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hollywood presentation

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hollywood presentation

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hollywood presentation

  1. 1. How Hollywood Came To Be When one hears the word Hollywood, the first thing that comes to mind is movies. There’s a reason why Los Angeles became the center of motion pictures. It all started with a few independent studios that ventured as far away as possible from “the trust”, mainly Thomas Edison and his lawsuits, and so they headed to L.A. to distribute, produce, and exhibit their movies. The fact that Los Angeles was far away from New York helped make it the home for independent film studios.
  2. 2. The film industry flourished in L.A because It was sunny all year long, the property was inexpensive, it was an open shop town, and of course there was an amazing variety of locations and geography. These conditions made it perfect for any studio to shoot movies. Soon almost every studio be it major or independent wanted to settle there, making Hollywood full of film factories.
  3. 3. Once Hollywood became the center of the film industry in the US, a system had to be established which introduces us to the studio system. The system was first and foremost designed to ensure the cost and quality of the movies being produced. Soon MGM, Paramount Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures, and Warner Bros. were leading the film industry in a well-defined system. Smaller studios like Universal Studios, United Artists, and Columbia Pictures were also rising to take their share of the evolving industry. The age of Edison was coming to an end, and a new entrepreneur with high expectation, Adolf Zukor, took control of Paramount Pictures and tried to lead the studio system.
  4. 4. Having a broad based US culture, there was a sudden wide appeal and people all over the world became interested in Hollywood movies. As for European cinema, while they were still in competition, the effects of WWI destroyed the European film industries. It was mainly due to the conversion to propaganda films. Therefore, while Europe was suffering from the war trying to focus on propaganda instead of the film industry, Hollywood was growing with a strong system and eventually became the leading film industry of the world. European cinema tried to make a comeback but was never able to achieve the heights of the Hollywood system, and to this day, Europe has failed to recover from the effects of WWI on their film industries placing Hollywood ahead of their time.
  5. 5. Hollywood Today The past few decades have really changed the way we consume movies and all these improvements can be attributed to the ever improving technology and of course the amazing actors that hollywood has to offer.
  6. 6. Some Notable Hollywood Actors
  7. 7. And of couse the one and only..