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Evaluation 1 media

  1. 1. Garage Band Garage band is a software used to create music. The software comes with preloaded audio that allows you to combine songs and even make your own music by the use of different instruments as well as own voice recordings. Garage band has helped me make my own back up music to link in with the teaser trailer I have produced to synchronise with my trailer because there were a wide variety of sounds that I can choose from that were already on the software. I believe that Garage Band was the most useful software when it came down to making the sound for our trailer as with other software such as Audacity it is more complex and doesn’t justify to the purpose of what you want it to be like.
  2. 2. Photoshop Photoshop is a software used to edit images. This is another professional software used not just by students but also in real media companies like magazines. With Photoshop I have used this throughout the coursework. From creating film posters and front cover magazines to producing a institutional logo company. Photoshop has helped me manipulate images to use for my front cover magazine and film poster by being able to change the brightness and contrast level of the photo and crop.
  3. 3. Final Cut Pro Final Cut pro is a non-linear video editing software, that are specifically used on Apple. Many people use this to create a professional outcome of their product, as it shows a very sleek outcome that none of the other software's can offer. With this software, I have used this towards the very end after my research and planning. It has enabled me to add videos, images and audio in my trailer. The build up was very important as I needed to plan out carefully of how I was going to record the scenes and whether I was going to use typical conventions or challenge them. I had to research significant codes such as the sounds as It needed to synchronise with the trailer, as well as using filters that you would generally see in horror films. I believe that final cut pro has given its potential to show how good this software is as with the trailer that we as a group have produced showed typical conventions of horror trailer like the flickering on the screen which would sense the audience the ideal genre of the film. The software allows you to import files that were made from other software's such as my audio from grange band and intertitles that were made on Photoshop.
  4. 4. Slide Share Slide share is an online site that allows you to post files onto a PowerPoint that you can post through blogs such as this one right here. I have not only used this for my A2 Coursework but also throughout my AS. It has allowed me to post works that I have done on Microsoft word as well as PowerPoint.
  5. 5. YouTube YouTube is an online video sharing. I have used YouTube to convert my videos that I have taken from my phone either of feedback focus group or drafts from my teaser trailer. This is really helpful as it shows a visual feedback of what my demographics thought about the product rather than me interpreting what they said. The comments are more accurate as I could replay back to the things they have said.