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Not-for-profits and Social Media: Australian, International Case Studies

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Which not-for-profit organisations are using social media effectively in 2011 and 2012? Here are some innovative case studies from charities and NFPs in Australia and around the world.

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Not-for-profits and Social Media: Australian, International Case Studies

  1. 1. Australian NFPs andSocial Media in 2011
  2. 2. Agenda1. Australian NFPs 1. Unicef 2. McGrath Foundation 3. Mission Australia2. International NFPs 1. Ovarian Cancer 2. Greenpeace 3. Charity: water 4. Twestival 5. The Footprints Network
  3. 3. Who’s doing social media well?AUSTRALIAN NOT-FOR-PROFITS
  4. 4. Australian NFPs using socialPro Bono Australia’s social media survey last year showed that of the 71% of charities inAustralia using social media but only 34% are using it to fundraise.
  5. 5. Unicef • Adding value to the community through interesting, relevant content and campaigns that drive action, create buzz and raise funds • Creative use of multimedia, especially video content
  6. 6. McGrath Foundation • Integrate online and offline • Growing a big Facebook community with relevant, timely content • Innovative use of status updates: ask women to post their bra colour or where they leave their handbag
  7. 7. Mission Australia • Innovative micro-site that shares research results • Social sharing is key to the success of the campaign • Awareness is the primary objective but there is also a Donate option
  8. 8. Who’s doing social media well?INTERNATIONAL NOT-FOR-PROFITS
  9. 9. Ovarian Cancer • Campaigns that use user- generated content and multimedia • Shares personal stories by people affected by ovarian cancer • Balances the emotional stories and sensitive subject matter with a call-to-action
  10. 10. Greenpeace • Community of activists on Facebook • Strong calls-to-action to take action • Creative use of social media: donating tweets, Facebook unfriend coal campaign and SEO-friendly widgets for blogs
  11. 11. Charity: water • Focus on building relationships with donors • Show donors where every dollar is spent, the impact of donations and maps their projects • In five years, charity: water has raised $40 million and funded 4,282 water projects
  12. 12. Twestival • Twestival is about individuals using their time, talent and resources to come together to make a difference • 2011 Twestival went Local in 150 cities, raising $565k • Australia raised almost $20k
  13. 13. The Footprints Network • Micro-donation technology that eCommerce sites can use • Business Partners: Travel Insurance Direct Australia and WorldNomads.com
  14. 14. Questions?If you have questions or comments, please dropme a note on:1. Twitter: @hannahlaw2. LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/lawhannah