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Hadley Wood News April/May 2017

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Hadley Wood News April/May 2017

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Hadley Wood News April/May 2017

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  2. 2. 2 ”The Original Garden Maintenance Company” Est in 1974, The ENGLISH GARDEN Company Ltd. has been caring for trees and gardens in North London and Home Counties for four decades; we were the first and remain the leaders. Calling on a regular set day and time, we never miss, no matter the weather; we have helped transform our client’s gardens into some of the finest in the UK. Our bespoke vehicles allow us to bring the garden centre to your door, providing our clients with all year round colour and the latest varieties in bedding, plants, and garden materials. Don’t just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say: “English Garden Company offers a highly professional, friendly, reliable and efficient service. They have maintained our garden for many years - visitors always comment on how lovely it looks and we take immense pleasure from it. EGC are always willing to help and nothing is too much trouble for them. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them. “Mrs. W – Hadley Wood office@englishgc.co.uk 01707 645069 www.englishgardencompany.co.uk What is going on in Hadley Wood this Spring? Four Hadley Wood residents, Dawn Wellings, Lisbeth Wirth, Hannah Destro and Alexandra White have decided to do some- thing about the litter in Hadley Wood. They are organising a Clean Up Day on May 20th. It is a great initiative and we all hope that it will re- ceive your support. Details are below as well as some practical advice (and humour) see right. Also please note the details of the Official Open- ing of our new Step Free entrance at the Station on Friday 26th May. It is important to have a good turn out to impress upon GTR that Hadley Wood railusers are a force to be reckoned with. Rod Armstrong Editor WE NEED YOUR HELP! Saturday 20 May 3PM –5PM (rain or shine) Meet at the HW Association building by the tennis courts. Join your friends and neighbours for a quick Spring Clean of our neighbourhood park and streets! Bring rubber gloves, some black bin bags and wear suitable clothing. Children must be accompanied by an adult Refreshments will be available in the Tennis Clubhouse afterwards and the bar will be open The Pleasures of Litter picking. Since retirement my daily walk to the newsagent is 500 yards. It passes Oakleigh Park station and five council litter bins. I now arm myself with a plastic bag, (emptied on returning home and hence re- useable) and my favourite litter picker. Every morning despite there being five council litter bins on the way I can fill my bag with litter. Most litter occurs after a hot summer weekend, when I can ex- pect to find empty beer cans (some unopened and drinkable) countless plastic water bottles, as well as discarded pizza boxes, Mac -Donald bags and cups. Smokers seem to think that their empty packets will spontaneously vaporize. Some Dog walkers feel that even though they may have taken the trouble to put their dog’s poo in a plastic bag, leaving the bag by the side of the path or even worse hanging it on a bush or railing will cause the smelly object to disap- pear. There are rewards to litter picking, which I am a little loath to pass on as I would not want other litter pickers muscling in on my patch. So far I have found £70 in notes and countless coins. I once found an almost new Mont Blanc roller ball pen, which is now my favour- ite. The other day I came across a new leather black size ten shoe which fitted me perfectly. Reluc- tantly I left it by the path hoping that the other one would appear the next day, but no such luck! Lots of toddlers socks shoes and gloves are abandoned but they are no use to me. For those who would like to take up this useful occupation I can recommend the following equip- ment. A good litter picker should be about 70 to 80 cms long. Short- er and you have to bend down. It should have a strong metal barrel and a rod type mechanism to work the jaws. Helping hand type devic- es are not strong enough. The jaws of the device, spring loaded of course should open to 10 to 11 cms. You need a strong and rigid litter picker so that you can poke clear blocked drain grills and also be able to push down rubbish in a bin if it is almost full .Thus making more room for more rubbish. We experienced litter pickers recommend a Tong Ranger straight handle grabber LP34 at £10.75. Or a Gardman 34587 Easy Picker. Or finally a Homecraft Litter Picker (75cms) at £9.99 but with vat relief. Amazon stock them. Incidentally if you are feeling real- ly public spirited you can go to the council web page and find an app for your computer which allows you to report litter, fly tipping, overfull litter bins and all sorts of public misdemeanours. Although I carry a phone-camera with me at all times I have never actually caught anyone littering. Still one lives in hope! Stephen Blackburne
