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Ross Smith - Work/Play: How Microsoft Leads with Gamification

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Global, social, technological, and demographic shifts alter the competitive landscape for businesses across the globe. The impact on organizational behavior is significant. Creativity and innovation are paramount – keystones for 21st century competitive relevance. The speed of business and the pressures of competition require unprecedented agility. At an organizational level, employees are pulled in every direction, asked to perform unreal acts, and pressured for new ideas at a level well beyond the greatest minds in history. Yet, high unemployment levels, globalization, offshoring, outsourcing, contract work, crowdsourcing and a burgeoning population mean uncertainty and insecurity for everyone. A lack of trust and uncertainty around job security inhibit creative undertakings by employees. How do we partner to foster creativity while maintaining a competitive edge? The answer is to create a culture of play and games in the 21st century workplace.

Microsoft has significantly reinvented a number of business processes using gamification, including the Windows Language Quality Game (a test/QA process). Join Ross Smith for this energizing session that covers some of Microsoft's greatest successes in using game thinking and dynamics to reinvent work, and how your organization can learn from their examples.

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  • I've called slide 30 the most important slide at Gsummit SF 2013. ;) http://gamificationofwork.com/2013/05/the-most-important-slide-at-gsummit/
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Ross Smith - Work/Play: How Microsoft Leads with Gamification

  1. 1. +the future of work is playRoss Smith, Director of TestMicrosoft Lync Team
  2. 2. +who am i?
  3. 3. +games and workplayfun
  4. 4. +games have history
  5. 5. ++ hunting and fishing+ festivals+ athletic competitionchildrenancient civilization
  6. 6. + industrial revolution
  7. 7. +creative class
  8. 8. +our world is changingnew workforcemanagement capabilitiesorganizational trustgames and playhow to build aculture ofcreativity andinnovation
  9. 9. +1967 Summer of LoveIMAGINE
  10. 10. +7 billion humans1804 – 1 billion1927 – 2 billion1960 – 3 billion2023 – 8 billion2041 – 9 billion2081 – 10 billion
  11. 11. In a global village of 10061 would be Asian (20 Chinese, 17 Indian),11 would be from Europe…and 70 would be gamers…Global Shift: Diverse and Distributed Workforces
  12. 12. By 2022, everyone under 25 is a Digital Native
  13. 13. More young children know how to playa computer game (58%) …than swim (20%) or ride a bike (52%)91% of kids age 2-17 are gamers
  14. 14. 69% of kids age 2-5 can use amouse, but only 11% can tie theirshoelaces
  15. 15. 64% of parents believe games are apositive part of their kid’s lives
  16. 16. 47% work beyond regular business hours32% do personal activities at workGlobal Shift: Blurred Work and Life
  17. 17. 68.7 million US social gamers in 2011
  18. 18. ~9.6 TRILLION SMS sent in 201218 - 24 year olds send and receive 110 texts a day on average
  19. 19. 76 billion mobile app downloads
  20. 20. Games break through cultural barriersGlobal Shift: Arrival of Emerging Economies
  21. 21. +21st Century Employee wants:1. Freedom2. Customization3. Scrutiny4. Integrity5. Collaboration6. Entertainment7. Speed8. Innovation
  22. 22. +work
  23. 23. +workforce
  24. 24. +games help build trust
  25. 25. +Games establish structure
  26. 26. +Games facilitate interactions
  27. 27. +Games transcend Global culture
  28. 28. +Games support risk andvulnerabilities
  29. 29. +employees want what gamers havefairnesstransparencyfeedbacktrustcommunicationengagementproductivityeducation
  30. 30. +where games work bestSkills-BehaviorsMatrixCore Work SkillsUnique WorkSkillsExpanding WorkSkillsIn-RoleBehaviorsOrganizationalCitizenshipBehaviors
  31. 31. +productivity game examples
  32. 32. +languagequalitygame
  33. 33. +ResultsSignificant Quality Improvements for Windows 7Positive Impact on Ship ScheduleTeam Morale and Subsidiary EngagementTotal Screens Reviewed: Over 500,000Total Number of Reviewers: Over 4,500Screens per Reviewer: Average 119
  34. 34. Significant Quality Improvements for productPositive Impact on Ship ScheduleTeam Morale and Dogfood User EngagementPlayers Over 1,000Feedback increase > 16xFeedback received: 10,000+Players vs. non-players 67% of players participate vs. 3% of nonResults
  35. 35. +security games“Why a game? Entertainmentprovides an engaging mediumwith which to raise awareness ofthe diversity of technologiesimpacted by security breaches andthe creativity of techniquesemployed by attackers.”(Introduction to Hackers, Inc.)
  36. 36. +42Projects Collaborative Play Trust Management Innovationwww.42projects.org
  37. 37. +thank yourosss@microsoft.com rosss42