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Social protection overview cambodia specific eng

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Overview of social protection concept and the schemes in Cambodia.

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Social protection overview cambodia specific eng

  1. 1. United Nations Development Programme Social Protection Overview FoNPAM Capacity Building 04th May 2015 Presented by: Sovannarith Hang UNDP Cambodia Cambodia Specific
  2. 2. Content 1.What is social protection? 2.Why Social Protection is necessary? 3.Social Protection and HIV 4. Social Protection in Cambodia
  3. 3. What is Social Protection? Social protection (SP), as defined by the United Nations Research Institute For Social Development, is concerned with preventing, managing, and overcoming situations that adversely affect people’s well being. Social protection consists of policies and programs designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labour Market, diminishing people's exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, exclusion, sickness, disability and old age.
  4. 4. Social Protection Life Cycle Maternity illness/Sick ness HIV/AIDs Unemployment Work Injury Medical Care Family with children Invalidity Death of Bread winner Old Age
  5. 5. Types of Social Protection  Labor market interventions  Social Insurance  Social Assistance Most common types of social protection are:
  6. 6. Why is Social Protection necessary? Social Protection plays some functions to: Permanently transform people lives and lift them out of poverty Protect people from risks Prevent people from falling into poverty Promoting People livelihoods
  7. 7. Social Protection and HIV HIV Specific SP specifically focus on HIV HIV Related HIV Sensitive Mainstream HIV
  8. 8. Social Protection in Cambodia National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS) 2011-2015 was developed under Coordination by Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD)  The main goal of the NSPS is that poor and vulnerable Cambodians are increasingly protected against chronic poverty and hunger, shocks, destitution and social exclusion and benefit from investments in their human capital.
  9. 9. Social Protection in Cambodia (Cont.) Highlight of NSPS’s objectives: 1. To meet basic need in time of emergency or crisis 2. Poor and vulnerable children and mothers benefit from social safety nets 3. The working-age poor and vulnerable benefit from work opportunities 4. The poor and vulnerable have effective access to affordable quality health care and financial protection in case of illness. 5. Special vulnerable groups receive income, in-kind and psychosocial
  10. 10. Current Social Protection schemes in Cambodia Social Assistance Emergency Relief School feeding Take home rations Scholarships (Fast track Initiative) Nutrition Health Equity Funds Vouchers for Reproductive Health VCCT & PMTCT People living with HIV, ART provision People Living with HIV Home Based Care MoSVY Special Package for OVC Buddhist Leadership Initiative (HIV-sensitive) Rehabilitation Services for People Living with Disabilities Mental health disabled care
  11. 11. Current Social Protection Schemes in Cambodia (Cont.…..) • CBHI • Pensions for Veterans and dependents (Ex: NFV) • Security fund for Civil Servants, Pensioners, and Family dependents (Ex: NSSFC) • Old Age association benefits for Civil servants • Extension Services • Vocational training to unemployed • Gender Economic Empowerment • Public works Social Insurance Labor Market Interventions
  12. 12. Some Initiatives of Government’s service to Support SP in Cambodia  Poor-Identification, Ministry of Planning Social Services Delivery Mechanism, Pilot supported by ILO
  13. 13. It’s time for Question!
  14. 14. Reflection 1) Social Protection Comprised of 3 types are:  Social Assistance  Social Insurance  Labor Market Interventions 2) Why is Social Protection necessary? • Prevent people from falling into poverty • Protect people from risks • Promoting People livelihoods To Permanently transform people lives and lift them out of poverty