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Just Effin' Do It

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I recently taught at the VCU Continuing Education class. This talk is about how we have to get doing (and stop theorizing so much) to create solutions for today's landscape.

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Just Effin' Do It

  1. 1. just effinʼ do it #BBHchat @seth_weisfeld @uberblond
  2. 2. what do creatives want?
  3. 3. what do creatives want? they donʼt know (ask five creatives what they want; youʼll get different answers)
  4. 4. what do creatives need?
  5. 5. what do creatives need? planners that get it... really get it
  6. 6. yes the world has changed
  7. 7. the way we work is changing
  8. 8. the way we build brands changes every day
  9. 9. chillax
  10. 10. yes the world has changed thatʼs okay, so can you
  11. 11. the way we work is changing
  12. 12. the big idea isnʼt dead the big insight is dead
  13. 13. define the problem curate the environment so the entire team can create the solution(s)
  14. 14. the new planner collaborative open brave ego-less always on insights obsessed
  15. 15. via @Malbonnington
  16. 16. the way we build brands changes every day
  17. 17. behavior not blather conversation not shouting momentum not one-off dynamic not static intuitive not regimented portable not permanent innovation not iteration useful not self-serving and for chrissakes the answer isnʼt always a facebook app
  18. 18. brand humanism is the new black
  19. 19. “if my brand does this, will it make friends?”
  20. 20. why does my brand need friends? friends listen friends share friends are loyal friends forgive friends come back friends are where itʼs at in this changed world
  21. 21. how do you make friends? itʼs not about the models itʼs not about a shiny brand architecture itʼs not about the one perfect brief itʼs about understanding the culture of the platforms
  22. 22. understanding is not reading theory understanding is doing
  23. 23. more doing more understanding less academia
  24. 24. your assignment do it
  25. 25. figure out a personal passion project pitch it to your team your team chooses one and together creates a digital ecosystem for it... tonight
  26. 26. some examples
  27. 27. the rules not a personal blog/brand uses at least 2 digital platforms bonus: a real world component
  28. 28. the deliverables the challenge it takes on the insights that feed the solution the idea the digital ecosystem/ propagation principles your definition of success what do you do if it goes big?
  29. 29. thank you questions?