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Web 2.0, Social Media & Digital Marketing

A look at the Web 2.0 a social media space in India

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Web 2.0, Social Media & Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Web 2.0, Social Media & Digital Marketing What, Why, How, When? Harshil Karia
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Me I Like Be‘Foxy’ By !quot;#$$%&$' !quot;#$%&'()*& !quot;#$%"'(quot;)*%quot; Im not really much older than you and i’d like to learn a lot as well!
  4. 4. Emphasizing tools and platforms that enable the user to Tag, Blog, Comment, The more explicit synonym of quot;Participatory Webquot; Modify, Augment, Rank, etc. Sure you’ve seen this many times - Lets really figure it out!
  5. 5. Here’s What i Do Everyday
  6. 6. Browser is the OS. Technology is Collaborative. Users are sharing everything they do. Surfing is social surfing. The evolved users have multiple online lives. Online & offline lives vary for many.
  7. 7. Nokia - N82, Video Films Myntra All consumers are talking about brands on Social Media in any case - generating content Real Activ, Depot, DeskAway (Google, Facebook, and Apple - all have unofficial ‘Official’ Blogs)
  8. 8. Fragmented communities coming together - more sharing. Change in sociology
  9. 9. Cross Border Collaboration
  10. 10. This is what we have established SO NOW WHAT?
  11. 11. Lets look at The Indian Consumer WRT Social Media
  12. 12. We Have About 25 Million ‘Daily’ Users according to Juxt Consult Anywhere between 42 - 49 Million people who have used the Internet at least once 81% ‘interact’ on Social Media - still no real clues as to how much of that interaction is broken down into ‘creating’, ‘catalyzing’, and passively observing.
  13. 13. India’s Creation Quotient is low Passive Still Social Opportunity for brands to create compelling content and provide easy sharing avenues (Some of them are doing that) Juxt Consult Report
  14. 14. Zapak & C2W Virals What do you make of them? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3TS3wUWk40 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Y4FHTTHDU
  15. 15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h3G-lMZxjo Few more International Virals Posted on YouTube by someone calling himself Park Ridge-47, this attack ad changed the rules of political engagement in Election 2008. The video mashes together a classic 1984 Apple ad with recent footage of Hillary Clinton giving a speech. Clinton is portrayed as a Big Brother character and Democratic voters as zombie-like followers. The tag line touts Barack Obama as an alternative to Clinton. Park Ridge-47 turned out to be an employee of an online communications firm
  16. 16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEqwKNNQBwc
  17. 17. Daft Punk Viral http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2cYWfq--Nw
  18. 18. If brands are willing to be in social media for the long term, lasting properties can be built. Consumers like to see ads - they want the brand to talk ‘with’ them, not talk TO them Build your start - up’s social media real estate everyday (SMS Gupshup?)
  19. 19. Branding becomes entertainment BMW Films http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3R9IpAQ6xo
  20. 20. ROADIES SOCIAL MEDIA From Presence to Engagement to Evangilism Community Profile Skins Battleground (1.67 L)
  21. 21. Branding Through Stages
  22. 22. Social Media is affecting search as well
  23. 23. Same Story At Google Social Media Makes Brands More Searchable, More Human - Piggybanking on the success of properties that host them
  24. 24. Social Media Internationally Scanning Your Brand Across Social Media “What are people saying, feeling, thinking?” Understanding top influencers Scoring and tracking attributes, words or phrases associated with a brand Watching competitive brands and using a comparative graph to track share of voice Dell is using this to speak with customers, tweak the product and change its image
  25. 25. Social Media as the next big thing in India? http://www.gauravonomics.com/blog/next-big-thing-social-media-outsourcing-smo/ http://www.gauravonomics.com/blog/next-big-thing-social-media-outsourcing-smo-part-2-of-2/
  26. 26. AS WE PROGRESS Mobile will be the epicenter of Social Media Today Social Media on Mobile is through Mobile Communities - Less 2.0 because of logical reasons
  27. 27. SMS Bluetooth Bangalore Royal Challengers Till Bluetooth is replaced by a more robust and ubiquitous delivery channel
  28. 28. GPS and Network Based Possibilities (combine that with touch, feel etc.)
  29. 29. India Media Forecasts We are still a TV Mad country – be very aware of that, make your product for the international market with high scope for localization – SlideShare, Deskaway
  30. 30. http://www.foxymoron.org http://www.theconstantobserver.blogspot.com http://www.twitter.com/harshilkaria Thank You harshil@foxymoron.org