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Media Review - February 2015

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Keeping up with the latest news in the belgian media landscape!

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Media Review - February 2015

  1. 1. February 2015 Overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. Innovations February2015 Via the platform ‘Sourcesûre’, daily newspapers wish to allow users to send confidential information to media. Informations are transmitted in an anonymous way. Le Monde, La Libre, Le Soir & RTBF.be are now using the platform. Outbrain, the content solution used by Rossel Advertising is now available on the websites of Persgroep, Roularta & Metro. The solution now reaches almost 60% of belgian internet users. The content recommandations help improving audience satisfaction on the websites.
  4. 4. Innovations February2015 Mediahuis Connect and Roularta Media are working hand in hand to promote the new online pack offer with IPM participation. They created ‘Pure Quality News’. It offers a national coverage on the main information websites • La Libre.be • Le Vif.be/Knack.be • De Standaard.be This pack is targeted at men and women with higher education and a large purchasing power.
  5. 5. Innovations WHATELSE? Media ID is a unique provider to different media sources. User experience is made easier through a unique touchpoint that gives the possibility to access their most preferred content on different information websites. Users can pay on this platform once and get access to the content they wish to subscribe from the different information websites.
  7. 7. Innovations February2015 Programmatic starts dealing with the print media. Time Inc partnered with the ad company MediaMath to launch the platform for its advertisers. The technology can target audiences on different segments. The platform also allows to reach selected audiences through display campaigns.
  8. 8. Innovations February2015 In 2015, Biba magazine formed a partnership with Kiabi. On a special section called ‘Le défi mode’, readers can take a look at a selection of articles from the Kiabi collection at a fair price. A special luxury edition of HU.MAN magazine will be added to Humo. HU.MAN deals with men interested in lifestyle, fashion & gadgets.
  9. 9. Innovations REFRESH NEWCOMERS LEAVER New name & content Last issue Online magazines
  10. 10. DIGITAL
  11. 11. Innovations February2015 Proxistore developed an improved version of its online campaign simulator. This tool allows you to advertise online in a targeted manner on european websites. Every detail of the campaign are available from the audience to the spaces available; the cost and of course the possibility to buy and launch the campaign directly.
  12. 12. Innovations HAVASMEDIA Havas Media Group partnered with NewsCred. The content marketing platform allows to manage licensed content from over 5.000 publishers. Advertisers can boost their content marketing capabilities to engage with consumers. It is therefore more relevant and leads to higher returns along the consumer journey. Havas also aquired Plastic Mobile, an agency specialised in mobile strategies. From the development of an app to the definition of loyalty programs.
  13. 13. Innovations WHATELSE? Carlsberg invited drinkers to play on their interactive one-armed bandit. Beer drinkers had to post a selfie on instagram with the hashtag #BarBandits and the geolocalization of the bar to participate in the game. Every time the bartender serves a beer, it activates the game. Winners get a beer for free.
  14. 14. OUT OF HOME
  15. 15. Innovations February2015 The Mango App let you scan outdoor billboards and shop online what you like. Thanks to an image recognition technology, shopper experience is faster and easier. Passers-by can get the information directly on their connected device.
  16. 16. Innovations February2015 The brand new Disney movie was promoted with augmented reality in Brussels and Antwerp. Passers-by could take a selfie with the new Disney hero. People had to be in pairs. One will appear as the hero itself and the other person will stay the same.
  17. 17. WHATELSE? The physical version of online cookies is out! Shoppers experienced this new shopping alternative in Finland. Shoppers could be offered targeted deals only if they agreed to carry with them this plastic key chain. It is actually an RFID device that allows to gather information on shopping habits. Shopper journey into the mall is tracked and special offers can be promoted on billboards and in- store. Innovations
  18. 18. RADIO
  19. 19. Innovations February2015 Spotify & Sony created a music streaming service called PlayStation Music. It will take over the existing service, Music Unlimited from Sony. The best experience will be provided to the 64 million users of the PlayStation network. It will let users play Spotify on PS3, PS4 & Xperia. Cherie FM is back in Belgium since Valentine’s day. It is only available online for every connected device.
  20. 20. WHATELSE? Innovations The second edition of Viva for Life was a success once again! Results from the fund raising initiative were very positive. The operation was launched in December 2014. They were able to raise more than 2 million euros to help children in need and offer better living conditions. The RTBF confirmed its willingness to organise a third session next december.
  21. 21. TELEVISION
  22. 22. Innovations February2015 Proximus launched its new version of Skynet.be. The layout and special sections were revamped to offer a refreshing experience. It is also possible to watch Proximus TV via the website and to schedule program recording on your Smartphone. Telenet participation in the De Vijver Media was confirmed by the European Commission. Telenet assured its willingness to offer the best TV experience to their clients through the acquisition. TLC Channel is now available in Flanders. Dedicated to women from 18 to 44 years old, it offers a variety of lifestyle programs.
  23. 23. CINEMA
  24. 24. Top 5 Belgian Box Office in 2014 February2015 4,628,504 4,212,822 3,736,592 3,710,711 3,392,802 EUR 0 EUR 500,000 EUR 1,000,000 EUR 1,500,000 EUR 2,000,000 EUR 2,500,000 EUR 3,000,000 EUR 3,500,000 EUR 4,000,000 EUR 4,500,000 EUR 5,000,000 The Wolf of Wall Street Lucy Rio 2 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  25. 25. Sources found here !
  26. 26. THANK YOU Questions? 2mvdc.belgium@havasmedia.com