  3. 3. 3 HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAR? You probably have! It’s the Hadley Wood Security vehicle patrolling the roads in Hadley Wood and the surrounding area 24 hours a day! The scheme has been in operation for over 13 years and we always welcome new members. Our long-standing SIA approved security team provide a professional service, which has significantly re- duced crime in the area. We are now expanding the service to include roads not previously covered on an emergency/alarm response basis. If you are Interested in finding out more about our complete service please Email : Caroline at hadleywoodsecurity@hotmail.co.uk for more information, or pick up a leaflet at Londis! Caroline Berlyn Membership Secretary
  4. 4. 4 Station gets an “A” for Accessibility By the time you read this, we should be very close to achieving the “A” in IOA (Isolation, Oyster and Accessibil- ity), the basis of our case for a “metro” service from next year’s completely new train timetable: our new step-free entrance will be ready for public use in early May. The opening ceremony will take place on Friday 26th May and you’ll find full details in the box below. GTR will be represented by Stuart Cheshire, the Passenger Services Director, and our guest of honour is Will Pike, who was paralysed below the waist in the Mumbai terror attack of 2008 and has since added disability campaigning to his day job: google “Yes I Can, If” to find out more. (Building the step-free entrance to Platform 4 at 30th March) The Rail User Group is hoping for a really good turn-out to launch Hadley Wood’s new amenity, which will be the train operator GTR’s first on our line within Greater London. We are especially keen to see residents who have been unable to use the station owing to mobility issues, as well as people who need to travel with heavy bags, bikes or buggies. To celebrate the opening, our local businesses have donated prizes for a raffle in aid of Will’s charity, so even if you’re not free on the day, please visit Londis to buy tickets for a chance to win. Will I be able to board a train in my wheelchair? Yes, by using GTR’s Assisted Travel scheme (see banner on page 7) to arrange use of the staff-operated ramp. What if I want to go into London? We have permission from the DfT for applicable passengers to board here and change at Potters Bar on to the fast southbound line without any additional fare. Other recent RUG activity in brief are: highlights of Hadley Wood Primary School’s Arts Trophy “Conceptual Art” competition on the theme of “Journeys” are now displayed on the platforms; and there is now a new departures board at street level which GTR say is the first of its kind in the country. We continue to corre- spond with GTR and our elected repre- sentatives regarding the service to be provided in the new 2018 timetable. GTR have confirmed by survey that actual footfall is consistent with the latest official figure of 405,660 pa, but they are continuing to monitor usage here. So please make every effort to use the train, and always tap in and out whatever your ticket type, to con- vince them of our need for an all-week metro service like all the other stations on our line in Greater London. The full detailed timetable proposal is due at the end of May for a second phase of consultation and the RUG will meet on 20th June to discuss it. It’s hard to believe that GTR’s six-figure investment in our new entrance would be matched with a reduced service, but stranger things have happened, so let’s all help to justify a 4 tph service based on our unique circumstances of “IOA” Isolation, Oyster and Accessibility. Francesca Caine Chair Hadley Wood Rail User Group www.hadleywood.org.uk/railway Celebratory Opening of New Accessible Entrance to Hadley Wood Station on Friday 26th May at 3pm-4.15pm by the change maker, disability campaigner and Ambassador for Inclusion Barnet Will Pike All Welcome - Gather at the Entrance from 3 pm Refreshments Raffle - Tickets in advance from Londis Prizes donated by local businesses Draw at 4.00pm Proceeds to Inclusion Barnet, a local deaf and disabled people’s organisation which works towards a more accessible society for all Hadley Wood Rail User Group meets on Tuesday 20 June at 8pm at St Paul’s Church, Crescent East Agenda includes Phase 2 of GTR’s 2018 Timetable proposals
