operate a Successful Site Inspection Are all suppliers notified of inspection trip Take notes during trip Follow up in writing of changes made ASAP Confirm and / or cancel suppliers as decisions are made Review in advance entire inspection trip with your contact Educate your customers as how you want them to handle visit Get personal information on clients, what they like to drink, to eat etc Personalize meet and greet
  69. 69. o DO Have top management involvedo Make staff visible and availableo Have CSM wait in lobby for arrivalo Get understanding of rate procedureo Put creative amenities before arrivalo Know tentative outline of MICE evento Clear billing for site inspection before
  70. 70. DO NOTo Have junior sales involvedo Exclude staff from inspectiono Have customer wait in lobby for GMo Discuss rates with end usero Deliver fruits and flowers after arrivalo Have no idea about this MICE evento Charge for minimal expenses
  71. 71. Site Inspection ChecklistBefore you go Key Personnel○ Make an appointment ○ Conference sales executive○ Ensure availability of key personnel ○ On-site conference coordinator○ Ensure access to function rooms, ○ Banquet manager accommodation rooms, recreation ○ Technical support facilities manager ○ Restaurant manager ○ Group Reservations ○ Re-confirm ○ Front Desk manager
  72. 72. First Impressions○ Local environment and street access○ Signage○ Parking○ Lift access○ Lobby and reception○ Wheelchair access○ Staff attitude
  73. 73. Meeting facilities ○ Main conference room ○ Access to meal break areas ○ Breakout/Syndicate rooms ○ Seating configuration ○ Secretariat ○ Registration Area ○ Speakers Room ○ Media Room ○ Location and access ○ Sound-proofing ○ Lighting ○ Air-conditioning, noise ○ Windows ○ Audio-visual facilities
  74. 74. Familiarization tours and site inspections“Fam Tour” - Orientation of destination - Explanation of transport systems - Inspection of relevant hotels and venues - Overview of any events, attractions, activities unique to destinations - Selling points of destination
  75. 75. Any Questions?(questions are GOOD)