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5 Mysterious SharePoint Errors and Their Resolution

  1. 5 Mysterious SharePoint Errors and Their Resolution
  2. • MS Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is also known as SharePoint. It’s connected with intranet, content management and document management. It’s versatile platform to manage web portals, documents, websites, content, social networking sites, and business intelligence tooling procedures. It’s leading tool for formulating managerial intranets. It’s extremely obliging in construction of content management websites, collaboration sites and portals. It embraces with adaptable deposit of Web technologies supported by general technological infrastructure. It’s intimately incorporated with Office suite and also comes with system amalgamation, progression integration and workflow automation capabilities. Introduction:
  3. • It uses an extension of .mdf file. SharePoint Server stores prime data files that stores and stores all details such as- documents, workspace, lists, content database, and document libraries etc within Server MDF files. When Server gets corrupted for some cause, it do not allow the administrator to access stored MDF files. • No matter what version of SharePoint Server you are using, any moment you can come across list of annoying errors and all the time solutions do not come from MS. SharePoint is an astonishing technology that comprise of various functionalities. As I told you already, that errors in SharePoint are no wonder, thus I will be revealing you 5 mystifying issues of SharePoint along with the tips to resolve them. So let’s get started;
  4. • If you step few years back, you will get to know that working with Windows OS installation was a grueling job. The deep blue screen with white alphabets, enclosing some commands, shortcut keys to answer NO, YES, CANCEL, or PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE, and ruined .dll files plagued us till Win2k3. After that Vista took the charge with simplest “un-geeky” installation procedure, and similar is Win2k8. In SharePoint side of things, it began off as simple in WSS awaiting MOSS 2007 came into scenario and Hiroshima and Nagasaki scene was all anew. • Installing, reinstalling, uninstalling, re-uninstalling becomes very alluring at slightest consideration of trouble if you are using SharePoint 2010 but you will may stuck at times. Language Pack is different and Office Web Access is different. Error Message #1 “THE INSTALL IN PROGRESS CONFLICTS WITH A PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 SERVER PRODUCT”
  5. • You may notice that someone downloaded a custom code, and installed it in environment. This destroyed Central Admin straight away. You may notice that every other site was operating except yours. Then you thought of re-installing but right after the product key part, you may receive; “This particular problem is caused by Language Pack”. Solution: 1. Stop installation process. 2. Go to Control Panel –> and then Programs and Features. 3. Recognize language pack used for SharePoint. 4. Uninstall it. 5. And finally reboot. Now install SharePoint like normal and then your language pack. Practice this if you have multilingual surroundings where you present sites in diverse user’s languages.
  6. Error Message #2 “ERROR FAILED TO CONNECT TO CONFIGURATION DATABASE: AN EXCEPTION OF TYPE SYSTEM.ARGUMENTNULLEXC EPTION WAS THROWN. ADDITIONAL EXCEPTION INFORMATION: VALUE CANNOT BE NULL PARAMETER NAME: SERVICE.” In this part we are making efforts to enlarge SharePoint 2010 farm little bit. Farm comprises of one or more VMs sitting in complicated VMware transportation and some physical servers that are hosting databases. Application for SharePoint hosted by VM services was somewhat sluggish. Hence slow one will now be replaced by new one, or perchance both of them will stay in there. After passing the traumatic knowledge of misplaced locally and missing in xxxx and yyyy servers, and also issues with language packs, the package turns ready finally. Therefore while eliminating SharePoint 2010 Products of Oz Configuration Wizard, with the very first step I got this error:
  7. Solution: Generate a pseudonym on server for SQL client. For a quantity of reason, this was all the solution. SQL pen name is something which you may encompass to manufacture when you’re shifting your database servers around. There was an obligation from Windows Enterprise Team to shift from old database server to new one. You will have to construct SQL Alias on every web front and application server of SharePoint. •Press Start > Run and insert cliconfg •Hit OK •Now facilitate TCP/IP Protocol •Choose TCP/IP and hit on Enable •Press on Alias Tab •Click Add •Opt for TCP/IP from Network Libraries •Now insert previous database server name within Server Alias •And place Server Name to Fresh Database Server Name •Hit OK
  8. • From stables of SharePoint error, appears an additional unexplained and maddening issue, [drum roll], [special effects], [camera up-close], [camera drawback], [more Star War effects]. • This occurs when you attempt to unite fresh server to a farm. And that comes when you finish encountering the notorious install verify that returned such as 80 languages pack issues, 120+ missing local dilemma and the rest of evil followers from SharePoint hell. Now here’s the tip to resolve it. Error Message #3 “AN EXCEPTION OF TYPE SYSTEM.REFLECTION.TAR GETINVOCATIONEXCEPTI ON WAS THROWN”
  9. Solution: You won’t judge this. Your NTFS drive is mainly responsible for this. To ensure, unlock your ULS log file in APPLICATION server and look for “directory name you entered is invalid“. If it displays a sequence of fallouts (Notepad++ is most suggested) then that’s the error. All you have to do is have a look at drive letter gathering within your machines, and check your latest server is reliable with drive letters. Thus if server of your APPLICATION has C, D, E, F drives, make certain your fresh machine is named the similar technique. After completion run the Configuration Wizard and it should be good enough.
