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Mexican American War

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Mexican American War

  1. 1. Mexican/American War 1846-1848 by: Haley, Jenifer and Alison
  2. 2. OverviewIn the years before the U.S- Mexican War, the United States andMexico were headed in two different directions.The U.S. had new technology and were inspired by “ManifestDestiny”U.S. was looking for a new future of possibilities.Mexico struggled to maintain their country
  3. 3. How It All StartedWar between Mexico and United States started with the struggleover who would control TexasTexas was big land, rich with resources and possibilitiesTexas was a large part of MexicoInspired by concept of “Manifest Destiny”
  4. 4. Notable FiguresGeneral Stephen W. Kearny – Commander of US troops thatcaptured Santa Fe and secured California,General & President
  5. 5. Zachary TaylorAmerican military leader, Nickname- “Old Ruff and Ready”Commander of US troops in northeastern Mexico. Later becamethe 12th President of the United States.
  6. 6. Winfield ScottNickname- “Old Fuss and Feathers”, and “Grand Old Man ofthe Army”General Winfield Scott – Commander of the US army thatcaptured Mexico City.
  7. 7. James PolkEleventh President of the United StatesThought he could take all the territory from the mexicans for theUnited States. To make the United States larger.
  8. 8. Leader of MexicoJose Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna- was the leader of Mexico during theMexican American War.Nickname is Napoleon of the West
  9. 9. Important BattlesBattle of Palo Alto- was the first major battle of thewar.War was fought on May 8, 1846, just north of thepresent day Brownsville,Texas.
  10. 10. AftermathWar ended February 2,1848 with the signing of the TreatyGuadalupe Hidalgo.This treaty ceded to the United States the land that nowcomprises the states of California, Utah, and Nevada, as well asparts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado. Mexicoalso renounced all rights to Texas
  11. 11. CasualtiesDuring the war 1,773 Americans were killed in action and4,152 were wounded. Mexican casualty reports are incomplete,but it estimated that approximately 25,000 were killed orwounded between 1846-1848