  5. 5. 5 Spring Time in Hadley Wood Hadley Wood. Tranquil and serene yet only 11 miles from London’s city cen- tre. However I believe there’s so much more to our petite town than dog walking in lush parks or golfing on our esteemed course. Hadley Wood is a hidden gem as it offers a country life- style, whilst being situated on Lon- don’s doorstep. But one must not for- get that though Hadley Wood is seem- ingly calm and quiet, there’s plenty more that it has to offer, for teens, families and young children to enjoy. From secret pathways leading to the Hadley Woods, fishing ponds and beyond as well as trendy restaurants and thrilling outdoor adventures, there’s a lot more to Hadley Wood than meets the eye. Hidden away between two houses on the corner of the Parkgate Crescent, lies an inconspicuous passageway leading to the Hadley Woods. Though I learnt to ride my bike in Trent Park, it is through this alleyway that my most exciting biking memories were made. Through small and steep meandering pathways between the trees, made uneven by the large roots of our hun- dred year old trees, lie vast green ex- panses and fishing ponds leading to a much needed drink at the pub in Cock- fosters, ‘The Cock Inn’. It is through adventures like this, made feasible by the upcoming spring sunshine, that brings the country atmosphere to a suburb so close to central London. Lazy Sunday brunches, in my opinion, are the most luxuri- ous part of the week, and in Hadley Wood we are lucky enough to have not only our trusty Panini’s and Thymaris, but restaurants such as Middeys and Miracles only 2 miles away on Cockfosters high street. With fluffy Amer- ican pancakes and beautiful- ly prepared Eggs Royale only a 5 minute car ride away, we can enjoy delicious brunch in such blissfully warm weather without making a long journey. Those of you thrill seekers will be excited to know that travelling hours to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Chessington is not necessary when living in Hadley Wood. Your craving for that rush of adrenaline will certainly be satisfied at Go Ape Tree Top Adven- ture at our very own Trent Park, 4 minutes away from the heart of Had- ley Wood. Go Ape provides activities for children as young as 10 so it’s per- fect for family days out, particularly in the fast approaching sunny weather. With exhilarating zip lines and ‘leaps of faith’ that will leave you breathless, Go Ape is an unforgettable adventure and something that I recommend everyone must try, especially when living so close! Though it may seem that Hadley Wood embodies the quiet country life, there’s so much it has to offer, particu- larly in the springtime. When the sun comes out, Hadley Wood becomes the perfect place for all ages. Anya-Sabree Thakerar Photo (Bartrams Lane) by John Leatherdale
  6. 6. 6 . ‘Dance with Darcey’ Darcey Bussell (CBE) will be dancing her way to Enfield in June to teach a winning combination of fitness and dance called Diverse Dance Mix —- DDMIX for short. Despite being one of the most famous British dancers of her generation, she is currently a judge on one of the UK's most loved television programmes "Strictly Come Dancing " Darcey has devised a new type of fit- ness class developed with choreogra- pher Nathan Clarke combining an all encompassing medley of dance and fitness moves, with easy to follow steps called DDMIX. Along with local DDMIX classes, DDMIX is also being launched into many schools through- out the UK as a dance fitness pro- gramme to get children fit. So it really is a class for all, the young and the more mature ! Michelle D'Almo is honoured to be hosting this event for Darcey .You may remember Michelle from her days at Hadley Wood Primary School. Choreo- graphing and putting the children through their paces for many school productions "Grease" "Bugsy Malone " and "Oliver " to name but a few ! Michelle's three daughters all ex Hadley Wood Primary School pupils are heavily involved in organising the event . Many ex Hadley Wood Primary School pupils will be attending so Darcey herself will be dancing with the best ! A fun class for everyone no previous dance experience needed, just a pair of trainers lots of enthusiasm and the rest will be provided ! Ages 8 -88years ! The event : A large DDMIX class with Darcey Bussell Tuesday 13th June 7.00pm - 8.00pm Ashmole Academy Cecil Road Southgate N14 5RJ. Tickets (£15.00) for the event can be purchased online at alldancefitness.com or call Michelle 07846542404 . Take 7 Dry Cleaners As you know Sharad and Bhati have vacated the premises at Crescent West. Happily it is business as usual using a free collection and delivery service. These include Bridal, Hand finished Dry Cleaning, Shirt services, Suede and Leather, Repairs and Alterations,Laundry and Ironing. To book pick up and delivery times call 02084418332/07488706600,or text 07488706600. Email: take7dc@hotmail.com WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES Includes Frames Sills Doors and Conservatories 6 or 8 Weekly Cleans or One off Clean References available All works guaranteed A Local Small Company Based In Barnet Tel. 02084418100 or 07861764994
