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Get Answers To All Your Stock Market Questions From Your Broker

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Since the very beginning it has been fed into the minds of investors that stock market is risky which ultimately leads to low self-confidence regarding stock analysis. The thought which always runs at the back of your mind is that the stock selection is a complex task and thus, you should trust an expert or hire the best broking firm for your assistance. This is not totally wrong but you should never undermine your capabilities as a trader or as an investor. You and your broker can together strike a good deal. However, you have to keep one thing in mind that best services in this world don’t come for free. So, if you want expert advice which will really work for you, then you also have to pay some brokerage. This is why people look for zero brokerage plans or brokers with cheapest brokerage. Now, your broker will guide you further. For instance, he would tell you that the first rule of stock market investment is choosing companies whose businesses are easily understandable by traders or investors. Best strategy could be to stick with the index stocks as you will not regret your decision in the long run. Now, you applied your common sense and are ready with the investment grade stock list. What next? Almost all the companies which represent the index are good. The broker might suggest A or B. In such a confusing situation fundamental analysis comes to your rescue. The most important ones are earnings per share: price earnings ratio: book value per share; return on net worth; profitability; and debt equity ratio. Applying these ratios will help you in isolating best among equals. Once you have understood these ratios it hardly takes time to apply these on a particular stock and find out its health. Then, making the entry at right levels is important. Is it the right price to enter the stock or is it the right price to book profit if you are already invested? The answer of above question lies in technical analysis. Technical analysis is a tool used by traders and investors to figure out the direction of prices of a security through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. Using technical analysis one can find answers of many questions like when to enter the market; which stock to buy and at what price; when to book profit; and which stock to get out from so as to minimize loss. Answers to such questions are sure shot way of being successful in stock market and all such questions can be answered by your broker.

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Get Answers To All Your Stock Market Questions From Your Broker

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