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Hannah b 'how_to'_plan (wihtout eval)

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Hannah b 'how_to'_plan (wihtout eval)

  1. 1. Research:PREZI Technology Function Effect SignificanceI used Prezi, a Using Prezi, I was able to Therefore, the As a result, Prezidynamic present my ideas and findings prezi software acts as a uniqueonline into a neat, organized allowed me to brainstorming toolpresentations manner. This enabled me to collate my with functionstool, to further dissect my data in a audience research that enable theevidence my coherent way by letting me with structure and user to presenttarget pick apart and comparatively direction. It enabled their ideas andaudience analyze the significant me to present my research in aresearch. information I discovered data in a way that professional during my research. So for could be furthered looking way, example, using the ‘insert’ broken down if i whilst also tool I could place an image wished to and gave utilizing the ability into my presentation (which in me the option to to display the this case is a graph showing insert visual aids logical thinking the statistical breakdown of such as, pictures and methodical what demographics voted to and videos. approach to rate the short film ‘Gasman’ - research. which i screen shot off imdb and cropped in paint) and then using the sub-tool ‘shape’, could highlight the area of the graph that I wanted to analyze and draw attention to. This could also be enhanced by enabling a hidden frame around that area using the ‘frame’ tool, which then involves dragging a box frame around the part of the data you want the prezi to zoom in on. To link that piece of data with a piece of text an arrow which can be found under the sub-tool ‘shapes’ off of ‘insert’ can help the fluidity of the presentation, as demonstrated. To add this sweeping motion to the prezi, you will need to add ‘paths’ which involves clicking on the data in the specific order in which you want it to flow.
  2. 2. DVD RIPPING SOFTWARE Technology Function Effect SignificanceThis is a software Ripping the DVD is quite I used this Instead of playingthat allows users to straightforward. If your software to rip a the whole short filmrip footage from a hard drive does not DVD collection and then talkingDVD into mp4 contain a built in disc of short films about specific keyformat for usage in drive, you will need an that could not moments, I was ablean editing suite, for external drive that plugs be accessed to break it down andplayback in through a USB cable. online. Once analyze littleentertainment Proceed to open the converted, I sections at a time,purposes or for application and follow processed the using the cut upuploading material. the instructions. So, you footage into footage to visually will need to locate the iMovie in order demonstrate and DVD through ‘finder’ and to cut apart the evidence the points I upload it to the app. film; this meant was making. As a Then check whether all I could taken result, the software the settings are as you certain clips was very useful wish and designate a from the short I because it meant I saving area for it to be wished to could have a digital transferred to when analyze and copy of the film that complete. You can the insert them into I wouldn’t have been options of converting the something like able to use if I did footage into mp4, mp3 Prezi for me to not have the DVD, and avi. Once everything further dissect e.g. Antonio’s is set up, press the start and compare. Breakfast is not button and the software This then available at all will rip the DVD into helped me to online. However, another format. broader my from ripping the understanding DVD I could use during the segments from the research film within my process. analysis.
  3. 3. Prepare:BLOGGER Technology Function Effect SignificanceThis is a site that Blogger allows users to Blogger An online hub for myenables users to change the theme and enables users work to be accessedupload posts in the style of the webpage by to store and anytime andstyle of a website. altering the HTML collate all their anywhere, also coding in the design tab. electronic work allows me to It also allows for into one, develop my IT skills embedding material professional and learn the tricky such as, Prezi looking art of HTML coding presentations and blog/website. to produce a slick, videos. I used blogger to good looking blog upload all my notes and which is easy to materials, such as navigate and read. research and the preparation. If you chose not to write the content through blogger’s text feature, you can scan the word document as a jpeg or pdf file and upload it as an image or upload through the website ‘Slideshare’ which converts it into a neat, full-screen document which can be embedded into the post. To make your blog more organized, you can insert your links into menus and or list down the side of your page.
  4. 4. Construction:DV CAMERA Technology Function Effect SignificanceThe DV Camera is a The digital camera, with Can capture If used correctly,digital recording built in microphone, good quality you will be able todevice that enables proves easy capturing footage which capture professionalfootage to be when filming. Functions has a nice looking footage.captured with like white balance and grainy sheen,reliable and good zebra enable the footage making thequality results. to be captured to a high overall film look degree of quality and the cinematic and zoom button is large authentic. enough for you to operate with ease, allowing for a nice gliding motion when zooming in and out. The side screen panel is adjustable so you are able to see what you are filming on the monitor from almost angle.
  5. 5. AVID Technology Function Effect Significance State-of-the-art The capture/recording You can be If used correctly,editing suite that toolset allows for an very versatile you will be able toenables users to get easy transfer from the with your create athe best out of their camera tape to an edit footage. professional lookingfootage. bin. It’s fairly film. straightforward to edit your footage into the timeline. Select the piece of film you want using the ‘mark in’ and ‘mark out’ buttons, and then splice it into the desired slot in the timeline below using the splice icon. There are toolsets to play around with audio settings and if you want to add in after-effects, such as colour change, transitions (fade in/fade out) or slow motion.