  7. 7. 7 ‘ St Paul’s Church ‘MESSIAH UNLEASHED’ - HANDEL COMES TO HADLEY WOOD Two local churches - St Paul’s Hadley Wood and St Mary’s Monken Hadley - joined forces over two Sundays in March to perform some of the best loved excerpts from Georg Friedrich Handel’s ‘Messiah.’ But these were performances with a radical difference. Without doubt ‘Messiah’ can be enjoyed purely for the transcendental beauty of its music. But to do so is to re- duce Handel’s masterpiece to something far less than it was meant to be. The librettist, Charles Jennens, compiled the text from the King James Bible and from versions of the Psalms included within the Book of Common Prayer. And it was not simply cultural or financial reasons that inspired Handel to set such text to music. He burned with a desire to put the many sublime passages in the Bible which had contributed to his Christian faith to music. Indeed, such was Handel’s passion to share with others the good news of Jesus Christ that he closed his manuscript with the letters “SDG’- “Soli Deo Gloria” meaning “To God alone be the Glory.” The humility of Handel can easily be overlooked. To the sponsors of the first perfor- mance of ‘Messiah’ he stipu- lated that the profits from this and all future performances should “be donated to prison- ers, orphans and the sick.” The reasons were deeply per- sonal, as he went on to explain “I have myself been a very sick man, and am now cured I was a prisoner and have been set free.” Handel con- fessed that he had been spiritually sick and blind until the Christian Gospel had taken hold of him. Following the first London performance of ‘Messiah’ a patron congratulated Han- del on having entertained his audience so excellently, to which Handel was quick to reply, “My Lord, I should be sorry if I only enter- tained them.” What he intended for his audience was that they should be transformed by the Bible texts that under- pinned the music. It was in that spirit that ‘Messiah Unleashed’ was conceived - to unleash the power of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ by explaining the key texts after each excerpt of music, and during the music reflecting on famous paintings of Christ’s passion, resurrection and triumph. The talented choir of St Mary’s Monkey Hadley, under the expert direction of Stephen Tatlow, sang beautifully, build- ing up to a crescendo for their spirited rendition of the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus and a sensitive performance of ‘Worthy is the Lamb.’ The audiences on both Sundays were also treated to glorious arias sung by Duncan, Belle, Sarah and Elaine from St Mary’s, and at St Paul’s by professional solo- ists, Joanne McGahon (soprano) and Richard Woodall (bass) accompanied by Paul Sharman (trumpet). The solos “I know that my Redeemer liveth” and “The trumpet shall sound” were especially memorable. Both events were very well attended, and many people reported on how moving they found the combination of words, music and art. John Hall ASSISTED TRAVEL. Need assistance now to travel by train to or from Hadley Wood? Telephone GTR’s helpline 0800 058 2844 or telephone 0800 975 1052 giving as much notice as possible Letter to the Editor. 31st March 2017 Dear Editor On Mothering Sunday, we had a beautiful surprise from a local neighbour. It was a visit by a mother and two teenage chil- dren. They live in Camlet Way. Sadly we didn't get their name, but what they did for our residents who all have dementia was something that we never expected. The love and kindness that this family showed was outstanding. They gave all our residents a beautiful Red Rose (they are still looking good in their vases) and each resident was given a small cup in a box, which has delighted them all, and also a large tray of Turkish Delight. Our residents and staff would like to express a big thank you to this family and to say how much pleasure you gave to our very frail residents many of whom had no visitors on Mothering Sunday. Your visit made up for this. A big big thank you to the Camlet Way family ( you know who you are) Blessings to you. From everyone at Green Trees Care Home Best Wishes, June Haydon, Homes Manager/Proprietor Tel. 02084496381 Green Trees Care Home, 21 Crescent East, Hadley Wood EN4 0EY
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