  10. • By the middle time of the year 2012 CU for SharePoint 2012 the CRL (i.e. Certificate Revocation List) verifies to be compulsory, which sequentially affected few native characteristics of SharePoint AdminV4 service? • On operat5ing the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard, the configuration will be unsuccessful along with the subsequent error shown above. This is characteristically a problem if you lack having straight internet access. Error Message #4 “SHAREPOINT 2010 ERROR: “CANNOT START SERVICE SPADMINV4 ON COMPUTER ‘.’.” ERROR ON SHAREPOINT CONFIGURATION WIZARD”
  11. Solution: *Add a new computer policy which alters the options for retrieving certificate validation on a network. * Add host file entries into the local computer host file. To do this, alter the computer policy: •Click on Start, then go to Run •Type in “gpedit.msc” and click “OK” •Expand Computer Configuration –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> Public Key Policies •In the Public Key Policy window displayed on the right pane, double-click “Certificate Path Validation Settings” •Click on the “Network Retrieval” tab •Check the box “Define these policy settings” •Uncheck “Automatically update certificates in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program (recommended)” and “Allow issuer certificate (AIA) retrieval during path validation” •Click on “OK” •Close out of gpedit.msc console. •ADD HOST FILE ENTRIES. •Click on Start –> Run. •Type in “C:WindowsSystem32DriversEtc” and click “OK“. •Double-click the file “Hosts“. •Select “Notepad” as the program to open the file, ensure to uncheck the option that allows Notepad to open the file always shown below: Include following lines within hosts file      
  12. • Store the file and end Notepad (sometimes it turns difficult to save host file because of system’s security program, therefore a good way a good way is to save host file to ETC folder and copy it to your desktop, make required modifications and then overwrite the original. Else unlock Notepad separately and Run as an Administrator, provide credentials when impelled. Then open HOSTS file using Notepad by pressing FILE à OPEN àbrowse, modify and press SAVE). This work around is very simple and hope this will eradicate your issue permanently.
  13. • I had extremely sluggish and irritating SharePoint 2010 development server, knocked Visual Studio 2010 into it. After a while I came across some application services not commencing and getting lost like forever. Re- installing database do solve issues but it may leave your content databases affected due to plan variation. The solution to this error goes as mentioned under. Error Message #5 “AN UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ‘SYSTEM.SECURITY.CRYPT OGRAPHY.CRYPTOGRAPH ICEXCEPTION’ OCCURRED IN OWSTIMER.EXE”
  14. Solution: Immobilize JIT (Just-In-time Debugger) doing some easy Registry Key alterations. Deleted following registry keys: 1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAeDebugDebugger 2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoft.NETFramewor kDbgManagedDebugger If OS is of 64-bit, then delete following registry keys: 1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosof tWindows NTCurrentVersionAeDebugDebugger 2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosof t.NETFrameworkDbgManagedDebugger
  15. • So that is where I wrap it up on these five ninja errors along with their most prominent solution. But the story does not end yet. Having said the entire above story I would to drag your attention towards numerous others errors that’s not possible to discuss in one go. But those errors are also equally harmful and could bring you into state of depression. Therefore in order to stay safe and unaffected from any sort of error I would recommend you to make use of most reliable, efficient and professionally designed tool known as SharePoint File Repair Tool that’s even accepted by experts all around the globe to resolve SharePoint bugs and issues. This powerful tool effectively scans the damaged database files and repairs it to recover inaccessible objects in MDF database files. This repair tool offers allows the user to retrieve share point database like tables, indexes, documents, labels and stored procedures from inaccessible MDF files. Automated Resolution:
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