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MUIC class 1 thailand expo 2020

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MUIC class 1 thailand expo 2020

  1. 1. http://www.thailandexpo2020.com/
  2. 2. Objective
  3. 3. Theme
  5. 5. This particular Carp is a fresh water fish living in clean and non- polluted waterways. The symbol reflects the co-existence between man and nature. In Thai the fish is called "Pien" - a word which translates literally as "united endeavour" and a fitting description of Thailands facilitation of the world expo.
  6. 6. Mascot
  7. 7. Facebook Page
  8. 8. Video
  9. 9. http://www.thailandexpo2020.com/en/news.php
  10. 10. Support of Thai people (discuss)
  11. 11. http://www.tceb.or.th/about-us/index.htm
  12. 12. MICE Reports 2011 Issue 4 - Thailand Destination of Choices Issue 3 - The Value of Meetings Industry Issue 2 - Sustainability Meetings and Events Issue 1 - Interactive Technologies are driving Meetings and Events industry 2010 Issue 4 - Growth of MICE in Thailand Issue 3 - The Next Decade of MICE Issue 2 - Green Meetings Are Achievable Issue 1 - The Pluses of Face-to-Face Business Meetings 2009 Issue 4 - Thailand Domestic MICE Issue 3 - Impact of Influenza A (H1N1)/ Swine Flu on Business travel Issue 2 - Thailand Brand as a MICE Destination Issue 1 - Global Meltdownhttp://www.tceb.or.th/about-us/tceb-intelligence-center/mice-reports.html
  13. 13. TCEB Reports Student Summary Paper and Presentation 10% of Final GradeDue ________1. Register on TCEB website to Download FULL VERSION2. Write (Type) a one page (Maximum) Summary of Report and your opinions. Do not Copy and Paste, Please.3. Verbal Presentation (5 minute max)4. Copy of Original TCEB Report
  14. 14. Thailand Convention and Exhibition Burueau (Public Organization) Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB is a public organization established by Royal Decree published in the Royal Gazette on 28th September 2002.TCEB has been in operation since 2004. TCEBs main objectives are to promote meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions, known by the acronym "MICE", and to strongly develop this collective industry in order to make Thailand a regional hub for MICE events. The Bureaus successes since its establishment reflect Thailands growing stature as a destination of choice for international meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions.
  15. 15. http://www.tceb.or.th/about-us/tceb-intelligence-center/mice-reports.htmlYou need to take a minute to register for the full TCEB reports
  16. 16. It would be nice to go to an eventhttp://www.tceb.or.th/exhibitions/calendar
  17. 17. Print these PDF’s for discussion, Thanks Exhibition Management COURSE TITLE ICTM 423 Seminar in Tourism Planning and Promotion COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is intended to serve as an overview of tourism planning and promotion. The objective of the course is to provide the learner with a general macro working knowledge of the tourism principles, practices, operations and management. This course explores a new channel for destination planning and promotion, focuses on the market, products and services, program development, market research with a highlight on Corporate Social Responsibility, public relations, business strategy development, intercultural human resource management, cost controls, and impacts assessment. LECTURER Scott Michael Smith, MBA OFFICE & CONTACT e-mail : youngskalthailand@gmail.com Course Purpose: 1. To introduce learners to tourism planning and promotion in Thailand and internationally. 2. To gain an understanding of the careers, business, and investment opportunities available relating to tourism planning and promotion. . 3. To develop an appreciation of the importance of tourism planning and promotion. 4. To appreciate the intricate organizational, societal, economic and environmental impacts of tourism planning and promotion. 5. To study the management components and business operations standards of tourism planning and promotion. . 6. To understand the strategic interdisciplinary relationship of tourism planning and promotion within the overall Tourism and Hospitality industries.