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Mastering PPC & It's Impact On Your Overall Marketing Strategy

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In the PPC Hero Live Summit session, takie a deep dive into tactics for advanced PPC pros with Associate Director of Services, Jeff Baum, and Sr. Account Manager, Diane Anselmo. They discuss how to build sophisticated campaigns, as well as provide insights into how PPC can help optimize your overall marketing strategy.

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Mastering PPC & It's Impact On Your Overall Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. #ppcherolive Mastering PPC & Its Impact On Your Overall Marketing Strategy #ppcherolive
  2. 2. #ppcherolive Diane Anselmo • Associate Director of Services • @diane_anselmo Jeff Baum • Associate Director of Services • @jeffbaum71
  3. 3. #ppcherolive
  4. 4. #ppcherolive
  5. 5. #ppcherolive • 5+ hours per day spent online • Visit 10+ Sources before converting * Recent Google Study #ppcherolive
  6. 6. #ppcherolive How Do We Master PPC in Such a Complex Environment? #ppcherolive
  7. 7. #ppcherolive Welcome YouTube #ppcherolive
  8. 8. #ppcherolive YouTube • 1,000,000,000 users • 65% of YouTube ads clicked drive a resulting brand name search • Brand engagement opportunity
  9. 9. #ppcherolive YouTube
  10. 10. #ppcherolive YouTube
  11. 11. #ppcherolive • Story Telling Through Video • Creates a Funnel to Your Sales Process YouTube Remarketing
  12. 12. #ppcherolive YouTube
  13. 13. #ppcherolive YouTube
  14. 14. #ppcherolive • How complex is your sales cycle? • Keep building the funnel? Or….. • Go right for the conversion? #ppcherolive YouTube
  15. 15. #ppcherolive • Create video that’s fun and engaging. Ideally a ‘digital first’ asset • Include CTA’s in the first 5 seconds • Consider your metrics. Solely measuring on cost per acquisition can cut YouTube ‘off at the knees’ #ppcherolive YouTube
  16. 16. #ppcherolive Welcome Dynamic Search & Remarketing #ppcherolive
  17. 17. #ppcherolive Dynamic Search Ads
  18. 18. #ppcherolive Dynamic Search Ads • 15% of all user searches are unique • Can’t be reached through normal keyword targeting #ppcherolive
  19. 19. #ppcherolive Dynamic Search Ads
  20. 20. #ppcherolive How Dynamic Search Ads Work • Targeting based upon the content of your website & landing pages • Headlines dynamically generated based on user queries • DSA’s rank in the auction the same as a keyword targeted ad. If dynamic and keyword targeted ad are in same auction, the keyword targeted ad takes precedence #ppcherolive
  21. 21. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  22. 22. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  23. 23. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  24. 24. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  25. 25. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  26. 26. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  27. 27. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  28. 28. #ppcherolive Setting Up DSA’s
  29. 29. #ppcherolive Dynamic Remarketing
  30. 30. #ppcherolive Dynamic Remarketing
  31. 31. #ppcherolive Dynamic Remarketing
  32. 32. #ppcherolive Dynamic Remarketing
  33. 33. #ppcherolive Dynamic Remarketing
  34. 34. #ppcherolive Welcome Advanced Bidding #ppcherolive
  35. 35. #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  36. 36. #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  37. 37. #ppcherolive ● Understand the full value of your ppc customers including lifetime value ● Make reasonable assumptions about each value factor so revenue can be estimated ● Factor out gross margins and advertising costs #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  38. 38. #ppcherolive ● Test areas of account that’ll provide enough conversion data ● Common practice to increase bids 25%-30% ● Understand your sales cycle to determine appropriate length of test ● Don’t set and forget. These are big bid modifications! #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  39. 39. #ppcherolive ● Increasing bids led to higher avg position and more conversion ● CPA increased 20% BUT profit increased 143.75%! #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  40. 40. #ppcherolive ● Granularity ● Performance Variance by Product #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  41. 41. #ppcherolive ● Account Structure is Key. Group Most Profitable Products and Services Together ● Bids Need to Make Sense for Your Business ● Test in Aggregate to Prove Concept Then Get Granular Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  42. 42. #ppcherolive ● Innovation: Thinking About your PPC differently ● Growth: Removes Growth Limitations CPA and other efficiency metrics Cause ● Bidding is Strategic: Align with & Support Business Goals. Not Just a Tactic ● Making Total Profit the KPI: Scales your PPC more quickly #ppcherolive Advanced Bidding: Profit Bidding Model
  43. 43. #ppcherolive Welcome Attribution #ppcherolive
  44. 44. #ppcherolive What is Attribution Modeling? A way of determining how to credit conversions at different points within the e-commerce of lead generation process. #ppcherolive
  45. 45. #ppcherolive Attribution Types • Last Interaction: Last interaction is credited for the conversion • First Interaction: First interaction is credited for the conversion • Linear: Each interaction is credited equally • Last Non Direct Click: Last channel click that’s not direct traffic is credited #ppcherolive
  46. 46. #ppcherolive • Last Adwords Click: The last AdWords click is fully credited for the conversion • Position Based Model: Conversion is mostly weighted between first and last interaction with even distribution within the middle transactions. • Time Decay Model: Interactions closest to the conversion is credited the most. #ppcherolive Attribution Types
  47. 47. #ppcherolive Attribution in Action
  48. 48. #ppcherolive Attribution in Action
  49. 49. #ppcherolive Attribution Modeling Benefits • Better understanding of the full value of paid search • Data can be used to inform both your paid search and overall digital marketing strategy • Offers guidance on how to allocate ppc budget and how to think about optimizations #ppcherolive
  50. 50. #ppcherolive Attribution: Final Thoughts Implement an attribution model that makes the most sense for your business. Incorporating the wrong model will lead incorrect conclusions and strategic misalignments. #ppcherolive
  51. 51. #ppcheroliveDiane Anselmo | @diane_anselmo Thanks for joining us! Jeff Baum | @jeffbaum71