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How To Make Ideas Stick

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Based on Chip & Dan Heath's bestseller 'Made to Stick', this slide deck shows how we can apply 6 rules to make our own messages “stick”. With social media case studies from Mc Donalds Gol! World Cup Brasil commercial, P&G's #LikeAGirl campaign, Dumb Ways to Die and more.

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How To Make Ideas Stick

  1. 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR IDEAS STICK Social Media Case Studies based on a book by Chip & Dan Heath
  2. Message 1 A bag of popcorn has of saturated fat. 37 grams
  3. Message 2 A medium sized butter popcorn has more fats than 1. A bacon-and-eggs 2. A BIG Mac & fries 3. A steak dinner ALL COMBINED!
  4. Which message sticks better? Most of the people say Message 2. It is a perfect example of presenting an idea IN A STICKY WAY
  5. Thousands of are born everyday. IDEAS
  6. Why do some ideas find while others fail? SUCCES
  7. The answer lies in the question. Yes, with a missing 'S' SUCCESS U C C E S imple nexpected oncrete redible motions tories
  8. SIMPLE CORE MESSAGE The first step is to be SIMPLE. Not simple in terms of dumbing down! What I mean by 'simple' is find the
  9. Tap existing memory of your audience. Next step is to communicate it in a clear, compact and meaningful way. SIMPLE
  10. Remember the popular video 'Dumb Ways to Die? SIMPLE
  11. Such simple and compact ideas help people learn and remember a core message help them make the right choice where there are a lot of options. SIMPLE
  12. UNEXPECTED BREAK A PATTERN to get someone's attention. Do the unexpected. Surprise them!
  13. P&G's breaks a pattern with their #LikeAGirl Campaign. UNEXPECTED
  14. If you want your ideas to be stickier, you've got to break someone's guessing pattern and then FIX IT! UNEXPECTED
  15. Heard the Aesop fables like 'The Fox and the Grapes'? or 'The Boy who cried wolf'? CONCRETE
  16. These stories are sticky because of the way there were encoded. The CONCRETE images evoked by the fable - the grapes, the fox, the dismissive comment about sour grapes - allowed its message to persist. CONCRETE
  17. Your brain hosts a number of loops. The more hooks an idea has, the better it'll cling to memory. Concrete language helps people, especially novices, understand new concepts. CONCRETE
  18. CREDIBLE We believe... - Because our parents / friends believe. - Because we've had experiences - Because we trust authorities What makes us believe ideas?
  19. If you have access to this guy or a renowned celebrity, skip this part. The rest of us can tap the credibility of Anti-Authorities CREDIBLE
  20. A commercial claiming that a new shampoo makes your hair bouncier has less credibility than a friend who raves about how a new shampoo made her hair bouncier. Well duh, the company wants to sell it. Your friend doesn't. So she gets more trust points. YOUR friend is the ANTI-AUTHORITY CREDIBLE
  21. Use statistics to illustrate the underlying relationship than the numbers themselves. CREDIBLE
  22. Not numbers. Appeal to their self-interest. What's In It For Them EMOTIONAL People care about people. WIIFT
  23. The most basic way to make people care is to form an association between something they don't yet care & something they do care. EMOTIONAL
  24. Appeal to their self-interest but also appeal to their - not only to the people they are right now but also to the people they would like to be. EMOTIONAL Identities
  25. Stories makes us guess how we would have in that situation. STORIES reacted
  26. The NEXT BEST THING to experience a situation, is the ABILITY to visualize oneself in it. STORIES
  27. McDonald's found a bunch of ordinary folks around the world whose skills are just as extraordinary as the pros. This Story leaves you amazed, amused, and applauding! STORIES
  28. S U C C E S imple nexpected oncrete redible motions tories Lets RECAP
  29. Thank You & Lets Keep In Touch @Hmarketer @Socialpaparazzi