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Our Secret Sauce

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The HashtagNYU Culture Code

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Our Secret Sauce

  2. Our culture is our secret sauce
  4. This is who we are and where we are going
  5. 1. We work to make NYU better 3. We are highly selective with our team 5. We want our partners to become pioneers with us 7. We bleed purple 2. We succeed and fail together 4. We are hungry to improve 6. We work until it works our code
  6. We work to make NYU better 1
  7. Our job is to sharethe NYU story...
  8. A narrative shaped by a global community with students at its center
  9. we are a start-up here to delight students
  10. students are social all over the world so we are too
  11. 2 we succeed and fail together
  12. We take a sense of community seriously
  13. We’re upfront with each other and don’t give anonymous feedback
  14. We don’t one-up each other, we builD each other Up
  15. We know and celebratewhat is happening in the office
  16. 3 we are highly selective with our team
  17. dropbox ceo drew houston via hubspot You become the average of the five people you hang out with we couldn’t say it better ourselves so we didn’t
  18. We take our work seriously but don't take ourselves too seriously
  19. we are biased toward action
  20. 4 we are hungry to improve...
  21. We invest in making people awesome
  22. We're inspired by
  23. 5 we want our partners to become pioneers with us
  24. different we are unafraid to be
  25. we bring the student perspective to the table no matter how raw
  26. We collaborate to delight students and add value to their experience
  27. 6 we work until it works
  28. We data but let our work speak for itself
  29. We stretch limits and raise the bar
  30. for us it's work life not work life
  31. our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force behind everything we do Google
  32. HashtagNYU we are and...
  33. 7 we bleed purple