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Kris Duggan - Fighting the Engagement Crisis: The Future of Gamification

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Strengthened by its early success, gamification is now becoming a staple in the arsenal of world-class companies everywhere. But it only represents one tool in addressing a larger business challenge that remains unanswered: How do you comprehensively manage user behaviors across all your digital properties to fight the engagement crisis. In this talk, Badgeville Co-Founder Kris Duggan will discuss the engagement challenges faced by 21st century enterprises, and how they can leverage gamification, along with other key engagement mechanics, to fight them.

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Kris Duggan - Fighting the Engagement Crisis: The Future of Gamification

  1. 1. FIGHTING THEENGAGEMENT CRISISWhere we are and where we’re goingKris Duggan, Co-Founder, Badgeville
  2. 2. @badgevilleWHY WE’RE ALL HEREEngagement apocalypse is real, and pervasiveCRM50% Failure RateWebsites & Communities29% Login RateSocial Media1% Return to FB Fan PagesEnterprise Social12% Adoption Rate
  3. 3. GAMIFICATION IS THE CUREIt enhances your most vital enterprise investments, helpingyou get the ROI you always wanted…
  4. 4. @badgevilleIt’s changing the way we interact withour customers…everywhere.
  5. 5. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTTied to the core business objectives of marketers
  6. 6. ACQUIREHow can you attract new customers?
  7. 7. RETAINHow can you keep customers engaged over time?
  8. 8. CONVERTHow do we maximize revenue throughreal-time engagement?
  9. 9. @badgevilleIt’s changing the way our employeesget work done…
  10. 10. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTTied to the business objectives that matter for today’s enterprises
  11. 11. OPTIMIZEKey business processes across the enterprise, such asmanaging leads, customer tasks, and opportunities…ExampleReal-time recognitionfor closing a deal orconverting a lead…Key GoalInfluence low performersto emulate highperformers.
  12. 12. COLLABORATEReward employees who share knowledge acrossdepartments and boundariesExampleAchievement forsharing valuablefield knowledge
  13. 13. LEARNMaximize employee performance by encouragingcompletion of key programs…ExampleGuide usersthrough coursesand training
  14. 14. @badgevilleHow can we sellgamification internally?
  15. 15. 1. AVOID THE G-WORDAvoid gamification in front of the wrong audiences…It’s aboutbehavior management andbusiness results
  16. 16. EXAMPLE: EMCRAMP: Recognition, Awards and Motivation Program
  17. 17. 2. IT’S ABOUT BEHAVIORSThat we can motivate and influence to drive engagementLog InShareComment PostStatusMessageWriteReviewReply toDiscussionCheck inDocument Check outDocumentUpdateRecordCovertLeadCreateLeadEditWikiOpenOpportunityClosea DealCloseSupportTicketFileSupportTicketOpenSupportTicketBeginCertificationFinishCertification$SubmitExpenseReport$ApproveExpenses
  18. 18. 3. IT’S MORE THAN POINTS, BADGESAND LEADERBOARDSTapping into the human psycheI want to…makeprogress
  19. 19. 4. IT’S ABOUT HARD BUSINESS VALUETie back to the ROI of the app in question…20%FasterTicketResponse200% MoreReviews63% of customers aremore likely to purchase productsafter reading a reviewResolving tickets on the same dayreduces cost of services by 66%Sources: iPerceptions and UK Customer Satisfaction Index
  20. 20. 5. IT’S AN ENTERPRISE INVESTMENTGamification must delight end users, but satisfy requirementsREQUIREDGame Mechanics ✔Portable Reputation Mechanics ✔Social Mechanics ✔Social Rewards ✔REQUIREDPrivate Cloud & Database ✔Global Data Center ✔Multi-tiered user access ✔HARDENED SECURITYENTERPRISE SCALE REQUIREDEnterprise Networks & Sites ✔Advanced Metadata Support ✔Private Customer Community ✔FULL SUITE OFENGAGEMENT MECHANICS
  21. 21. @badgevilleWhere is it going?
  23. 23. UNIVERSAL PROFILESRolling up behavior and achievements across sites and apps
  24. 24. BEHAVIOR DATA = BIG DATAIterating with closed loop of engagementTrack & AnalyzeBehaviorsExport Data toOther Tools• Traditional analytics, data warehouse,CRM, and BIDesign & UpdateYour Mechanics• Game, Reputation, SocialApply to CloudUser Experience YOURUSER
  25. 25. GAMIFICATION WILL GET SMARTERAnticipating and guiding user behavior before it happens
  26. 26. NO ZOMBIESGo back to the Badgeville booth and tellthem the secret password is….to earn your badge.
  27. 27. @badgevilleThank you! Additional ReadingKRIS DUGGANBadgeville, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-FounderTwitter: @kdugganwww.badgeville.com