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Audience Research

  1. 1. 7a  This the demographic audience research of three similar music videos
  2. 2. Demographic research of arctic monkey.
  3. 3. Demographic research of maroon 5 fans.
  4. 4. Demographic research of fall out boys fan.
  5. 5. Outcomes of demographic research From the demographic research, I have found out interesting similarities. For example, The fans of arctic monkey, fall out boys and maroon 5 have in common are that their audiences are from a similar age group- 18-24. Also, they are in the working class. This suggests that the people who usually listens to these artists are mature teenagers and young adults. These are the same people who are either: junior managers, nurses, skilled manual worker; these are all working class people. On the other, it looks like more male listeners enjoy The Arctic Monkey. Whereas, it is the females, who enjoy listening to Maroon 5 and The Fall Out Boys. However, this research alone doesn’t tell me about the consumers habits and lifestyle. As a result, I have researched into a psychographic research.