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Cross media convergence

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Cross Media Convergence-
Technological convergence
Media convergence

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Cross media convergence

  2. 2. What is technological convergence? • This is how technology allows media texts to be produced and distributed on multiple media devices, phones, iPads etc. New technologies take over from past technologies. • An example of this is that people used to listen to music that came from the radio, however, now that technology has evolved, the majority of people now use mobile phones as a mean of doing every imaginable thing that you can think of! • Devices are getting more and more advanced!
  3. 3. Examples of present technologies. • Mobile Phones • Gaming consoles • Internet • Social Media • All of the above have made life more convenient for people and they have become more interactive.
  4. 4. Digitalization • It is when physical information (e.g. pieces of paper) can be converted and then stored on an electrical device. Digitalization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life. • An example of digitalization: “The new Apple watch is an example of digitalization at its best where technology has taken an ordinary watch and introduced technology into it with phone capabilities, messaging, and even internet capabilities.”
  5. 5. What is media convergence? • This is when production companies use a variety of media to display their products, e.g. print versions, websites and social media pages. Technological convergence makes this possible. “..these multiple of media convergence are leading us towards a digital renaissance- a transition and transformation period that will affect all aspects of our lives...” -Henry Jenkins, 2001.
  6. 6. Media Convergence The joining of different media sources, e.g. newspapers, online, television, radio etc. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES It is easier to connect with audiences. People will lose their jobs. More places to put products out there. Products will be expensive to buy, e.g. phones, tablets etc. More engagement. Not everyone will have access to these products or platforms. Advertising. They are not always user friendly.